Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Kim K's Blog: Walking the Runway at the Red Dress Collection

Fashion week in NYC has been absolutely amazing. Last week Reggie and I attended the Red Dress Collection runway show. The show is a part of The Heart Truth campaign and is held each year to raise awareness about heart disease in women, so it's a great cause and I'm thrilled that I got to take part. Kimora was there... so was Jordin Sparks, Felicity Huffman, Joan Collins and Heidi Klum! New York City was so freezing that night and the dressing room where you get ready is in a separate area from the actual runway room, so I had to walk outside to get there! I wore the most beautiful Marchesa dress and had to wrap up warm on the walk over! I was literally holding on to Reggie so tight because the ground was covered in ice and was so slippery! Thankfully I made it without taking any tumbles, though.

One of the best moments from the show was meeting Joan Collins. I couldn't believe how amazing she looked for her age. She's an absolute icon and it was an honor to meet her and be on the same runway as her. We even talked about eyelashes! I also met Heidi Klum... she is so gorgeous it's unreal.

Oh, and you all know how I die for Wendy Williams!? Well she was at the runway show too, and she finally met Reggie!!


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