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Spotting Kim K: on June 14, 2009 with Reggie at the movies


Spotting Kim K: on June 14, 2009 leaving Nail Salon with Reggie


Summer Travel: Makeup Bag Ideas

Keeping organized while on the go is easy with these super cute makeup bags. From storing nail essentials to special occasion makeup to travel-size haircare products, I couldn’t live without the cosmetic bags I use for organizing my “stuff.”

Here are a few cute ones that recently caught my eye and would be perfect for summer travel:

Stephanie Johnson Gidget Compact Brush Case: I have several Stephanie Johnson cosmetic bags and I love them all. However, I do find that the brush cases are the most handy. I can keep my essential brushes and favorite everyday makeup all in one compact, pretty case.

Dior Patent Leather Cosmetics Pouch: I doubt that I would ever spend $220 on a teeny little makeup bag, but that doesn’t stop me from loving the sleek design and bright white leather of this Dior Leather Cosmetics Pouch.

Sonia Kashuk Tribal Sonia Weekender: There are currently THREE Sonia Kashuk makeup bags (in different prints, and stuffed full to the brim with makeup) in my bathroom cabinet. I love how they’re huge, and zip way open to easily see the contents. You can easily find a print to suit your style and your budget!

Contents Metallic Dot Weekender: Much like the Sonia Kashuk weekender bags, this Contents Metallic Dot Weekender seems extra roomy and has an adorable print. It’s also available at Target, too!

Stephanie Johnson Jumbo Zip Case: This clear plastic zip case is perfect for the sunscreens and lip balms I take with me to the beach. No need to fish around my huge beach bag trying to find a Chapstick! And aren’t the seahorses so cute?

Kate Spade Bloomington Large Colin: Kate Spade can do no wrong in my eyes. This daisy print train case has a removable interior bag that’s perfect for tossing into your handbag with on-the-go essentials. Also? It’s on sale!
Because I’m a Makeup Bag junkie, I’m dying to know what your makeup bag looks like (and what’s in it!).

Send me a picture of your Makeup Bag and its contents and you’ll be entered into the Summer Travel Makeup Bag Contest.

This feature will run through the month of July and participating readers will have an opportunity to win $350 worth of summer beauty products.

Please send photos, along with your name and details on the contents of your makeup bag, to beautyeditor {at} makeupbag {dot} net, with the subject line: Summer Travel Makeup Bag Contest. This contest is open to all readers, regardless of location.

Clinique Summer 2009: Bamboo Pink Collection

Clinique Bamboo Pink Collection is a gorgeous array of warm browns and muted pinks inspired by best-selling Clinique lipstick shade: Bamboo Pink.

Select pieces feature the beautifully crafted ‘bamboo’ packaging, making these a must-have summer Makeup Bag item:

Limited Edition Fresh Bloom Allover Colour in Bamboo Pink

This beautifully pressed floral powder compact combines three powder shades to creat a soft, luminous glow.

Limited Edition Colour Surge Eye Shadow Quad in Bamboo Pink

A limited edition eye shadow quad which offers soft and shimmery shades to create both sexy and sophisticated looks.

Limited Edition Butter Shine Lipstick in Bamboo Pink

One of Clinique’s best-selling lipstick shades is now available in a revolutionary gel formula that delivers the shine of a gloss and the comfort of a lipstick.

Limited Edition Powder Brush

A luxurious natural-hair brush designed with a large dome for easy application of pressed and loose powder.

Clinique Summer 2009: Bamboo Pink Collection is currently available at Clinique counters nationwide and online at

Toy Watch Plasteramic Watch

Ever since I first saw Chanel’s J12 watch a few years ago, I’ve been intrigued by having a watch with a white band. And not a white leather band, either; like the J12, I want a hard, smooth band of white links. It just seems unexpected and fresh, like something my mother’s generation wouldn’t wear (and I guarantee you, if I bought this, my mom’s reaction would be “Ugh, Amanda…*looks over the top of her glasses at me*).

I also prefer a chunkier watch - almost the size of a small men’s watch instead of a women’s watch. The way I see it, if I have to wear a watch, why shouldn’t it be one that makes as much of a statement as my other jewelry, which is usually quite a statement indeed (says the girl with the necklace that is 3 pounds of solid stone - I weighed it!). I also have wide wrists, so many watches designed for women look kind of disproportionate on me.

So the Toy Watch Plasteramic Watch has me very interested. At $175, it’s much closer to my price range, and although it does have a white band, I don’t feel like it’s a feature-for-feature Chanel rip-off (although, am I kidding myself with that? Tell me the truth). I wish that the face had a bit more personality to it, but for $175, I can placate myself with that beautiful white band.

Interview With Mario Dedivanovic, Kim Kardashian's Makeup Artist!

Happy Monday, my pretties. It’s a very happy day, indeed…because I've got a treat for you.

Remember how awesome it was when Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic, answered some of my beauty questions on Kim’s blog? Well, brace yourselves…because I’m taking awesomeness to a whole nuther level.

I scored an interview…the interview…with makeup master Mario. Read on to learn more about the man behind his muse’s beauty-licious look...

Mario Dedivanovic began his beauty career at a young age as a makeup artist behind New York City retail counters. Now- after almost a decade of working with models, actresses and entertainers - Mario’s renown has skyrocketed, securing him a place among the world’s best fashion and celebrity makeup professionals. He has created countless editorial and red carpet looks for celebrities, all of whom showcase the skill, talent, personality and attention to detail that is brought to every transformation he creates.

In addition to Kim Kardashian, Mario Dedivanovic’s amazing celebrity clientele has included Natasha Bedingfield, Adrienne Bailon, Lil’ Kim, Gisele and many others. His work has graced the pages of dozens of magazines, including Glamour, Teen Vogue, Marie Claire and People. When he’s not traveling to sets, runway shows and events, Mario lives in his hometown of New York City.

SP: When did your fascination with makeup begin?
MD: It began when I was 17 years old and working at Sephora. I was surrounded by makeup and women would ask me for my opinion and help with their makeup. I jumped right in to help and fell in love. When I saw the way a woman looked and felt after applying a little bit of makeup, I was fascinated. I wanted to do it more and more!

SP: What was your first big break in the beauty industry?
MD: Hmmm, I'm honestly not really sure if there was a first "big break." When I signed with my first agency, I felt official. Also, when I got my first ad campaign for Head and Shoulders some years ago.

SP: Describe your makeup style.
MD: Polished and classic. I'm obsessed with making a face look very polished and pretty. Kim K says my signature style is timeless and flawless makeup that looks airbrushed. What do you think? LOL.

SP: Which makeup artists do you most admire?
MD: Max Factor, Kevyn Aucoin, Francois Nars, Pat McGrath, Charlotte Tilbury - the list goes on and on. These are makeup artists whose work really made and makes an impact in the industry and inspires so many people around the world.

SP: How did you become Kim Kardashian's makeup artist?
MD: I met Kim Kardashian a couple of years ago when I was booked to do her makeup for a cover shoot for Social Life magazine. She loved the makeup and we totally worked really well together. She is definitely my muse.

SP: What do you like most about working with Kim?
MD: Besides her gorgeous face, the fact that she just loves makeup and loves getting it done. She has trust in me and lets me do my thing.

SP: For a Kim Kardashian wannabe, what are the top five products she needs in her makeup bag (and why)? MD:
1) Concealer that's lighter then the skin color to brighten the under eye area. Kim loves to be lighter under the eye, and so do I!
2) Powder - Kim is definitely a matte makeup girl. She likes to be glowy, but in the right areas. Powder always on the t-zone.
3) Black eyeliner - need I say more?
4) Mascara - She loves big lashes.
5) A nude lip gloss - just because ;)

SP: What products and techniques do you use to create Kim's gorgeous golden tan glow?
MD: Most of the time, I use powder products to create the 'golden glow.' I find that powders look better for longer periods of time. I frame her face (forehead, hollows of the cheeks and jawline) with a matte bronzer. Right now, I'm using the Smashbox bronzers in both colors as well as the Dior matte bronzer. After, I apply a golden, shimmery products to the cheekbones and bridge of nose. Trace Gold by MAC is a great color/shade. The trick is to blend everything very well so there are no lines or blotches.

SP: What tips do you have for choosing a nude lip color to flatter your complexion?
MD: Choosing a nude lip color can sometimes be tricky and look almost "chalky." I like to make the center of the lips the most nude and blend it out to the rest of lip. If you have darker/tanner skin, go for nude shades that are not too pinky or white and instead more yellow/golden. If you have light/pale skin, do the opposite.

SP: Any nude lipstick/lip gloss recommendations for, say, a brown-skinned beauty blogger with Halle Berry's complexion?
MD: LOL! There's a really inexpensive color I like to use sometimes...called your foundation! Try putting a bit of your foundation on the lips with a clear gloss on top. It looks oh so good.

SP: What products are must-haves for summer (and why)?
MD: Primer. Right now I'm using Smashbox's primer and MAC's primer. It helps the makeup to stay put and spread well. Oil blotting tissues - instead of re-applying powder all day, blot your face to absorb the oil. B-dazzle by Giella custom blend cosmetics - it's an amazing color (loose shadow or can be made into a pencil) that looks good on every skin tone. Apply it to the inner corner of the eyes to brighten up and separate the eyes. It reflects great in the sun too.

SP: If you could only use one brand of makeup for the rest of your career, what would it be (and why)?
MD: Oh no. I think I would change careers! That's the most difficult question to answer and would require a lot of research. Ask me when I create my own line. ;)

SP: What is your #1 beauty secret/tip?
MD: Blending. For me, blending is so important. Invest in good brushes and sponges, and blend until you can’t blend anymore!


Nicole Richie's Blog: Nicole shopping with Harlow

Nicole Richie and Harlow were seen out shopping for toys in Santa Monica on Sunday June 14.

The yummy mummy threw on an oversized black tee over her baby bump, her Anne Demeulemeester wheel print shirt and Jet Denim by John Eshaya acid wash skinny jeans.
Next, Nicole added a green bracelet, Ray Ban aviator sunglasses and finished off her look with a tapestry bag.

In Nicole's closet: Christian Louboutin

Nicole Richie spotted out for an OmniPeace party at the STK House restaurant, on June 11. Nicole wore a fabulous pair of Christian Louboutin "Pigalle" patent pumps.
They are a great classic pair to have as a staple in your closet. Every girl needs to have a pair of red pumps in her closet.

Nicole Richie's Blog: Nicole out at STK

Nicole Richie was spotted out for an OmniPeace party at the STK House restaurant, on June 11.

The night's theme was "Stamp out violence against women and girls of the Congo" and 25% of the proceeds from the evening were donated to Unicef and the V-Day Foundation. Both organizations are working to build the City of Joy, a leadership and healing center and safe community for Congolese women and girls who have been victimized by rape and violence.

For her outfit Nicole started with a black top under a silk jacket and paired with Jet skinny jeans.

For the finishing touches she grabbed her Balenciaga giant clutch and added a splash of color with a pair of Christian Louboutin bright red pumps.

Jennifer Aniston's Saucy Look

We did a doubletake when we saw Jennifer Aniston in this Prada number at Women in Film's Crystal and Lucy Awards. What, no black? A trendy gleaming metallic? Breasts??!!! The style gods must be crazy! Thankfully, the always pared down dresser chose the perfect accessory—the self-deprecating attitude that was on full display as she poked fun at her own love life.

Monica Rose Blog: Style Shifter : How to Wear a Dress 3 Ways

Here's how to take this great floral dress by Erin Wasson X RVCA and wear it for 3 different occasions. I do this for my clients all the time and I wanted to share this method with you too! I hope you enjoy! xo

Style Shifter Piece:

Erin Wasson X RVCA "Sideshow" Dress

Date Night:

Topshop Slouchy Boyfriend Blazer

Jalda "Anaconda" Brief Clutch

Forever 21 Abstract Earrings

Kurt Geiger "Carvela Alert" Bue Heels

Art Gallery:

Organic Cropped Leather Jacket

Tara Smith "Stud Muffin" Clutch

Urban Outfitters Chain & Feather Earrings

Aldo "Alfisi" Heels


Heritage 1981 Cropped Denim jacket

Dita "Fever" Shades

ModCloth "Age of Industry" Ring

Zimmermann "Boho Fringe" Bag

Candela "Mia" Booties

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Kourtney K's Blog: Meeting Dash Dolls

Now that Dash Miami has been officially open for over a month now, it is time for you to meet the Miami Dash Dolls. Lily, our manager at Dash LA and my twin (hah), has been here the whole time with us, training the new girls and making sure everything is in order. Next to Lily is Danielle who will be our store manager at Dash Miami. Then Carrie, Lenny and Erica! You will get to know them a little bit better when you watch Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami. And… you’ll get to know them a bit more right here on my site tomorrow. Hahaha, you’ll have to tune in tomorrow morning to see what I mean. Tata!

Kim K's Blog: I'm Nominated for a Teen Choice Award!

I am so excited and grateful to be nominated for a Teen Choice Award for 'Choice TV Female Reality Star!' Keeping Up with the Kardashians is also nominated for 'Choice TV Reality.'

Please make sure you vote for me and for the show to win!!! You can vote everyday, so vote away. Thanks guys, you are all amazing!

The awards air on Monday, August 10 at 10pm PST.

Kim K's Blog: Hi Dol!!!

Look at this license plate! It says Hi Dol! I mean, it was made for me and my sisters! LOL

Kim K's Blog: Day Three in Monaco

On day three in Monaco I did some interviews for E! This job couldn't have been any easier! I mean, doing interviews on the water! Haha. I interviewed Emily Proctor from CSI Miami! We talked about crime scenes and I gave her advice on how to pose on the red carpet because she said she feels so awkward when she poses! I also interviewed Laurie Laughlin from Full House

and 90210 and Darren Star, the creator of 90210, Melrose Place and Sex and the City! That was legendary!!! I wore a purple Tadashi dress!

Kim K's Blog: Day Two in Monaco

Another day of doing press interviews for E! I ran into Giles Marini, who I hadn't seen since Dancing With the Stars. I wore a yellow strapless dress! Going bright in Monaco, just fits the vibe!

Kim K's Blog: A Palace Fit for a Princess

My mom and I glammed up for the palace! We were invited to a cocktail party that Prince Albert was throwing! It was so lovely and again he was so nice! He knows Bruce from his days of going to college in New York! I wore a long white gown and the top of it was all feathers! I did red lips too which felt royal! Lol. After the palace we all had dinner overlooking the water! Couldn't be any prettier!

Monica Rose Blog: Kim Kardashian Travel's Rocker Chic

Kim's wearing a pair of Jet "Thrasher" skinny jeans in white, blazer is by Zara, muscle t-shirt by Alexander Wang in grey, shoes are by Jill Sander, glasses are Benjamin purchased at Dita eyewear, Arena Work bag by Balenciaga and her feather hoop earrings are by Alex & Ani.

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Handbag Pick of the Day: Jimmy Choo Riki Bag

The gray is a subtle hue, that is soothing, and then there are large circular studs that run up and down the sides of the bag. Yet the subtle gold metallic under-layer shines through the metallic gray perforated Jimmy Choo Riki Bag perfectly. The hardware is gold but it appears very subtle, as if it is silver, not gold. There are double top handles and one of Jimmy Choo’s signatures, thin straps of leather threaded through rings along the top. When I look at this bag I love it, but I can not put together exactly why. Why does a bag that seems to have quite a bit going on lure me in? Must be because I own plenty of ’simply’ bags and maybe I am subconsciously telling myself I need a new funky bag. If that is the case, thank you self for allowing myself to believe I need a new handbag. Buy for $2,295.

Handbag Pick of the Day: Chanel Icons Flap Bag

Yesterday’s Chanel Ice Cubes didn’t receive too much praise, perhaps today’s contestant will have more luck. The Chanel Icons Flap Bag is available in many more colors and fabrications, this particular model goes for a steep $2,850 via your local Chanel boutique.

D.S Pick of the Day: Diego Dolcini Leather Court Shoes

Nude pumps are the epitome of elegance. I love to see a beautiful nude pump with a simple black dress. Angelina Jolie has been photographed in outfits like this. I’m on Team Anniston, but I have to admit she looks amazing! It’s effortless glamour. Plus the nude is a nice alternative to black shoes, but equally as versatile.

These Diego Dolcini leather pumps could easily go too 80s, but because of the simple design and the higher heel they don’t look outdated even with the pointed toe. The heel is 4.3 inches, which is high without a platform, but this pump will make your legs look lean and incredibly long!

Diego Dolcini Leather Court Shoes $568 (Coming Soon) 4.26.09