Monday, August 24, 2009

Troy Jesen's Blog: Kim Kardashian @ Spike TV Video Game Awards

70's glam for my muse, Kim Kardashian. For the Spike TV Video Game Awards, I wanted to create a look that was a little different from what I've done with Kim in the past. Sexy metallic gold and intense black-lined eyes with a soft pale pink mouth complimented her dress. I love creating new looks with Kim. She has a fantastic face to work on. In earlier events, I tried to keep it fresh and sexy but this time, I wanted to give Kim a red-carpet look reminiscent of early 1970's Cher.

Beauty Note: In creating the perfect 1970's sheer mouth, choose a lip shade one or two shades brighter than your own in a salmon, rose, or raspberry pink lipstick. Pat on with your fingertips then blot with a tissue. Top with sheer gold lip gloss. Cher always had the perfect sun-kissed skin. Blend Revlon's Skin Lights Golden Bronze liquid shimmer for a healthy glow all year round.

Troy Jesen's Blog: Beautiful skin is the ultimate fashion statment this Spring

What a great way to end last week than to spend it with Kim Kardashian and style-guru Carson Kressley who were teamed up by Caress to trade style secrets and to show women how to make skin the ultimate fashion statement and show off their style with sexy skin-revealing Spring fashions (straight from Kim's closet). Carson was hysterical as he and Kim answered questions from callers for an on-air Q&A session. Carson answered questions and gave previews to Spring's hottest fashion trends while Kim gave tips for getting gorgeous head-to-toe. With Spring finally here, women everywhere are trading their Winter coats for Spring-revealing styles. Check out Caress's Skinwear Collection - a complete line of body washes and beauty bars which includes the NEW! Caress Evenly Gorgeous Exfoliating Body Wash & Beauty Bar With Burnt Brown Sugar and Karite Butter. It gives women gorgeous skin that they will want to flaunt. For more information on Carson, Kim, and the Caress Skinwear Collection, please logon to

For Kim's look, I wanted it to be fresh, sexy, and glowing. I first evened out her complexion by mixing a highlighting luminizing foundation, a soft golden liquid foundation, and a liquid moisturizer. Then I dabbed on a touch of concealer and blended well and set with a loose mineral powder. For cheeks, I blended on a bronzer/soft peach cheek color for a soft glow. On Kim's eyes, I first defined and groomed her beautifully shaped eyebrows. Then I used soft brown eye-shadow to lightly contour her eyes and a deep brown eyeliner to lightly define the eyes. Then I curled and coated her lashes with black mascara. For the lips, I kept them very sheer and neutral by lining them with a soft peach lip-liner and filled them in with a pale pink lip-liner. Finally, I topped off the lips with a sheer beige gloss for a sexy pout.

Troy Jesen's Blog: Get Naked: Troy's favorite nude lips colors

Another hot shade that I'm seeing on the runway this Spring, red carpet, and in countless Fashion magazines is nude lips. Whether it's paired with this season's bright eyeshadow shades or smokey browns and blacks, it's no wonder why everyone is getting nude. If I was known for anything, I would say I'm best known for a smoky eye and a beige nude lip. It's a look that can work on anyone, any race, any age beautifully. When creating a smoky eye in bronze and brown tones I love to pair it with a more golden beige lip color like NARS' Honolulu Honey or Belle Du Jour. While creating a smokey eye with taupes, greys, or blacks, I like to pair it with a more neutral or pinky flesh-tone beige like Chanel's Yuccatan lip color. It even works great brights like blues and greens. Navy blues, emerald greens, and deep metallic bronze or golds look very chic with a pale sandy beige like Dior's Eternal Beige 394. This look can give any woman instant sensuality and the spirit of iconic beauties like Sophia Loren, Raquel Welch, or a sexy Bond girl like Ursula Andress.

When glamming my current muses Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, & Nicole Scherzinger, choosing the right beige lip color is essential to embody the look I am creating on them. I have used many different shades of nude on Kim, for instance. I used NARS' Belle Du Jour paired with Giza lip-gloss in the photo of Kim above. The colors blend beautifully with her creamy golden skin tone. The art of creating the perfect nude is finding one that works with your skin tone and also the shape of your lips. Fuller lips can get away with the palest nude shades while thinner lips will need a bit more color or lip liner for definition. Whatever shade you choose be sure to pair it with a beautiful smoky eye.

While I love YSL, Chanel, Dior, and Nars for a beige lip color, I am also a fan of these lines and their nude lip color collections: Armani, Shiseido, Estee Lauder, & Dolce & Gabbanna: The Make-up.

Troy Jesen's Blog: Undercover: Tips

The skin under the eyes is very delicate and gets thinner as we age, making thick cover-up look like concrete. Keep it light, and apply it with a brush or Q-Tip. This helps distribute the color more evenly, as well as keeping a light and precise application around the eyes.. Put it only on dark areas, not under the entire eye. The trick is to create the appearance of an even skin pigment, not necessarily whitening it out. The first step to brighter looking eyes starts with your skin, darkness can be an issue of vitamin deficiencies, allergies, smoking, lack of sleep, or heredity. Consult a dermatologist to asses your personal skin needs. It's my job as a make-up artist to make sure that my clients like Kim Kardashian look beautiful and refreshed, even if they've just come off a red-eye flight or worked a long day on set with no sleep. Choosing the right concealer to camouflage imperfections is essential to looking younger and creating a more perfect 'canvas' for all of my best make-up looks.

Choose a velvety-smooth concealer to disguise blemishes and conceal under-eye circles. Most cosmetic lines carry concealers in light and medium shades, or professional palette of color correctors. They should contain silk proteins that allow for long-lasting wear without creasing. Formulated with Vitamin E; provides protection against skin-damaging free radicals; soothing and calming the delicate eye area.

If you're trying to hide dark circles, apply concealer like a surgeon. Tap a very small brush into a non-greasy stick or liquid concealer and then pat it under your eyes, localizing the pigment to the inner and outer corners, where the discoloration is usually worst to create a clean plateau. Don't over-apply the concealer all around the eyes — you'll look like a raccoon. Whether you're using a cream or a liquid concealer with a wand, apply just by dotting the product under the eye as opposed to swiping the product under the entire eye. A little dab will do you. Blend on under or over foundation to camouflage dark, blemished, red or pigmented areas. When you're done, set it with loose powder. But if you're trying to get rid of dark circles and smooth your wrinkles, you need to mix your concealer with a moisturizer that has hyaluronic acid and peptides. For hard to conceal dark circles, when the under-eyes look almost blue-ish or purple-ish, a color corrector may be needed. Usually by blending a touch of the color corrector needed for your appropriate skin-tone under the eyes before applying concealer will help correct the discoloration.

Here's a rundown on choosing the right color corrector for you.

Green is a popular color for use in correcting redness. Women with rosacea often go for the green.

Yellow is excellent for under eye dark circles. Yellow will counteract purplish blemishes or bruises.

Lilac or lavender normalizes a sallow face by minimizing yellow undertones.

Peach works to hide dark spots, veins, and some under eye circles.

White is strictly for highlighting. Blend it into your makeup on the top of your cheekbone to make it stand out.

I've been mixing Concealer and foundations together with products that have light reflectors in it for as long as I can remember. Why do those particles help the complexion? When mixed together with foundation or strategically placed at the top of the cheek bones, down the center of the nose, at the bow of the lips and the inner corners of the eyes near the tear duct it will give a fresh glow to the skin, while full coverage foundations/concealers can cause the face to look dull and lifeless. The highlighter, when applied correctly, gives an amazing glow and life to the face.

For some time now, I've been creating what would become prevalent in many of today's make-up lines. Natural looking shimmers. Years ago I used a shimmering hair pomade, Sweet Georgia Brown, mixed with foundation and I would apply it to the arms and legs of my clients. It was very sticky, but looked amazing on camera. The most natural looking liquid shimmers come in white pearl for fair complexions, shimmery golden beige for medium complexions and golden bronze for dark complexions. They should blend into the skin and look glowy, not glittery. On set I re-freshened the makeup with a mixture of foundation, Liquid highlighter, creamy moisturizer, and liquid toner. I apply with a Q-tip or tiny flat brush which really helps keep the face looking fresh, especially around the eyes and mouth where make up can settle into fine lines. Kim Kardashian absolutely loves it when I give her skin a glow on the red carpet. You have to remember that most of the time, most artists use powder for touch-ups, which makes a girl's face look too matte, crackly and cakey. My mixture makes my clients look radiant — it's like instant Photoshop! To control shine, use blotting sheets and a light translucent powder just on the T-zone. Concealer isn't just about covering it up. The important thing to remember is to create a natural, flawless, glowing complexion. Covering and concealing is just one part of it...If you try my tips, everyone will just see beautiful glowing skin - it will look fresh day or night.

Kim K's Blog: Poolside with Troy

I love this shot Troy Jensen took!!! He did my make up and hair and photographed it! We were in Mexico by the pool!

Style Watch Special: How Kourtney Kardashian Hid Her Baby Bump

Rocking a black boyfriend blazer and dress, Kourtney concealed her tummy with an eye-catching Fendi handbag as she arrived with sisters Kim and Khloe at Michael Jackson's memorial service at L.A.'s Staples Center on July 7.

Guess what everybody!!!!!! Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami kicked ass in the ratings as the most watched E! series debut in seven years!!! WOOOOOHOOOO

Guess what everybody!!!!!! Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami kicked ass in the ratings as the most watched E! series debut in seven years!!! WOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOO! It's debut was the biggest since The Anna Nicole Show in 2002 and tied it in the ratings for women between 18-49.

Our show reached over 2.7 million viewers and Kourt and I are sooooo happy you all tuned in! We both feel so blessed and we never could have reached this momentous point in our careers without your love and support. This truly means the world to us and I can't even express how grateful we are.

Thank you for everything dolls!!! Keep watching :)

Khloe K Blog: Me & Kourt at Ryan Seacrest's Studio

Hi everyone. While Kourt and I were travelling around promoting Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami, we of course had to stop by and have a little chat with our dear friend Ryan Seacrest!

We both die for Ryan so we're always so excited to go on his show!!!

Here are two cute pics of us we took in his studio :)

Go Bold With Bright Lips

TREND: Bright Lips

WHO'S WEARING IT: Keep reading to find out!

HOW TO WEAR IT: Painting your pout bright coral, pink or orange is the perfect way to celebrate these last weeks of summer. Bobbi Brown Education Executive Diana Changanaqui recommends keeping it really clean on the eye when wearing a bright lip. Try a nude shadow with mascara or really thin eyeliner. And just like with a bold dress or statement jewelry, Diana advises to "find a color that you wear, not one that wears you."

Kim K's Blog: Food Critics In The Making

Jonathan and I are real food critics! We love to eat and try new things! Our favorite food right now has to be seafood. I was never really a seafood lover but he has gotten me addicted now! Do you guys have a favorite food or restaurant? Maybe Jonathan and I can pay a visit lol!

Kim K's Blog: Quotes Can Be So Inspiring

I love uplifting quotes! They really inspire me and make me feel better! Khloe and I send each other quotes all the time and I wanted to see if you guys had any good ones! Here's a few of my recent favorites from @TheDailyLove

'Its not selfish to be happy. Ur happiness will radiate out & inspire others to be happy to. Don't let anyone tell you it's not ok 2 b happy!'

Don't cry because it ended. Smile because it happened.

Love is easy, its your fears that get in the way. Success is already inside you, its your self-confidence that has to see it. TRUST.

Why the rush? Enjoy the ride, mystery & moment. Life isn't setup for u 2 know outcomes it's setup 4 u 2 take risks on behalf of yourself.

Whatever u think is impossible is only impossible in ur mind. We r all human beings trying our best, no one has the answer for you but you.

Life's like the movies You can see a love story, horror, drama, fantasy or docu. Its up to you, admission price is your choice.

If you have any favorite quotes that you find inspirational or uplifting, please share them in the comments. I'd love to read them!!

Kourtney K's Blog: Style Secret: Au Courant

Thanks to for this piece they did on my love for au courant fashion. You have to keep it current, while knowing what trends will and won’t work for you.

Kourtney K's Blog: Kourtney in the News: Baby Talk

I did an exclusive interview with People that I shared with you earlier this week, but here’s a roundup of the other press clippings from this week.

Kourtney K's Blog: Style Secret: Au Courant

Thanks to for this piece they did on my love for au courant fashion. You have to keep it current, while knowing what trends will and won’t work for you.

Monica Rose Blog: I Heart Heels Interview

Check out my interview with I Heart!

IHH: What first got you into fashion—and how did you become interested in styling?
MR: I was always into styling my friends as a kid and I never knew I had a talent for it. I always would tell them what to wear to school the night before. I believe I was in 3rd grade when I started doing that. I would lay out my mom's clothes for her on what to wear to work and if she didn't wear it, I would get upset with her. Looking back I was not a normal child. Haha.

When I moved to Los Angeles in 2001 I started working in a boutique on Robertson Blvd. I worked with a great mentor who taught me about clienteling and how important costumer service was. She taught me so much in selling customer needs and soon I was working with celebrity stylists that would come into shop for their clients and TV shows. I studied them like a book and that is when I decided I wanted to be a stylist. I didn't know where to start or how I was going to make it happen I just knew that is what I wanted to do and I was going to make it happen. I was determined.

IHH: Is there another stylist in the industry you adore?
MR: Rachel Zoe hands down. I adore her! Her book has taught me a lot of tricks I use now. I also love Rhianna's stylist Mariel Haenn. She always takes it to another level, which every stylist can appreciate because I can imagine the preparation and hard work she puts into her jobs.

IHH: Where does your inspiration come from?
MR: I get inspired from everything!! Whether it's street style, editorials, or even rock gods like Axl Rose and David Bowie, I seriously pull inspiration from everything. I need to be inspired to create!

IHH: What's it like working with the girls of E!? Do they ever help you pick out their wardrobes?
MR: Catt and Debbie are great to work with! We've become like family. They definitely have input in what they wear. It's so important for them to own their look, so I would never even try to put them in something they weren't 100% in love with. After three years, I know what they like, and they trust me and are open to any new ideas I may have.

IHH: What are three pieces a girl must never live without?
MR: A great blazer, statement bag and over-sized sunglasses.

IHH: Heels or flats?
MR: Both. But they either have to be completely flat or sky high. Anything in between is not good.

IHH: Name a few of your early fall picks.
MR: I am loving tights for fall - textured, patterned or colored. I'm especially dying over thigh-highs right now. Anything studded, gloves, accessories, leather jackets and amazing BOOTS!! I LOVE boots for fall.

IHH: What are a couple of labels you love?
MR: SO many! Alexander Wang, Elizabeth & James, Camilla and Marc, Zimmermann and Sally Tseng. But honestly, I'll wear anything. I love H&M, Topshop and Downtown LA for my cheap and chic finds.

IHH: Do you have a couple of styling “tricks” to share?
MR: Accessorizing is key. Accessories can take a boring outfit and turn it into something fab. Also, knowing your body type. Not all body types can get away with certain trends or looks, so it's good to know what works best for you.

Monica Rose Blog: Fashion Face - Off!

Damn it! I hate when this happens LOL! I recently got this black Alexander Wang dress for Khloe to wear during her NYC press engagements for Kourtney and Khloe take Miami. She paired it with her Brian Atwood booties I got for her at Intermix. Rihanna was photographed in the same dress recently!

Who wore it better? My girl KK or Rhi Rhi?

Mario Dedivanovic's Blog: Get the Face! Adrienne Bailon - Steppin’ Out.

Here it is girls! I’ve gotten so many “get the face” requests for this look I gave Adrienne Bailon. This shoot was for the cover of “Steppin’ Out” magazine and we had so much fun working that day. As you all know, Adrienne’s highly anticipated solo album and single, “Super Bad” will be coming out soon and I’m super excited! Stay tuned for a lot more “get the face” with Adrienne Bailon…

Adrienne loves to play around and expirement with different makeup looks, so for this shoot we decided to play up the eyes with darker shadows and keep the lips light and matte. Here’s how I did it -

On skin, use Keihl’s Ultra Facial Moisturizer all over. Follow with Make Up For Ever Matte Velvet Foundation. Set the makeup with a bit of loose powder by NARS. Use Stila Perfecting concealer under they eyes.

Brows are filled in with Lingering brow pencil by MAC and blended lightly with a Q-tip.

Eyes - I used Urban Decay Cream Eyeshadow in Whipped on the eyelids only. On the crease and outter corner of the eyes, use Walnut shadow by Smashbox and blend well. Line the upper lid with Smolder by MAC and smudge towards the outter corners. Use smolder again on the inner rim of the eyes, but starting at the center of the eye and going to the outter corner again. On the inner corners of the inner rim, use B-dazzle pencil by GIELLA. To smoke the eyes along the lower lash line, use Envy by Smashbox with a brush. Start with a little and build for more intensity. Blend it out to elongate the eyes. Finish with two coats of Loreal’s Voluminous Mascara in Carbon Black.

Cheeks - To warm up her skin and contour, I used Casino bronzer by NARS all around the frame of the face and on the hollows of the cheeks. For blush, I applied Orgasm by NARS to the apples and blended out. For highlight, I brushed Rose Gold Illuminating finishing powder by STILA on the cheek bones and bridge of nose. I also put a dab of it right on the brow bone (under the brow).

Lips are lined with Subculture by MAC. I custom blended the lipstick myself at the GIELLA makeup counter at Henri Bendel and I named it “Bailon Besos.” Its very creamy and moisturizing! Comment or email me to find out how to get the lipstick.

I hope you all try this look out and please send me pics! xo - Mario

Nicole Richie's Blog: In Nicole's closet: D&G

Nicole Richie attending "The Devil wears Prada" premiere on June 2006.
She wore a D&G spring 2006 lacy dress and looked sensational.
She wears the dress so much better than the model. I love her angelic look.

Nicole Richie's Blog: Nicole's headscarves

I have been missing Nicole. She hasn't been photographed much lately. Browsing through my "Nicole Richie style" folder I found an old collage with some of Nicole's headscarves. A quick fix for bad hair days.
As we can see Nicole loves the 70s boho vibe and looks super-adorable wearing them.
I was temped to try one myself, but they always slip off my head and I look like a maid:)

Nicole Richie's Blog: Inside Nicole Richie's Bag

Vivi magazine asked Nicole Richie to show what's inside her purse.
Here's what they found in Nicole's patchwork bag designed by her stylist Simone Harouche:
- 2 pairs of sunglasses
- a red Goyard wallet
- House of Harlow 1960 jewelry
- La Mer lip balm
- Yves Saint Laurent lip gloss (that nude shade is gorgeous)
- a digital camera
- BlackBerry Curve 8310 Titanium

On the Couch With Giuliana & Bill

Need a laugh? Click play, above, to watch Giuliana & Bill Rancic's hilarious (and a little gross) guest appearance on E!'s Chelsea Lately—and tune in to the Style Network tonight @ 9/8c for a brand new episode of Giuliana & Bill!

Bottom Bandages: It's Time to Work Those Glutes!

TREND: Bandage skirts

WHO'S WEARING IT: Rihanna (Plesasure Doing Business), Hilary Duff (Yigal Azrouël), Ashanti (Hervé Léger)

HOW TO WEAR IT: The skirt is meant to be skintight. So get your buns in shape and don't wear anything too revealing on top! For day, dress it down with an oversize shirt—maybe even add a blazer for a more polished look. At night, tuck in a solid tank, add a sexy pair of heels and strut your stuff.