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Ok I took a few days off from the gym. I can't slack like that!10:58 AM Sep 29th from TweetGenius

What is everybody up to?6:34 PM Sep 29th from TweetGenius

Do u guys floss your teeth? I found the best floss! Reach Ultraclean. I'm obsessed! It's Johnson & Johnson. I will now floss every day!6:44 PM Sep 29th from TweetGenius

I read that If u don't take care of your teeth then u live 6 years less than expected. Lots of disease lives in your mouth!6:45 PM Sep 29th from TweetGenius

Little recap on story rumors and real story

Rumor: According to Us Weekly, “Big loses a lot of money and takes a job in London, living alone in a one-bedroom apartment. Big gets really low and ends up in bed with another woman. After she leaves him, Carrie discovers she is pregnant.”

Reality: While Mr. Big (Chris Noth) talks about the declining stock market, losing a lot of money is not part of the plot nor does he take a job in London. He also doesn’t end up in bed with another woman, and Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) does not discover she’s pregnant. There IS an interesting plotline involving Carrie, Big and kids, but we’re not going to spoil the film.

Rumor: The Brisbane Times, and other outlets, have reported, “Charlotte and Harry also let Carrie Bradshaw… and husband Big move in with them when they lose a huge amount of cash in the recession,” and that Big “eventually travels to the Middle East to try and recover their fortune.”

Reality: Carrie and Big do NOT move in with Charlotte (Kristin Davis) and her husband Harry (Evan Handler) – because the financial crisis affected them – but a lot of the plot does take place in the Middle East, only we’re not going to spoil the reason why the women from “Sex and the City” end up there. All we’ll say is that the Middle East plot is Samantha related.

Check rest of rumors HERE

Source - gossipcop.com

Spotted Kim K: September 27, 2009 Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush: Back On!

With love in the air and her sister, Khloe, tying the knot just September 27, it is being reported that Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush are back together.

Of the situation, an insider told press, "The wedding made her miss him, so she flew to see him,” late Sunday night after the wedding festivities.

The source also added, "They took a few months off and couldn't be apart. The time away was needed so that they could figure out what their priorities were."

Kardashian, 28, and Bush, 24, had been dating for two years when they announced in July they were taking a break.


...when can I move in? {Rising Glen by Tocha}

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short stories...

...a lovely new blog by the very talented Jen Altman...

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socks + pom poms...

...make for super fun styling and photos by sock company hansel from basel....

{photos by ye rin mok and available socks available at frances may}

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ring around the collar...

...from the always beautiful feinedinge...

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rainbow bright...

...love the interior of this bookstore in Beijing, China...designed by Japanese architects Sako...

Source: http://www.sako.co.jp/11popura/poplar-1_english.html
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...too gorgeous not to share...by lyndie dourthe...

{via oh happy day!}

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in case you were hungry...

...here's a virtual treat for you...from hey, cupcake!


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{oh joy} new notebooks...

...in the shop...

{photos by karen wise}

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instant happiness...

...in the form of fabric flower garlands...

{by dolciodille, photographed by our labor of love, via once wed}

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love these...

...canisters by kahler...

Source: http://www.hyggeandwestshop.com

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Kim K's Blog: New Items in Kim's Closet' on Ebay!

Khloe, Kourt and I have added some new items to our Ebay auction! Khloe added an Ed Hardy swimsuit, Kourt added a pair of Chloe sunglasses, and her Dunamis watch that featured in the last season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians will be up for auction too!

A portion of the proceeds benefits my favorite charity, The Dream Foundation, so you can get glam and give to a worthy cause at the same time!

garden variety...

...designed to hold a variety of herbs and flowers all in one planter, design night's nature planter is so useful and beautiful all at the same time.

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Nature planter

Nature is a modern ceramic planter intended for growing a variety of herbs and flowers. The form takes inspiration from patterns and shapes found in nature, hence the name. The largest opening at the top can hold plants that need to root deeper. Opening like a blossom, the form allows each pocket to collect water.

The planter is made using a complex six-part mold (compared to the typical two to four part mold) with seventeen post-molding cuts. Each piece is carefully cast, hand-finished and glazed in Portland, Oregon. Three holes on the bottom allow for drainage. The planter is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Size: 18" tall and 22" wide.

Source: http://www.designnight.com

rail thin...

...these lamps almost look like drawings! by something from nothing...

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a tiny treat...

...photo and recipe by At Down Under...

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table talk...

...with these chat plates by MoMA....

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united steaks...

...a little off-kilter from my normally prettier posts, but i really love this series called "united steaks" by photographer dominic episcopo...

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Kourtney Kardashian Fringes Out

My oh my, I can’t imagine what it would be like to be part of the Kardashian Klan right now. It’s not that anything bad has been happening, but goodness, there is A LOT happening. Youngest sis, Khloe Kardashian announces she’s dating Lamar Odom and two seconds later they are not only engaged but also planning a wedding. This wedding went down this past Sunday, so now, Khloe is off the market.

Right after the wedding, Kim Kardashian hops on a plane and heads east to see her ex, but now not ex, Reggie Bush. They talk about feelings and decide to give it another run.

And then there is Kourtney Kardashian. She breaks up with long time bf Scott, moves to Miami, has a little “fun”, meets up with Scott again and now she’s preggo-eggo. Well, she certainly looks gorgeous as a mom-to-be. Pictured here, Kourtney is rockin a Charlie My Love Fringe Bag and wearing Turbo Boots by Chinese Laundry while out with proud papa, Scott. I am absolutely NOT digging the pockets hanging out of her itsy bitsy jean shorts but I am loving the overall look.

Bag Kourtney’s Boots via Chinese Laundry!

Source: http://www.bagthatstyle.com

what a view...

...as summer's end, here's a gorgeous summer house by tham & videgard hansson architects...

those i've met and liked...

today i leave you with this fun & witty notebook series by archie grand. gotta love the "husbands i've had and liked"! ha! have a great week!

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fresh delivery...

...these arrangements by Studio Choo are too pretty to pass up...available only in the San Francisco area...

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the oh joy foodie...

For those of you who read this blog (and especially those of you who follow me on Twitter), you know that next to being a designer, I am a HUGE foodie. My spare time and thoughts are spent thinking about what I'll eat next and exploring the great eats my city has to offer. With my recent move (and a whole new town of food to explore), it felt like just the right time to launch my new food blog, Happy Lady Eats. For those of you who love food as much as I do, I hope you'll enjoy this new outlet of mine.

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light as air...

When I saw this collection by Rita Saardi, I literally gasped. Stunning and gorgeous in so many ways. Have a great week!

{photos by Homer Akrawi, via mystopmotionlife}

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Monica Rose Blog: Patterned and Textured Tights for Fall

Love 'em!

Source: monicarosestylist.blogspot.com

Monica Rose Blog: Khloe on Fashion Police

Last monday was Khloe's first time being a guest host on E!'s Fashion
Police for the Emmy's.

Khloe is wearing a dress by Alexander Wang I purchased for her at Opening Ceremony and her lace booties are by
Christian Louboutin purchased at Barneys. Her Alexander Wang dress can be found at Barneys too!

I thought she did an amazing job!

Source: monicarosestylist.blogspot.com

pops of green...

...love these lacquer-edged designs from Viola Park's custom kitchens...

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polka dotted perfection...

...had to share this gorgeous image...

{via julia. image by tim walker for vogue italia}
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Nicole Richie's Blog: Nicole Richie in Show, Poland

Here is an article from the August 2009 issue of a Polish magazine featuring Nicole Richie.
They noticed some resemblances between Nicole's style and Jessica Simpson's.

Nicole Richie's Blog: In Nicole's closet: Azzedine Alaïa

Nicole Richie keeps her feet comfortable and stylish in a pair of Azzedine Alaïa triple T-bar flat sandals with drop detail on straps.
The white version of these to die for sandals is currently on sale at theOutnet for only €413,93 reduced from €689,88.
This may be your last chance to buy, so get them now!

Source: nicolerichiefashion.blogspot.com

Handbag ~ Pick of the Day: Judith Leiber Sphere Clutch

Buy through Net-a-Porter for $2495.

Source: http://www.purseblog.com