Sunday, December 13, 2009

Kim out shopping

November 13 & 14, 2009: On Friday afternoon Kim was spotted by the paps going to the salon for some nail pampering. The day after she went out shopping at Barney’s New York and Intermix.

New Photoshoots

I just added 3 new photoshoots to the gallery: The first shoot is really cool, I believe it was for Ocean Drive. It was shot the day after Kim got really drunk in Miami. But she sure doesn’t look hungover lol. The second shoot is by Randee St Nicholas and it’s one of my favorites, Kim looks incredibly cute!


Kim and family at Philippe Chow

November 15, 2009: Kim and most of the Kardashian/Jenner clan headed out to dinner together at Philippe Chow on Sunday night. As Kim left the restaurant, looking absolutely beautiful, she was asked by photographers if she is pregnant (I know, where did that come from?) but Kim just flashed a big, and slightly surprised, smile and didn’t say a word.


Kim Kardashian promotes Carl’s Jr. Premium Salads

Kim Kardashian is the new face of Carl’s Jr. Premium Salads. “I’m always down for a burger, I love them and I eat them,” says Kardashian, 28. “But this is the first commercial they’ve ever done for anything but a burger. The salads are healthy, and it totally fits what I’m about right now.”

“The commercials are iconic. You’ll never forget Paris washing that car! So I just wanted to make mine as hot and sultry as all of theirs.”

The reality star got into making the spot her own. “I told them about my life and how I’m such a neat freak, but I love to have bed picnics – I put out my towel and eat in bed, and then when it gets all messy I take a hot bubble bath after to wash it off. You’ll see that sexy wow factor in this one.”

The now notoriously healthy eater still indulges in a little red meat now and again, but it is childhood Carl’s Jr. memories that she still holds dear to her heart. “When Kourtney went to school in Arizona we drove out there for the first time and stopped and of course got burgers,” she recalls.

“And driving to Las Vegas, my dad would take the family and we’d stay at Circus Circus and we always stopped at Carl’s Jr,” she says. “I remember this food fight my sisters and I all had in the back of the van – it was so funny. We got in so much trouble!”

Source: People Magazine


Kim's Nov 18 – Event

November 18, 2009: Kim had a busy day on Wednesday last week. Early in the day she was spotted doing some Thanksgiving shopping. I read it was a photo-up, so I’m not sure. But Kim was wearing a HSN t-shirt for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital

Source: http://www.kimkardashianfan