Thursday, October 1, 2009

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I am so disturbed about the boy beaten 2 death in Chicago. Violence is NOT the answer! Have u seen this on the news? AM Oct 1st from web

Wow just heard on the news that the NBA is banning twitter? This is crazy! They don't want the players tweeting.4:13 AM Oct 1st from TweetGenius

Happy birthday to the make up God @MakeUpByMario my fellow Libra!4:15 AM Oct 1st from TweetGenius

My fragrance meetings w all the beauty editors is going great! I can't wait to twit pic the bottle! U guys picked out the pink color!10:40 AM Oct 1st from web

Met w Fitness,17,InStyle,Allure,Marie Claire,Health,Shape,Teen Vogue,Cosmo,Harper's Bazaar,Women's Heath & Fitness,Redbook& Lucky ALL TODAY!10:45 AM Oct 1st from web

How cute is @kourtneykardash's baby belly!!? I had to take some pics!!11:00 AM Oct 1st from TweetDeck

Where all my Libra's at???? Libra's are the best!12:52 PM Oct 1st from TweetGenius

About to go on David Letterman! Woody Harleson is on now! I'm kinda nervous!2:12 PM Oct 1st from TweetGenius

David Letterman went perfect! He is always so funny! It airs tonight, check it out!2:58 PM Oct 1st from TweetGenius


Kim K's Memory Lane: October 21, 2007 Kim Kardashian Celebrates Her Birthday At Les Deux - Inside

Kim's birthday party at Les Deux on October 21, 2007 in Los Angeles, California

Kim K's Style: Arriving at the “Late Show with David Letterman” in New York, October 01, 2009

Christian Louboutin Pigalle Pumps


Kim K's Style: At JFK Airport, September 30, 2009

LnA Olivia Knit Ruched Leggings

Chloe Shelby Leather Shopper

Sam Edelman Queenie Lace-Up Booties

Gucci 1618/S Sunglasses


More Kim K's Pix: Kim Kardashian, Woody Harrelson, Larry David And Olivia Wilde Visit "Late Show With David Letterman" - October 1, 2009

Kim Kardashian, Woody Harrelson, Larry David And Olivia Wilde Visit "Late Show With David Letterman" - October 1, 2009

Gucci’s Division Over-The-Knee Boots

thigh high boot trend is here, but it’s the Gucci Division over-the-knee boots

These stretch and patent leather platform boots have a v-shape patent detail to make them stand out from the many that are on offer.

If you’ve been looking for a pair of over-the-knee boots with a edgy futuristic design, these boots are priced at $2,950 from, or check your local Gucci boutique’s.

“A Steady Rain” Broadway Opening Night, New York

Tamsin Egerton looks stunning wearing an Alexander Wang one-sleeved jersey ruched dress, which just goes to prove that Wang’s clothes are desired on both sides of the Atlantic.

It’s getting cooler temperature-wise in London, but thankfully Tamsin didn’t opt for tights.

She instead showed-off her enviable legs wearing gold peep-toes.


Spotted Kourtney: October 1: Pregnant Shopper

Meanwhile, Miss Kardashian recently recalled the task of telling her loved ones that she just so happened to be pregnant.

"It was so hard for me to tell Kim and my mom. Khloe and I called Kim on speaker phone, and I made Khloe tell her. I think Kim thought we were lying! Kim was excited, but I feel like her first reaction was like, 'Why? What are you doing?'" Kourtney told. "It was really just shock. Especially since we are so extremely close, anything that happens in our family is earth-shattering to us. But she was excited. She just wanted to make sure that I had thought this through."

Venturing out for a midday retail romp, Kourtney Kardashian headed out to the popular Robertson Blvd in Los Angeles on Thursday (October 1).

Dressed in a patterned black and white top with black jeans, the expecting reality star was accompanied by a pal as they visited Paige denim - staying for just a few minutes while picking up a couple of bags of clothes.


The Secret to Creating a Powerful Vision Board in 7 Easy Steps

Listed below are 7 Easy Steps, for you to follow to create YOUR own Powerful Vision Board and start living your dreams, desires and goals now.

1. Choose a poster board or a cork board to use as a background, color size are all personal choice. These boards can be wallet size or wall size.

2. Take a few minutes to think about and decide what goal board you are creating, is it a general life style goal or a specific goal. Then, flip through magazines and tear out whatever pictures and words impress or inspire you.

3. Arrange the pictures and words on the board with photos of you and loved ones in and around the scenes. This concept is to show your subconscious mind a "snapshot" of your desire future to activate the Law of Attraction.

a) If it's a relationship goal, you could get a picture of a couple embracing and cut your face out and paste it on the body in the photo.

b) You can do this with physical goals, if you want to change the size of your body, if you want to lose or gain a few pounds, chose a picture of someone you would like to look like and put a picture of your face on that body.

c) The same idea applies to houses, cars and vacation destinations; paste photos of your self and loved ones, in the picture, as if you were there and taking photos as you naturally would.

4. Add a powerful statement or affirmation that this is already so. (eg: "This manifests now, for the highest good of all concerned, easily, happily, harmoniously, Thank you.") Do you remember John Luke Pickard ( Actor- Patrick Stewart) from The Star Trek Series, saying to his crew "Make it so!" And they flew off through space to accomplish their mission.

5. Put a symbol of what ever spiritual source you believe in, to show you are partners in the creation of your life, with a higher spiritual source.

6. Place the Vision Board somewhere where you will see it often, and only allow supportive people to see it, especially in the early stages.

7. Celebrate by visualizing and affirming the pictures on the board are already in reality, to harness the law of attraction and draw to you Your Goals, now

The Secret Video

EXTRA! EXTRA! Read all about SJP!

Sweet mother of pearl, Sarah Jessica Parker has a rockin bod. I know this isn’t anything new, but there are certain outfits she puts on that absolutely do nothing but show off what amazing shape she is in. Case in point, this Christian Dior newspaper dress. If you are a Sex and the City fanatic I am sure that this dress looks familiar to you. That’s because Carrie wore it during the TV series when she was heading to meet Big’s Natasha for lunch/dinner.

This time, SJP is rocking the same dress with a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes while carrying a very “Carrie” clutch. I am pretty confident that you could place a variety of handbags used on set on a table and I could pick which bag is carried by which character. So, when I saw this bag, I was not surprised at all. I am surprised that I can’t figure out what the bag is. It’s driving me nuts. Any ideas?

Bag Carrie’s Christian Louboutin Heels via Net-a-Porter!

by Shannon Mahoney

Monica Rose Blog: I Love LnA leggings!

Kim is wearing a top by Otis & Maclain, grey blazer by Twent8Twelve, her necklace is vintage, leggings by LnA, a pair of "easy booties" by YSL, glasses are Dita and her bag is by Balenciaga. You can make a FAB outfit for day or night based around these leggings! They are a must have for Fall.


Monica Rose Blog: Airport Chic

Here are some photos of Kim looking fab at the airport last night on her way to NYC.

Kim is wearing a pair of "Olivia" leggings by LnA, ripped grey t-shirt by Zara, blazer by Bebe, scarf is Kim's, sunglasses by Gucci, bag by Chloe and her shoes are by Sam Edelman. Don't you love her RED nail polish?


Monica Rose Blog: Kim in Brian Lichtenberg

Kim's dress is by Brian Lichtenberg which will be available at Diavolina soon, her clutch is by Alexander Wang.

Thanks again Brian for the beautiful dresses you sent me! To view more of Brian's amazing collection check it out at Brian


Spotted Kim K: October 1: Lovely at the "Late Show"

Prettying up for promotional duties, Kim Kardashian was seen leaving her NYC hotel for an appearance on the "Late Show with David Letterman" on Thursday (October 1).

The E! reality beauty was decked out in a sexy grey dress, posing for pictures before making her way to the Ed Sullivan Theater.

Meanwhile, Miss Kardashian recently came to the defense of sister, Khloe, denying claims that her wedding with Lamar Odom was staged.

"I really hate all the crazy things I have been hearing regarding their wedding not being real," Kim wrote in a blog entry. "That is just crazy and untrue!!! Let Mr. and Mrs Odom enjoy being newlyweds! They are sooo freakin cute together! I love them and am so happy for them!"