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Kim K's Memory Lane: January 28, 2009: 2009 Moves Magazine Super Bowl Party

Kim Kardashian arrives for the 2009 Moves Magazine Super Bowl Party at The Venue Club on January 28, 2009 in St. Petersburg, Florida (Photo by Tim Boyles/Getty Images)

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'How Do I Look?' Host, Anti-Spandex Crusader: Jeannie Mai

SINCE TAKING OVER longtime Style Network makeover show "How Do I Look?" (Sat., 8 p.m.) last year, Jeannie Mai has been on a mission to rescue the country's biggest fashion victims. The show has just returned with a new batch of closet overhaul candidates, from a woman who will only wear purple to a former exotic dancer who refuses to ditch her stripper heels.

» EXPRESS: Original host Finola Hughes launched the show in 2004. How did you feel about inheriting it?
» MAI: I basically grew up with the show. My style — and my experience as a stylist — blossomed as I watched it. To me, it's a cult classic. When I was offered the job, I was very excited, but also a little worried about stepping into Finola Hughes' stilettos.

» EXPRESS: Is it hard telling people they need a major makeover?
» MAI: I try to play the role of a nice dentist who will tell you everything you're about to do before you do it. I'll hold your hand through the tough parts.

» EXPRESS: But that still doesn't always mean they want to hear it.
» MAI: On this new season, we have a lot of tough characters who don't think they need makeovers. Their attitude is, "You suck, your style sucks and you can suck it." Sometimes I do worry that I'm going to get my butt kicked.

» EXPRESS: That sounds intense.
» MAI: There were a few times when I had to stop the cameras and just take a break. It's like being in a boxing ring when you just need a moment to get some water and catch your breath.

» EXPRESS: You introduced the "Eww Tube," a big suction pipe that whisks away the ugliest items.
» MAI: I think I'm going to have to patent it and start selling it next to the Snuggie. It's something that everyone in America needs — a way to rip bad clothes right out of your hands and take them out of reach forever.

» EXPRESS: Has there ever been a terrible Eww Tube disaster?
» MAI: It's a little scary when it's sucking up something like huge, thick corduroy overalls or an enormous muumuu. I'm worried they're going to get stuck and break it!

» EXPRESS: If you could get people to stop wearing one thing, what would it be?
» MAI: I'm sure Obama's very busy with important things, but I'd really like to talk to him about outlawing spandex -- or really, any body-hugging, super-tight, shiny material. At the very least, all spandex should come with a disclaimer attached about when it can be worn.

» EXPRESS: Any other key fashion advice?
» MAI: Use statement pieces like a centerpiece. If you were decorating your dining table for a guest, you'd place flowers in the middle and then put things around it that complement it. The same goes for a bright top. Pair it with neutral pants and maybe just a touch of color on your heels or lips.

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Fashion advice from Jeannie Mai

SheKnows sat down with celebrity style expert Jeannie Mai, an experienced makeup artist, fashion expert and actress, who currently hosts the Style Network's popular makeover series, How Do I Look?. We chatted about finding your personal style, what looks to avoid and how to look your best day in and out.

Fashion Tip #1: Use the trends to create your own style.
'I encourage gals to use trends to inspire their own style, don't follow ‘em!' says celebrity stylist Jeanine Mai. If you spend all your money on trendy pieces, you'll stick yourself in a style time warp, she cautions.

'Trends become what they are because somebody thought out of the box and did something thousands began to follow. Learn how to be that trendsetter. If you see a hot must-have, make sure you spend on the trends that can be versatile for work and every day and flow well with other things you own (the boyfriend jacket, skinny jeans, leggings). Then think out of the box by buying timeless pieces (button ups, pencil skirts) and pair them with pieces of your personality (patterned tights, belt buckles) to make your look signature.'

Fashion Tip #2: Spend Wisely
When you're watching your expenses closely, finding great fashion bargains is a must. But, you don't always have to look in the bargain bin. Think of your wardrobe as an investment, and look for pieces that are trendy this season but also timeless. Do they work well with what's already in your closet? Can you pair it with several different tops or bottoms and dress it up or down? Most importantly, is it high quality construction? If you answered yes, you've got a keeper.

{headline)Fashion Tip #3: Choose trends that fit your bodyBody type is a huge factor in which trends you can actually follow. Mai says blazers with emphasized shoulders work best on those with narrow or average shoulders. "The illusion immediately tapers any waistline," Jeannie says. Alternatively, fitted and double-breasted jackets are great for small busted or boyish-shaped women.

This season's must-haves
Mai says this year's ideal fashion pieces were the boyfriend blazer and the wrap dress. 'Both can be worn casually with flats, tights, leggings, or dressed up in heels. Both can be adjusted to suit any season. And both are ideal for any weight flux you're working with!' She calls the wrap dress 'the classic timeless trend for every woman, every size and every season.'

Forget about not mixing your metals, accessories these days are all about mixing and not-matching different sizes, textures and colors – think everything from chunky rings to piles of pearls. Jeannie tells us, 'Every woman needs an archive of the following accessory staples (in gold and silver): Long chain (at least 22 inches), short necklace (16 inches) with neutral colored or wooden charms, at least 2 chunky rings with in silver, gold, or a neutral color like amber or brown, hoop earrings, drop earrings in turquoise (these go with everything and brighten any face), and bangles. If you shop smart, you can buy all these accessories for under $100 through thrift shops, Forever 21 stores, Aldo stores, or even clearance racks at Nordstrom.'

How to wear leggings
Leggings have been big for several seasons now, and this trend isn't going anywhere. We love them – they are super-helpful for layering under spring skirts for winter, heels or boots, oversized shirts, or layering under long dresses to stay warm. Plus, they can be slimming and flattering to many figures! Jeannie’s advice: Invest in neutral shades of black, grey, and brown, and look for stylized leggings with riding patches of suede or leather, or fun shiny or sequined patterns for night.

How to wear CARDIGANS
Long or short, cardis are great and comfortable for any body type. Look for wrap style cardigans that flow below the waist to give a longer torso, and take it up a notch by throwing on a belt outside the wrap for a comfortable but fitted shape.

Mixing metals has been Jeannie's hottest and flashiest fashion fave: 'Whether in fabrics or accessories, blending bronze and silver or gunmetals and golds is just haute.' Start simple with silver and gold mixed necklaces or bangles first, then move on to mixing metallic fabrics for night. It's a super way to shine!


AArisings: A-Profiler: Stir Star: Jeannie Mai

Your ethnicity?

Chinese and Vietnamese

How many siblings do you have? Are you the oldest, youngest?
I am the elder of three. My two younger bros are Dennis and Daniel, 18 and 16.

Where did you go to school? What did you major in? What was your first job?
I attended high school at Milpitas High, then De Anza, majored in Communications and started as a freelance makeup artist at the tender age of 16, working under the table at various grimy strip clubs and shows.

How did you hear about the audition to be a host of "Stir?"
I think I heard from around the way, and saw it online, and said.. "Oh hell no... watch me get on this..."

What do you want your National audience to know about Asian Americans?
Lol, I just want some clarifications with mixed beliefs (It's viet-NA-mese, not Vietnamese AND I've got a clean driving record) and just an overall enlightenment about our culture.

I hear that you're big on fashion. Favorite brands?
No brands, just style. I rarely look at labels, so I could walk out of Wal Mart or Miss Sixty with something cute.

Do you have a personal style?
Not really, so far I've gotten by with dressing according to my overall feeling that day. (i.e., bloated=layers, upbeat=bright colors and a short skirt, dreary=darks/blacks with leather...)

How did you get started as a make-up artist and stylist?
I pooled all my money together and got a makeup kit with all the essentials. Pulled pics outta mags and made myself into the same look. Take notes wherever I go on different wardrobe ideas from inspiration I see everywhere - not just people. There is fashion and color and texture EVERYWHERE! I literally wear my fashion goggles whenever I examine things to see how I could translate how dope something looks into a wearable form.

What kind of jobs have you had?
I've been a bookkeeper, to a jewelry store manager, to a waitress, to now a chick with a personal styling company (The Doll to a television host.

If you could do make-up and hair for any celebrity and magazine spread of your choice, what would your selections be, and why?
Makeup=Christina Aguilara.. the brows, please just the brows... Hair=nobody, I would do them no good. Magazine=Rolling Stone, I love that they're all over the place in pop culture, and fashion is involved in all of it.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Driven, continuously accomplishing, and smiling. 10 years? Still truckin with my career, blessed with a family to care for, and smiling.

Are you single?

Or do you have a significant other?
Yes.. basically i'm single but not available. ;)


Interview Q n A: Jeannie Mai

Jeannie Mai

Jeannie Mai's career spans a multitude of talents from behind the scenes of styling and makeup to on camera as a host of fashion, music, pop culture, and lifestyle.
Being naturally outspoken with a heart for people and individual beauty, Jeannie caught the eyes of MAC Cosmetics and moved on to become a makeup artist to the stars. Traveling around the world to dress the face of celebrities such as Kelly Osbourne, Alicia Keys, and Lil Kim, Jeannie focused more of her talent reporting the trend in makeup secrets to creating unique looks in mediums of radio, television, and fashion magazines. Here she discovered her true calling to the world of entertainment in front of the camera as a host.

"I am simply a woman who loves to live life. Time passes us so fast that if I can snag your attention for one moment, I'm gonna make sure you enjoy it."

She began representing herself to local television networks and auditioning with self-written scripts to demonstrate her talents. Six months later, she snagged a position as the spunky, fashionable host to an Asian-American magazine-style show, STIR, broadcasting on International Channel Networks worldwide in March 2004, which also picked up its first Emmy Nomination in 2005.

This sparked interest from San Francisco local music channel, CMC, who then approached her to be the first female Asian VJ to host her own music countdown. Jeannie then moved to become the entertainment reporter and producer on the WB's "Daily Mixx" before she relocated to Los Angeles after being cast as co-host with Frankie Muniz in the MTV pilot, "Granted."

Since then, she has hosted segments for E! and Style Networks, and has also become the official spokesperson for Never Accept Ordinary Cosmetics -- -- a fashion-forward line of makeup that celebrates what makes each person unique.

"It's just such a huge blessing for me to have the gift of making others feel good about life -- from the way that they look to the everyday things we can experience."

Upbeat, savvy, and excited about life, Jeannie takes on television as a way to learn, laugh, and love.


What's on your playlist?
What's Not? I luv LOVE luv Sinatra, Ciara, Outkast, Cure, Beastie Boys, Ella Fitzgerald, Bjork, Chris Tomlin, The Killers, AFI, Jay-Z, Matt Kearney ... oh and WHY didn't anyone inform me of Rascal Flatts sooner??
Three things I couldn't live without:
I'm assuming you mean aside from the obvious (family, friends, beano, etc)...

My Mason Pierson brush
An eyelash curler
My mood ... The latter determines the inspiration for the look of my day!
What's your secret talent?
Oooh ... the man I marry will be able to tell ya :)!

My guilty pleasure movie:
Anything with chick dramaaaaa -- love!! The more neck rollin, "oh-no-he-di-int", and good girl gets the guy ... I get giddy with excitement to sit down and zone into!

Worst bet I ever made?
Outdrinking some guys over Jager ... they were Irish, I was sooooo not.

Jude Law or Matthew McConaughey?
Ummm, Matthew!!! I LIVE for drop-and-gimme-20 type workouts. Have you seen that guy? He burns 6000 calories with an incline driveway and parkbench. LOVE that.

If it never made me fat or unhealthy, I would eat this the rest of my life:
OMG ... I love asking people this question, yet it took me forever to decide! Ok, I think I know: peanut butter EVERYTHING. Cookies, ice cream, yogurt, Thai peanut saucy foods, mmmmm.


I Heartbeat

So far- my trip to Vietnam has been surreal. The food, the people…I can’t even stand it. Yesterday I spent time meeting the family of amazing people at the Heartbeat Vietnam headquarters, and learned all the stories of children who had been qualified to receive heart surgeries. Besides meeting the outstanding Robin King Austin who brought her vision to life by founding Heartbeat Vietnam, I met the incredible staff of talented people who put all the efforts forth to save these children. The most memorable part of my visit was seeing this wall of beautiful children, all with a sensational smile and a signature scar of life down the center of their chest. Mimi described to me the stories behind each of these children from various provinces around Vietnam, and how-thanks to each donor- these pictures are able to be rotated often to celebrate each heart surgery completed! With that, Robin blessed me with the greatest invite go TODAY to actually visit a young survivor who just recently received her heart surgery! I can’t even tell you how jittery my fingers are in typing this blog to head out on my way now to the hospital to see Hoa. Stay tuned for pictures of Hoa and I.. and thank you so much for joining me here to make things like this happen my friends.


Kim purchases a $4.8 million mansion?

According to TMZ, looks like she has! The picture above is just a peek at Kim’s rumoured new place.

Sources tell TMZ that Kim’s new pad is a Mediterranean villa located in Beverly Hills. The house has 5 bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms, a grand two-story entry, formal living room and dining room — each with their own fireplaces.

We’re told Reggie Bush is planning on moving into the 4,000 square foot pad — and with that much space, half of the New Orleans Saints could crash too.