Saturday, October 17, 2009

Kim K's Blog: Behind the Scenes at my Cosmo Cover Shoot

Check out this video from behind the scenes at my Cosmopolitan magazine cover shoot! This was my first Cosmo cover and I'm thrilled with how the pics turned out! Make sure you go grab a copy... it's out now!!


Spotted Kim K: October 15: GNC Beauties

Stepping out for promotional duties, Kim and Khloe Kardashian visited GNC in the Beverly Center on Thursday (October 15).

The reality star sisters were on hand to boost interest in Quick Trim, posing for pictures as fans lined up to catch a glimpse of the two beauties.

After a brief separation, Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush are back together again - and the pair definitely want kids, but not quite yet.

“People ask if you want children and I say yes, and then it’s like ‘Kim’s desperate for a baby!” the E! reality beauty told.

Adding about her sister Kourtney's pregnancy, Kim says, “My sister is having a baby and it’s such a fun, exciting time. I would definitely hope to have kids one day soon…not too soon, but one day!”

"My sister is having a baby and it's such a fun, exciting time," she explained. "I would definitely hope to have kids one day soon...not too soon, but one day!"

And the couple loves kids. They even have a special little friend that Reggie met while shooting a commercial for St. Jude’s cancer research when he met her.

"He called me right away and said, 'I met my new best friend and she's dying to meet you' and it was just really, really sweet," Kim said. "She touched his heart and I can't wait to meet her."

Reggie even took a picture of them together and posted it to his Twitter where Kim wrote back.

As far as Twitter problems and leaving the Twitter world - Kim is staying.

"I hope to tweet for life!" she said. "I love interacting with everyone. I love the fact that you can ask a question and get a response instantly. It's like instant gratification."


Spotted Kim K: October 14: Zeugari Chick

She’s a well-known fan of fashion and last night (October 14) Kim Kardashian was spotted at the Zeugari 2010 Fashion Show in Los Angeles.

Joined by her late father’s friend Robert Shapiro, the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” babe looked lovely as she strolled past the paparazzi, sporting a black blazer with a black and grey dress and pink heels.

Speaking of fashion, Kim recently revealed via her blog that she and sisters Khloe and Kourtney are planning a new line with the BeBe label.

She wrote, “Kourtney, Khloe and I are designing for Bebe! This is honestly a dream come true! We have always loved fashion and have wanted to design for such a long time and now we finally are. I love Bebe and wear their clothes all the time so I can’t wait for our collections to come out in the spring! You guys are going to love what we’ve come up with!”


Spotted Kim K: October 13: Really Awards Babe

She’s always up for a fun evening out, and last night (October 13) Kim Kardashian was spotted living it up at the 2009 FOX Reality Channel Really Awards.

The “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” starlet looked lovely as she made her big arrival, sporting a grey sleeveless dress with a black belt and black heels.

And it has been a busy week for Kim, as she was spotted glamming up the 2009 Hollywood Style Awards on Sunday night.

Other than that, Miss Kardashian has told press she’s been eagerly awaiting the arrival of her sister Kourtney Kardashian’s baby, set for Christmastime.


Are heels appropriate for toddlers?


Can Money Buy You Style?

by Sydne Summer
Tyra Banks

Forbes just came out with their list of prime time's 10 top-earning women, with Tyra Banks leading the pack at $30 million. Not surprising, considering the model-turned-mogul hosts a talk show and a hit series and has a production company—producers make bank, no pun intended.

But does all that wealth make her stylish?

Sometimes, yes. Tyra will impress us with feathered gowns and flawless weaves. But her moolah also bought her this. And don't get us started about number 10 on the list, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and her fashion disasters.

Keep reading to see the rest of TV's top-earning women, then check mystyle's Get the Look photo galleries to see how you can be as stylish as celebs without Tyra's bank.

Forbes Prime Time's 10 Top-Earning Women

1. Tyra Banks: $30 million

2. Katherine Heigl: $18 million

3. Marg Helgenberger: $9.5 million

4. Eva Longoria Parker: $9 million

5. Mariska Hargitay: $8.5 million

6. Julia Louis-Dreyfus: $8 million (tie)

7. Maura Tierney: $8 million (tie)

8. Tina Fey: $7 million

9. Marcia Cross: $6.2 million

10. Jennifer Love Hewitt: $6 million


Kimora and Baby Kenzo Living Life in the Fab Lane

by Danielle Datu

A new season of Life in the Fab Lane is coming soon to Style—and it looks like Kimora is taking cute baby Kenzo along for the ride! The mother and son were spotted at Vasquez Park in Los Angeles filming scenes for the reality show. By the looks of it, Kimora, who gave birth to her new bundle of joy just five months ago, has already lost all of the, well, Baby Phat!


Look Smooth in a Textured Skirt!

TREND: Textured skirts

WHO'S WEARING IT: Beyoncé and Alexis Bledel

HOW TO WEAR IT: From ruffled zippers and rosettes to croc print and fur, a textured skirt will give your look some visual interest. Just be sure to tuck a nonfussy top into the bottom—you don't need any more added volume on your figure. Wear simple yet sexy heels to elongate your gams.


Kim Kardashian launching the "Kiss Away Poverty" campaign.

The campaign kicked off with a launch event in Los Angeles last night, hosted by Kim Kardashian at Sephora.

LipFusion Infatuation Liquid Shine Multi-Action Lip Fattener

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Kim’s 29th Birthday Celebration

Kim celebrating her 29th Birthday at TAO night club in Las Vegas last night (Oct 16th).