Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Kim K's Blog: II Sole for Courtenay's Birthday

Yet another birthday, lol! Kourtney and I went to go celebrate our friend Courtenay Semel's birthday! She is one of our oldest friends... we literally went to pre-school with her! We all celebrated at Il Sole, one of our favorites!

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Kim K's Blog: Mom's Wedding Dresses...A Percfect Fit

If you guys watched the wedding special you'll remember the part where my mom brings out her old wedding gowns. Khloe wasn't too fond of the one she wore when she married my dad. She called it ugly and my mom started crying because she had waited 30 years to bring this dress out... so i tried it on for her. It was a perfect fit! I did look like Little Bo Peep, but it was pretty special. I then tried on my mom's dress she wore when she married Bruce. It's sooo 90s hahaha.

Her dresses were very special!

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Kim K's Blog: Salads are Sexy!

I've teamed up with Carl's Jr to make a sexy new commercial for their premium salad range!

I love Carl's Jr... we used to go a lot as kids, and I do love a good burger every now and then! But I'm trying to be a lot healthier and the new premium salad range really fits in with my healthier lifestyle.

You can definitely eat fast food and still try to be healthy! It's just about balance and picking the right foods.

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Who Broke the Bank? Kim or Amber?

Kim Kardashian and Amber Heard had us dreaming of a white Christmas when they wore similar winter-white long-sleeve dresses. They both looked so good, but can you guess which star was naughty and spent almost $700 more on her frock?

Kim Kardashian $1955 and Amber Heard $1280

Kim’s Thanksgiving Traditions, Online Shopping Tips

Kim Kardashian can’t wait for Thanksgiving. One reason? She gets to see her on-again boyfriend, New Orleans Saints player Reggie Bush.

“Every Thanksgiving, I spend it in New Orleans with Reggie, and then I cook,” the 29-year old Keeping Up With The Kardashians star tells me during the eBay Holiday Store opening held in NYC this week.

She also enjoys a pre-holiday dinner with her family, and recently pitched in by heading to the grocery store to pick up a pumpkin pie and turkey for a feast at her mom’s house.

“I don’t cook the turkey, so my mom was doing that,” she says. “Every kid has a different responsibility of what they have to go get my mom if she’s going to cook, so she doesn’t have to do all the legwork.”

In preparation for Black Friday, shopping’s biggest day, Kim tells me she could use a great bag, shoes or clothes, and urges those who hope to avoid the malls to turn to eBay. She has been selling on eBay for ten years, and these days her items can be found at Kim’s Kloset, with a percentage of the proceeds benefiting the Dream Foundation.

“I started off buying – not always selling – and I realized if everyone else is selling this great stuff, why can’t I?” she tells me. “It’s so many great items, so many things I want to get rid of.”

She continues, “For my first eBay experience, I asked my dad to partner up with me and lend me the money to be able to buy these Manolo Blahnik shoes that Jennifer Lopez was famous for wearing. He looked at me crazy, and didn’t understand what I was talking about or why I wanted to do it. I said ‘give me a week, and I’ll pay you the money back, and I’ll even give you interest.’ So he gives me the money, I buy the shoes, and I sell each pair on eBay for $2,500 when they were only $700 to buy. I made a huge profit, and I paid him back and he was really impressed. He said, ‘I’ll go into business with you anytime.’ Ever since then, I’ve been selling on eBay.”

With Kim’s Kloset, she’s gotten to know what it takes to be a successful seller.

“You have to build your feedback, so you earn the trust of the other sellers. It’s been an amazing experience. I sold my car on eBay, clothes … it all goes to a good cause.”

What tips would she share for eBay shopping?

“It’s a myth that people think that you have to bid — you don’t have to,” she says. “You could do a ‘buy it now’ if you want the item right now. Checking out the seller’s reputation is the most important so that way you know what you’re getting as far as whether they’re a good seller, if they’re reputable, if they really ship the items, if their items are quality. You have to do your homework and use common sense.”

Source: OK Magazine

Kim Kardashian gets a mani, carries Hermes

Kim Kardashian continues to climb on my “sweet goodness she has some amazing bags” list. I mean, honestly, this girl carries some absolutely, drop-dead gorgeous handbags. And when I say that she carries great bags, I don’t mean that she has one or two head-turners, she has like a ginormous closet full of handbags I’d love to get my hands on.

Here, Kim was snapped picking out the next polish color she’d be sporting. My guess is that she got both a mani and a pedi which I could really use right around now. I don’t get my nails done very often, but after each time I do, I ask myself why I don’t make it a more frequent treat. Well, while I am sure Kim takes care of her nails more than I do, Kim also carries a better bag than I would to the salon; a black Hermes Birkin. Once again, Kim captures a great way to look casually chic.

Bag Kim’s Birkin Style via Hermes.com!

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Monica Rose Blog: Kim In Miami

Kim in Miami wearing a Alexander Wang dress, YSL booties and her purse is by Genevieve Jones.

Check out some of Genevieve Jones other cool purses and accessories she designs. Below are some of my favs. You can find stores near you that carry Genevieve Jones on her website where you can purchase her collection. We got this purse Kim is carrying at Diavolina in LA.

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