Sunday, June 7, 2009

Kim K's Style: A.L.C. Drape Neck Asymmetric White Leather Jacket

A.L.C. Drape Neck Asymmetric White Leather Jacket

Lakers-Denver Nuggets Game in Los Angeles, May27, 2009

Kim K's Style: At LAX Airport, June 06, 2009

At LAX Airport, June 06, 2009

Balenciaga City Bag In Black

Christian Louboutin Piros Suede Boots
Piros - Black
Ruched suede taper toe mid-calf boot with covered platform. 120mm thin covered heel. 10" shaft. Signature red leather sole. Available in Black. Made in Italy.
Barneys style #: 500183561

Siwy Hannah Ankle Skinny Jeans in Tempest
Perfectly destroyed, it's like we've worn them for years from the very first time we put them on.

Denim ankle pant with 4-pocket styling and single-button closure. Quilting at back pockets and shredded holes at front. Worn spots and heavy distressing throughout. 10" opening at skinny leg.

7.5" rise. 28" inseam.
98% cotton/2% lycra.
Wash cold.
Made in the U.S.A.
FIT NOTE: These jeans fit true to size compared to standard designer sizing.
Original Price: $198.00

Top-of-the-Week Tip: Flattering Frames

Every week stars, mystyle staffers and users all offer up their favorite fashion, beauty and lifestyle tips.

Flattering sunglasses are crucial for staying stylish in the sun. Ilori Stylist Ambassador Jennifer Rade, who styles the likes of Kim Kardashian, Perrey Reeves, Paris Hilton and Tina Turner, shares her tips on picking out the best pair.

Use a camera phone and take pictures in a variety of sunglasses while you're shopping. That way you can get a more objective view of how they look on your face.

Keep reading for more of Jennifer's suggestions on finding the perfect shades. Then follow mystylequicktip on Twitter for daily tips. And be sure to post your own! You can comment below, or @reply and we'll retweet your fab advice.

The right pair of sunglasses will complement the face by creating symmetry and not drawing too much attention to any one area.

Consider skin tone, hair color and even personality when seeking out a new pair of shades—and don't be afraid to experiment with different shapes and materials.

Build a sunglasses “wardrobe.” People should own a variety of styles and colors to complement their outfits, moods and occasions. For women, sunglass wardrobe staples include a great pair of oversized plastics and a classic aviator.

What's the Perfect Wedding Dress for Each Body Type?

It's pretty easy to find a perfect wedding dress for everyone. In fact, the knowledge that I'm about to drop can also apply to bridesmaid dresses.

When all else fails, there's the A-line. An A-line dress (also known among the more condescending designers as the "princess") skims curves without hugging too tightly, highlights the good parts and, in essence, flatters almost anyone. Some guides warn that A-lines don't work for women who lack defined waistlines, but in practice, that's not always the case. Plenty of plus-sized gowns by JS Boutique and other designers feature an A-line silhouette.

In general, empire waistlines are also friendly to women who lack definition in the torso. Such women may be said to have a "rectangular" build. In honesty, most people look fine in an empire-waist gown, especially with a capped or elbow-length slashed sleeve. Heavier arms? No prob. They're covered in all the right places and look great.

Skinny women are required by StyleSpy law to wear a column dress. Why? Because everyone else on the planet wants to wear a column dress and really shouldn't. That's why. Even better: a tiered column dress. (This BCBGMaxAzria gown isn't exactly a column, but it sure does have intimidating tiers.)

How about a pear-shaped woman? Ball gown or two-piece wedding garments, while harder to find, work wonders. Any dress that goes out more than down as it heads toward the floor is your friend. In contrast, shouldery Jessica Biel types look fantastic in dresses with halter-style tops.

Whatever you do, take your time finding your dress. It should be as special as you are.

E! News Wardrobe for June 4, 2009

Top by Hype
Jeans by Citizens of Humanity
Black Patent flats by Lanvin
"State" Necklace by Maya Brenner (in the shape of G's home state Maryland)

Giuliana hosting launch party for Dove's

June 4, 2009
Giuliana is hosting the launch party for Dove's newest product Dove Visibly Smooth Deodorant at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel.

E! News Wardrobe for June 3, 2009

One shoulder dress by Black Halo (
Black Patent flats by Tory Burch (
Silver bracelets by Count Me Healthy (

E! News Wardrobe for June 2, 2009

Black romper by Black Halo (
Black patent flats by Tory Burch (
Necklace by Fiona Paxton (

Giuliana's Blog: My Treadmill Workout 6-2-09

I am so happy that many of you liked my diet/meal plan and I appreciate you asking for my workout plan. Here is PART 1 of my Workout Plan: My Treadmill Workout:

I prefer (and recommend) working out first thing in the morning. This is when you feel the lightest and burn the most fat. I get up one hour earlier than I used to and hit the gym. I prefer this so that I don't have the stress of having to go to the gym after work hanging over my head all day. I know, at first it's hard, but after a while, you get used to waking up early and it's much better than going to the gym at the end of the day when all you want to do is go out with your friends or go home and chill out.

I go to the gym 4 to 5 times a week and the first thing I do is hit the treadmill. I used to run for an hour straight but this caused pain in my knees and back. After a while, it didn't work for me anymore and I realized that i wasn't even burning fat anymore. Instead, i now do sprints and loooove them! Sprints are great for many reasons...they burn more fat and faster and they are more tolerable than running at the same exact speed for one hour straight. Yuck!

I start with a 5 minute warm up of a brisk walk at 4.5 on a 2 or 3 incline. Then i put the speed at 6.5 and the incline at 2 for 2 minutes. Then i bring the speed down to 4.5 and bring the incline up to 4 or 5 for 2 minutes. I repeat this until i hit 30-45 minutes...depending on how strong my body is feeling that morning (listen to your body.) These are the speeds and inclines I prefer. I started at 0 incline and 6 work your way up and start at speeds/inclines based on your ability, health and strength.

About once a week, on warm Saturday or Sundays, I ditch the treadmill and run outside for 50 minutes to one hour with my husband. We used to listen to Ipods but now we've ditched those when we jog together and chat instead. It's really nice and so great to spend time together while being outside in gorgeous weather and getting in shape.

Also, once a week, i like to mix things up and keep my body guessing by starting with the stairmaster for 10 minutes and then moving over to the treadmill for the above workout. Climbing up that stairmaster is a major way to jumpstart your hear and metabolism and get you burning fat before the treadmill. love it!!! If you don't have a stairmaster at your gym, do the elliptical or bike instead. Anything to mix it up for the first 10 minutes once or twice a week.

If you follow my treadmill workout AND eat a healthy, lean diet, you will for sure see results within 2-3 weeks. With sprints, the weight will shed soooo much faster than before and you will look better, feel better and be overall healthier in no time...promise:)

Good luck. Next Weights Workout Plan..xoxo

Giuliana's Blog: New Product I'm loving !!! 6-2-09

Hey girls! So I gotta say, I get a lot of new beauty products sent to me (companies wanting me to try out their products) and I for sure try most if not all of them. But for the most part, not much impresses me unless it's REALLY good. And you better believe I will NOT tell friends and viewers to try anything unless I looove it and really start using it myself. Well, about 5 weeks ago, Dove asked me to host a little gathering in Hollywood to launch a new product of theirs. I politely told them I had to try out the new product first and make sure I loved it before committing. They agreed, and sent me their newest product, a deodorant...with a twist.

Every day for the past month, I have been using a soft exfolitator on my underarms in the shower. Then I towel off and put on this new product by Dove called Dove Visibly Smooth Deodorant. I gotta say, I've been loving it because I've totally been shaving less! I just went to the Dove website at to see what was in it and there is an ingredient in the deodorant that helps minimize the look and feel of underarm hair over time. And I gotta say, after a few weeks, I've totally noticed the stubble is so much less and totally softer than before!!!

Dove is calling it a PitiCure. Think of it as a mani/pedi for your arm pits...a PitiCure!!! How funny! Dying!!! Love it!!!

Lemme know if u try it and how it works for you. I looove spreading the word on good beauty products so pleeeease keep me I can keep YOU all posted. Xoox. G

CONTINUE: June 5th Kim At Katsuya Restaurant with Brittny Gastineau

Here are some candids of Kim on Thursday night, photographed at Katsuya Restaurant with BFF, Brittny Gastineau. Kim looks gorgeous so these are definately worth checking out!

CONTINUE: Kim shopping at Harmony Lane

Kim Kardashian went on a shopping spree at Harmony Lane Boutique in Beverly Hills yesterday. Kim picked up a La Rok fringe t-shirt, PRVCY skinny jeans, two Fifteen-Twenty silk tops, a silk dress and scarves from Love Quotes, a Plenty dress and a Yoana Baraschi Beaded Tunic. Kim took full advantage of many lower priced accessories. She purchased metallic bead bracelets that sell for $28.00, VITA como wrap for $44.00, multi chain necklaces at $35.00 and four scarves that sell for $35.00 each. She loved her new GUSTTO Andrea bag so much, that she switched handbags before leaving the store!

Spotting Kim K: LAX Jet - Setter

Making her way out of Los Angeles to do a little promoting, Kim Kardashian spotted departing from LAX Airport on Saturday night (June 6).

The “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” cutie is getting ready for the debut of her latest work - as she stars in the new season of The N’s surf drama “Beyond the Break”.

Appearing in four episodes, which begin airing on Monday (June 8) (8 p.m. ET), Kim plays a girl named Elle, described as the “possessive girlfriend of artist Vin.”

“The most challenging part of playing the role of Elle was just trying to be the mean girl,” Kim told People magazine. “I’ve never really been that outspoken girl. It’s the confrontation that I’m not used to, so I think doing that was really kind of refreshing in a weird sick way.”

Pick of the Week: Christian Louboutin Gino T-Bar Sandal

Here is a little history on this shoes: Back in France, this style of shoe is called salome, I guess in tribute to Salome the daughter of Herodias.

Pick of the Week: Alexander McQueen Patent Platform Pumps

Are these to-die-for hot pink Alexander McQueen pumps!! They are simple, but truly stunning and very sexy! Can I say how much I’m loving the neon pink/fuchsia trend??
These shoes are a no brainer to pair. $860 Net-a-Porter

Designer Handbag: Pick of the Week: Yves Saint Laurent Crocodile Uptown Bag

Absolutely stunning, featuring the most coveted exotic skin, the hottest color, and a slim and trim shape, the Yves Saint Laurent Crocodile Uptown Bag has it all. Designed with stunning gray parent crocodile, this handbag is spiced up with gold tone hardware and its fabulous turnlock closure on the front tab. The double top handles are just what the season calls for, implements sleek and long lines. The interior divides, showing a side zip pocket and a cell phone pocket. Dimensions are perfect10″H x 14 1/2″W x 6″D yet the price may put you in shock. If you are one of the lucky ones, this handbag is absolutely a must-have if you have the right amount of money. at Saks for $26, Pick of the Week, YSL,

Designer Handbag: Pick of the Week: Bamford Ombre Crocodile Tote

Exotic handbags have always been a very important trend. Attempting to find an exotic handbag that fits the mold for you is always a challenge, typically the price getting in the way first. This handbag caught my eye for one specific reason; it resembles a very well known designer. The Bamford Ombre Crocodile Tote is made with an exquisite green/gray shade of ombre crocodile. There are top handles, a hanging key tag, and a drawstring top. While this bag does not look like an exact replica of a Hermes Birkin, upon first look it does feel reminiscent of one. The price is still exorbitant, but it is about half the price of a Hermes Birkin. Neiman Marcus for $16,500.