Thursday, June 4, 2009

Kim K's Blog: Kim in PARIS June 2008 ;)

Guess what I found searching around on Kim's Blog, around this time last year Kim was in London. Check this out for fun.....

Keeping Up with the Kardashians: Kim's Guide to Venice June 19, 2008

Venice is absolutely beautiful!! We drove there from Florence -- about a two hour drive.

The water level rises about a centimeter every year in the famous canal-filled Italian city. So when it is high tide, you have to be careful of the steps because they are all covered in water!

We spent the day walking around then had an amazing dinner on the water.

Oh, this is funny: Look at the picture with all of us standing with the beautiful background. You will notice that I am wearing socks with hideous sandals! That's because my luggage got lost and I had nothing to wear!

My family and Reggie were making fun of me all day! Ha ha!

Here are five awesome things to do if you ever find yourself in Venice:

1. Visit the Basilica di San Marco (a post on my visit to the square there is coming soon!)
2. Take a gondola ride, of course! I recommend the Grand Canal -- that's like the city's main street.
3. Get a room with a kitchen and cook a fresh catch from the fish market.
4. Take a lift up to the top of the basilica's tall campanile.
5. The best window shopping is on the wide street, Calle Larga XXII Marzo.

Five things to do in Florence June 17th 2008

Florence is amazing! We have the biggest tourists and spent all day at the museums... I even snuck in my camera when we weren't allowed!

The first thing we saw was Michelangelo's statue of David at the Accademia Gallery. It was so much bigger than I thought! I didn't know it was David from 'David and Goliath' until I saw that he was holding a sling.

After that we went to the Uffizi Gallery, filled with amazing paintings. My favorite was Botticelli's famous painting, "The Birth of Venus." It was so beautiful.

After touring the museums, we walked around and heard music coming out of the door of a building. When we walked inside, we found ourselves in the most beautiful church I have ever seen! It was dark except for the light that came in through the stained glass windows and dozens of candles burning all around inside the structure. It was really breathtaking! My mom is so dramatic -- she actually cried!

After we left the church we went for a carousel ride (so much fun) and just explored the local marketplace. There were so many people everywhere, it was great!

If you ever find yourself in Florence, here are my suggestions for the top five things you must do while you are there:

1. Visit the Uffizi and Accademia galleries (and fit in the Museum of San Marco, if you have more time)
2. Go to the opera!
3. Go chocolate and wine tasting in the nearby Tuscan countryside.
4. Take a bike tour of the city and stop off at the cathedrals, especially the famous Duomo church.
5. Take an Italian homemade pasta cooking class (yum!)

Keeping Up with the Kardashian: Monuments and momentous times in Monte Carlo June 11, 2008

During our first dinner in Monte Carlo, I discovered some new and interesting information about myself!

Being with my grandmother, we all were talking about my grandmother's love life. Come to find out that my mom's real father passed away in a car crash before we were born.

So Kourtney and I found out that my grandfather that we always called "papa" was really our step grandpa. He was married to my Grandma MJ for more than 30 years before he recently passed away.

He was German and Irish, so I always thought that I was half Armenian and quarter German and a quarter Irish!

But as we were digging down into our history we realized that on my mom's side, she is Scottish and Dutch... So it turns out I am half Armenian (a quarter Turkish and a quarter Russian) and a quarter Scottish and a quarter Dutch!

Have you ever discovered important information about yourself that you could have never predicted? Let me know in the comments area!

If you want to know more about my thoughts on being half Armenian click here!

Partying with the Prime Minister (and Lost cast) June 11, 2008

Me, Kourtney, Mom and Grandma MJ went to a cocktail party at the Prime Minister's house in Monaco!

The view was to die for! Look my pictures to see who we ran into...

Naveen Andrews and Jorge Garcia from ABC's Lost were there (1st picture in the set) with a bunch of other dignified officials and generally fabulous people.

After cocktails we had dinner -- yum!

So you know, we are here in Monaco for their annual film festival. But, as you can see, we are meeting a lot of amazing people along the way!

I am wearing a Love Sex Money dress with Jimmy Choo shoes and bag. Kourtney is wearing a Diab'less dress with hot pink Report heels.. She is looking like the dark SJP (Sarah Jessica Parker), if I do say so myself!

Kim Pix: Tabloid Legend June 10 2008

My mom, Kourtney and Grandma MJ are all traveling with me. We first landed in London then took another flight to Nice. We got in at 10 p.m. and were starving so we went to go eat at the Cafe de Paris!

Stay tuned for more pictures from our stay in Monaco. I am so psyched because it's absolutely gorgeous here!

Like my t-shirt? ;)

Khloe K Blog: Spring Bling Fashion Show

The other night I attended Simon G. Jewelry's Spring Bling Fashion Show which benefited the Lili Claire Foundation at The Pools at The Palazzo.

Designer David Alexander showcased his designs for the show, and guess who walked as the finale?!?!? That's right..YOURS TRULY!!! LOL. I got to wear the most beautiful sequined gown -- it was amaaaaaazing!!!!

Not only was it so much fun, but it was for such a good cause as well. The Lili Claire Foundation is devoted to helping families with children that live with Williams's syndrome, autism, and Down syndrome. I felt privileged to have had the opportunity to take part in such an incredible and worthy cause.

Kim K's Blog: Who Knew Mannequins Could Be So Fun?

Britt and I went to this beautiful house in Los Angeles to check out the Old Navy pool party! How funny are the mannequins?! We played croquet with them, hoola-hooped and even had a water gun fight!

Kim K's Blog: Turchin Jewelry: Peace, Love, Compassion

I am so loving Turchin jewelry right now. You will definitely see me in these bracelets and necklaces all summer! The designs are very boho chic and I love the message behind their jewelry. Each piece is made by hand by their designers who aim to promote global awareness, peace, love, and compassion through the jewelry designs and their lifestyles!

Every so often the designers invite local Buddhist Monks into their store to perform blessing ceremonies encouraging peace, compassion, love, and light! So unique! I love it!