Friday, August 7, 2009

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When u guys r frustrated, think 2 yourself...will this matter in 1 year? will this matter in 10 years?
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Hey guys, just got home from a long day! Going to bed soon. Tweet Dreams!
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i love Court TV! i watch Forensic Files all the time but after a while i get sooo scared! LOL
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Jonas Brother's concert tonight sounds fun! Everyone going have so much fun! Can't wait 2 c them host Teen Choice!
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What's everyone doing tonight? I think I'm gonna stay in! Catch up on Tivo! I'm a nerd, I know!
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There are so many fakes but the real Kimora Lee is @BabyPhat Everyone follow my fabulous friend Kimora!!!!
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Have u seen Kimora's precious baby boy? RT @Babyphat - Kimora & OK mag. First baby pictures of Kenzo Lee Hounsou
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Kardashian Family Grows A Garden

Channeling their inner green-thumb skills, the Kardashian family was spotted showing off their new garden yesterday afternoon (August 6).

Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe were joined by Kylie, Kendall, and mother Kris Jenner outside their family home in Los Angeles where they planted a vegetable garden.

And it sounds like gardening is just what the doctor ordered for Kim, who has been coping with her recent split from longtime boyfriend Reggie Bush.

The “Disaster Movie” actress also has an exciting gig coming up with “America’s Next Top Model” in October, where she’ll serve as a guest judge.

Kim Kardashian Hits Up Christian Siriano Makeup Launch

Stepping out for an afternoon outing, Kim Kardashian was spotted arriving at The Grove shopping center in Los Angeles, California on Wednesday (August 5).

Showing off a small smile as she passed by paparazzi, the E! reality star was there to attend the unveiling of Christian Siriano’s first makeup collection at Victoria’s Secret Beauty.

As previously reported by Gossip Center, Kim’s sister Kourtney recently chatted with Ryan Seacrest about her sister’s state after breaking up with longtime beau, Reggie Bush.

“Kimmie’s good. She’s fine,” Kourtney said. “I feel like she just needs...alone time and to focus on herself.”

Asked if the two will get back together, Kourtney replied, “I hope so. I haven’t talked to him, but my mom just said she’s going to training camp and dragging him back! We all love Reggie. How cute would the babies be?”

Kim Kardashian: Focusing on Herself

In the weeks after her monumental breakup with Reggie Bush, Kim Kardashian plans on focusing on herself to start a new direction in life.

According to her sister Kourtney, the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” hottie has been looking at spreading her wings into a more independent lifestyle.

Kourtney told Ryan Seacrest, “We actually went looking for houses yesterday. She found some to-die-for houses!” adding, “She just needs alone time and to focus on herself.”

Despite her optimistic outlook, there are still times that Kim feels the sting of loneliness. “You go see this amazing house that’s, like, a family house, and she’s like, ‘Wait, where does Reggie fit into all of this?’ That’s what, I think, she’s struggling with.”

Laurn Conrad and Kim Kardashian: Top Model Judges

It looks like Lauren Conrad and Kim Kardashian’s schedules just got a little fuller - they’ve been invited to appear as guest judges on the new season of “America’s Next Top Model.”

Being that both ladies have an extensive background in fashion, as well as reality television, they are no doubt the perfect choice.

Also on the books for LC - she’ll be debuting her new clothing line for Kohl’s this fall. She’s scheduled to appear on the September 16th episode of “Top Model.”

As for Kim, who has her own designer boutique, she’ll join up with Tyra Banks & Co. for the October 21st installment of the show.

Kim Kardashian: Enjoying the Single Life

Kicking off her week with a swanky dinner out, Kim Kardashian was spotted at the celebrity-popular Mr. Chow restaurant in Beverly Hills last night (August 3).

The “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” hottie looked super sexy in a black ensemble as she made her exit from the eatery, carrying then heading off to party with a few of the Pussycat Dolls at Madame Royale.

Earlier in the day, Kim hooked up with her gal pal Brittny Gastineau for some pampering at their usual haunt Beverly Hills Nail Design.

As for her recent breakup with Reggie Bush, it appears Kim is taking it in stride. She wrote to her fans, “Hey guys, I just wanted to let you all know that I truly appreciate all the love and support I’ve been receiving over the last 48 hours. I just want you all to know I’m doing okay, and I really appreciate your support. I’ve been reading all your comments and I really have the best fans ever! I love you guys!”

Kim Kardashian: Salon Therapy

Slowly but surely getting into the swing of single life, Kim Kardashian was spotted paying a visit to Beverly Hills Nail Design in Beverly Hills, California on Monday (August 3).

The E! reality star was joined by gal pal Brittny Gastineau, as the two cuties enjoyed an afternoon of personal pampering before continuing about with their day.

Following her much talked about split with longtime beau Reggie Bush, Kim let her fans know that she’s handling the breakup well.

She wrote to fans, “Hey guys, I just wanted to let you all know that I truly appreciate all the love and support I’ve been receiving over the last 48 hours.”

“I just want you all to know I’m doing okay, and I really appreciate your support. I’ve been reading all your comments and I really have the best fans ever! I love you guys!”

Kim Kardashian's Mani-Pedi Therapy

In an attempt to escape the breakup blues, Kim Kardashian was spotted getting a manicure and pedicure at a Beverly Hills salon yesterday (July 30).

The “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” sweetie looked a little less than enthused as she underwent her pampering session, sparking rumors that she’s not doing as well as her friends and family claim.

As for the cause of the breakup, an inside source told press that both Kim and Reggie were always inclined to put their careers ahead of the relationship.

“Reggie really wanted her in New Orleans when he was there playing but Kim is traveling more than ever. She has so much going on, it just wasn’t physically possible for her to be there the entire season. With their schedules, it wasn’t realistic anymore.”

Kim K's Blog: Ken's Beso Birthday

Beso was the place to be for Ken Paves birthday party! I adore Ken and it was so much fun catching up with all of his muses, LOL! The best thing about Beso is the churros! They are amazing... my favorite dessert! Happy birthday Kenny!

Kim K's Blog: Showing Support for Siriano

I went to go support Christian Siriano at The Grove for his new make up launch at Victoria Secret! I couldn't be more proud of him! I had no idea he used to be a make up artist! His make up is amazing! You guys have to check it out!

Kim K's Blog: Bruce Throws First Pitch at Dodgers Game

It's all about Bruce today haha! Bruce threw the ceremonial first pitch at the Dodgers game last night against Milwaukee Brewers!! We are all Dodgers supporters and me, mom, Kourt and Khloe threw the first pitch back in May!