Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Kourtney K's Blog: Behind The Scenes at Our E! Promo Shoot

A few weeks ago I posted some pics from our E! promo shoot…our amazing hair guy Rob sent me over some of his behind the scenes pics I thought you would like to see!

Kim K's Blog: Kim's Closet Opens Its Doors Tonight!

Kourtney, Khloe, Bruce, mom, Reggie and I have all cleaned out our closets for my auction, Kim's Closet! We're rooted through all our clothes and put together a collection of shoes, dresses, outfits, jewelry, handbags... anything and everything! Part of the proceeds will benefit the Dream Foundation, which helps adults with a terminal illness live out one more special moment. I volunteer for them and they have made such a difference in so many people's life... they truly inspire me.

The auction starts tonight at 7 p.m. PCT and runs until July 14. Make sure you head over to my Ebay site tonight! You're bound to find something you love!

Answers to your questions, Part I

Hey guys, sorry for the delay with answering your questions. Here is part one (the first 20 questions and answers).

1. i love your videos / pictures and i think your amazing !!! i was wondering if you can give me some tips on how to correct purple/blue under eye circles and concealors/ correctors you would recommend? i love how you make everyone look refreshed and natural under the eye and it’s always been problamatic area for me so please if you can help me out it would make my day! thanks for your time : )

Thank you! I suggest using a concealer with a yellow base to it. Yellow works best to correct purple/blue under the eyes. Lorac cosmetics makes really good yellow based concealers. Try a shade lighter then your skin tone.

2. What are your make up must haves? what are your favorite make up brands? what moisturizers do you use?

My must haves – Beauty blender sponge, MAC velour powder puff, L’oreal Voluminous mascara, Giorgio Armani luminous silk foundation, Smashbox bronzer in Suntan Matte, etc etc etc. I have way to many favorite brands to list. I use so many brands. I pick and choose my favorite products from each line. I use Kiehls moisturizer, Giella ginseng + vit c moisturizer, cetaphil.

3. Hi Mario, Just started reading your blog. I love how you do Kim K’s face. I noticed that you make her cheeks so defined and they end up looking amazing. I have a face that is similar to that complexion. When going for an “everyday look” what blush and bronzer do you recommend? In other words what is your favourite Blush and Bronzer?

I can’t wait to see more “GET THE FACE” posts. You are amazing!! Truly an artist!

Thank you. A great everyday blush and bronzer – Orgasm by Nars. You can’t go wrong with that. For bronzer, I love the Smashbox matte bronzer or the Nars Laguna or the Dior amber matte.

4. Hi Mario, you’re makeup talent is unbelievable! you are by far better than the rest…i have a couple ?’s:

1) how do you apply blush so perfectly and make it look so good?? Where and how is blush supposed to be used? it is my favorite makeup staple but i feel as if everytime I apply it, it doesn’t look as defined and flawless.

Apply blush to the apples of the cheeks only. Start out with very little on the brush, smile, and sweep over the apples of the cheeks.

2) What is the easiest way to apply liquid eyeliner?

Tilt your head up a bit in the mirror and pull your eye out on the outer corner with one hand, then apply the liner with the other hand.

3) I looooove love Smashbox bronzer, but am getting sick of it, do you happen to know of any other great bronzers??

You can try the Christian Doir Amber Matte bronzer.

5. I love you work!!!!!

What blush or bronzer did u use on this model (picture on top) I love it!
also whats your favorite bronzer?

I used the NARS bronzer in Laguna on Sky Nellor in that picture and Desire by NARS for blush.

6. Hi Mario! I bought the Stila brush you recommended and I love it!!!!! However, I am having a hard time finding the LORAC flatter edge brush you used for your video with Kim K. Do you know where to find it or a good substitute for it? Thank you for sharing. You are the best!!! I love your works….

Try the Sephora brand retractable all over shadow brush.

7. Hey mario!!! what foundations do you use most of the time? what is your favorite foundation? what is your favortie make up line?

I use many different foundations for different skin types/jobs, etc. Giorgio Armani, Make Up For Ever, Stila, Dior, Laura Mercier.

8. will you make anymore videos?

Yes, I will. I have one coming out that I just did with Khloe Kardashian. It takes time to shoot them and edit, etc but I will do more.

9. Hi Mario,
i think you are great at what you do and love alll your work so far!!
i have a big problem lol i have really small eyelashes what do you think is the best mascara? also how did you get in the business? i love the way you make Kim look so TAN how do you achieve that? ok love thanks muchas Gracias!

For small eyelashes, I recommend curling them first so that they appear longer and applying a couple of coats of the L’oreal Voluminous mascara in Carbon Black. To achieve a tan look, frame the face with a bronzer. Be sure to apply some to the neck too.

10. hey mario what loose and presses powders do you use?

I love the Laura Mercier loose powders right now and the MAC studio fix pressed powders.

11. Hi Mario,

What are good combinations of eyeshadow colors, something you can wear causally? Something besides the browns?

It depends on your coloring. I like greens mixed with gold, applied with a soft hand for everyday.

12. Ok Mario, here we go, what is the trick to putting on false lashes, its so difficult but it makes a big difference in the complete look? And also please send me a link to a tutorial on the “smokey eye” look. Thank you soo much. Oh yah and are you gonna be in the Vegas area around June 24- 29? i and my sisters would love a personal tutorial make over. Thank you for your time.

Apply the glue to the lashes and let it dry almost completely so that it is “tacky,” then apply to the lash line. If the glue is too wet, it will not stick.

13. Hi Mario!! i was wondering if you had any tips/tricks for working with oily skin. Are there certain products that work better then others like primers or eyeshadows? I am sure you come across many skin types so any advice or tips you have would be awesome!! Thanks so much! I love all the looks that you do and I am super excited you have a blog!!

When I’m working with oily skin, I use an oil free moisturizer or a primer first. There is a product called Make Under. It’s a great product and works nicely with oily skin. They also make a good eye shadow primer.

14. Hi Mario, big fan of all your work - your video with K Kardashian was really helpful!
The one thing I can’t seem to master is the “dewy” look. I’ve tried using highlighters and primers but i still just look matte! I have normal/dry skin, HELP!

When you do your makeup, don’t apply an powder especially to the T-zone. Use a very emollient moisturizer, not a primer. Try Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturizer all over the skin. To highlight cheekbones, use a liquid highlighter like the benefit High Beam.

15. Hi Mario! I would like to know how to match make-up and outfit…I love bright and colorful eyeshadows, but if I match it with what I’m dressing I’m afraid I’m overdoing…what do you think? when can someone wear purple, green or blue eyeshadows?

I’m not a big fan of matching makeup with clothing. It can be a bit tacky I think. You can try wearing colorful or bright shadows when you’re wearing nude, white or all black clothes.

16. i LOVE your work, i think you’re truly an artist. I’m sure you have experience with South Asian clients in the past - from that, do you have any products you think specifically work better on that kind of a skin tone?

What’s your opinion on MAC vs Makeup Forever? Do you like one over the other, or feel like it’s pretty even on quality of things like foundations and eyeshadows?

Products that are yellow based would better for your skin tone. Lorac cosmetics makes great foundations that are yellow based. I like both MAC and MUFE and use both.

17. What self tanning should I use with light skin.

Neutrogena makes some great self tanners. They come in different shades. Choose the least dark one. If still too dark, mix it with a moisturizer and apply.

18. I always have trouble applying blush without it loose powder falling onto the rest of my face, and it’s never even. What is the proper way to apply blush, and any tricks??

For a more even finish with blush, make sure that your skin is powdered first to prevent a blotchy look.

19. Hey Mario, I have dark hair and eyes, and a medium complexion, can you suggest a day eye color, that isn’t dull?..Thanks!

Try Lorac eyeshadow in Serenity. It’s a great everyday color (tan/peachy/gold tone) for they eyelid.

20. Mario,
I am African American and LOVE the way you do makeup. I have two questions, I have really dark circles under my eyes and every concealer i try make me look ashy or greenish once it sets…any suggestions of a brand is should try? I have pretty much tried them all. Secondly, could you possibly do some get-the-looks on some darker skin tones so I can have a little something to go by! Thanks Love your work.

If makeup is looking ashy on you, you need to go with something that has more red in it. You should most likely try a pallete so that you could mix colors. Derma Color and/or Beauty Tech have great palettes with different shades including, reds, pinks, etc. Choose a color that matches your skin and mix a bit of the red-ish shade in it to cancel out the ash.

(Answers to your questions, Part 12009-06-30)

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Monica Rose Blog: All in a days work!

People always ask how I get all my wardrobe for my clients. Here is a perfect example of a day in the office. This includes lots of emailing, research, calling showrooms, contacting designers, attending appointments at showrooms and lugging around garment bags for late night fittings.

It's always a busy day and there is never any downtime! If you want to be a Stylist you have to dedicate 110% of your time and energy into your work. It can be exhausting at times but worth it in the end!

Nicole Richie's Blog: In Nicole's closet: American Apparel

Nicole Richie on the set of the fifth season of the reality TV show "The Simple life", on March 2007.
Our girl was wearing a pair of Interlock running shorts in Kelly green/white, a DCMA Collective green hoodie and Nike sneakers.
You can purchase Nicole's shorts in a variety of color combinations from American Apparel for $22.

Nicole Richie's Blog: Back on Twitter

Nicole is back on Twitter.
She tweeted:
"Spent time with my family & took time to tell them I love them & truly enjoy the life I am so blessed to have."
"Being completely off the internet for a few days was so peaceful & nice...."

Khloe K Blog: Turning 25 In Vegas Bitches!!

This past Friday the whole Kardashian krew hit Vegas for my 25th birthday party!!! Kourt, Kim, Reggie, Malika, Khadijah, Bobby, Rob, my mom, Jonathan, Simon, Monica, Clyde, Chanti, LaLa and Brittny came out for my special night...to name a few, LOL.

We literally had the best time ever!!! Kim who never drinks had two shots of Patron to celebrate and she was SO funny!!! I loved it!

A fan made me my own birthday pimp chalice and I literally drank out of that only and you can see it in some pics! One of the best gifts I've ever gotten :)

First we all had dinner at Spago and it was so yummy. Next we headed over to Pure Nightclub where I hosted my birthday bash! At midnight they brought me the prettiest cake. It was seriously a princess cake!!!!!!!

Honestly we were having dance offs all night. It was so funny! We were all just in such a silly mood!

Thanks again for all of the birthday wishes everyone!!!!!!

Kim K's Blog: My Reunion with John Russo for Jezebel

I had a reunion with John Russo! We did our first shoot together years ago and I'm so happy to be working with him again! Mario did my make up and Frankie did my hair and Moses styled it! It was for Jezebel Magazine and was so stylish! I can't wait to see how the pics turn out!

D.S Pick of the Day: Sergio Rossi Platform Sandal

Sergio Rossi platform sandal might appear to be just another boring black sandal, but after a closer look, you realize just how sexy this shoe is! Plus, I’m one of those girls that can never have too many black shoes!

This sandal is extremely simple, but oh so hot! I love how it’s a classic shape, but it also combines some trends like the platform and the cone heel. The shape of the shoe and the delicate ankle strap are more classic, which is good because you’ll be able to wear it for a long time without worrying that it’s out of style. This sandal is extremely versatile, and a good purchase because you’ll be able to wear it with everything from more casual outfits like jeans to a nice dress.

Sergio Rossi Platform Sandal $754 Zappos 6.14.09