Thursday, October 29, 2009

Spotted Kim K: October 29: Kim Kardashian Loads Up on Lingerie

Teaming up for a retail outing, Kim Kardashian and her mom, Kris Jenner, were spotted out shopping in Los Angeles on Thursday (October 29).

The E! reality beauties ended up visiting the Trashy Lingerie boutique, loading up on a few bagfuls of goodies before continuing about with the day.

Meanwhile, Kim had a chat with Ryan Seacrest’s KIIS-FM radio show this morning, putting down recent rumors of a secret wedding with boyfriend Reggie Bush at the end of the NFL season.

Asked if the nuptial talk was true, Kim replied, “Gosh, I hope so. I don’t know, I haven’t heard that one. No, I’m definitely not planning my wedding.”

As for possible jealousy over sister Khloe’s recent marriage to Lamar Odom, Kim tells, “You know, I was with Reggie for years and Khloé met Lamar like a week before she was getting married. So I was like ‘What is going on?!’ There definitely was a feeling of—not jealousy or anything like that—but a feeling like, ‘Ohmygosh I thought it was going to be me.’ And that’s just a real, natural feeling.”

The 29-year-old adds, “I’m really glad it turned out the way it did and that Reggie and I have gone through what we’ve gone through. I swear it’s so much better and has made us so much stronger as a couple.”


Spotted Kim K: October 28: Kardashians Celebrate Bruce Jenner’s Birthday

They’re just one of those families that always sticks together, and last night (October 28) the Kardashians helped stepdad Bruce Jenner celebrate his 60th birthday.

Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe all showed up at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse in Woodland Hills for the festive event, as did stepsisters Kendall and Kylie and Kourtney’s fiancé/babydaddy Scott Disick.

And thanks to his recent cosmetic surgery, birthday boy Bruce was looking years younger than his actual age.

With Khloe’s recent nuptials, Kourtney’s upcoming due date, and Bruce’s birthday, this family has a lot to be excited about!


Spotted Kim K: Kim Kardashian’s Birthday Pay Day

Enjoying the perks of her celebrity status, Kim Kardashian is getting quite the birthday treat - as she’ll reportedly be paid $50,000 to attend a fete in her honor.

Turning 29-years-old on October 21st, the E! reality beauty will be ringing in another year at Tao nightclub in Las Vegas.

“Kim is worth the huge fee because she’s so hot,” a source told press. “The pictures of her party will go everywhere.”

Among the guests on hand will be Kim’s two sisters, Kourtney and Khloe, although boyfriend Reggie Bush will reportedly miss out on the action while he tends to football duties.


Spotted Kim K: October 15: Sexy at Sephora

She’s always up for a high-profile event, and yesterday (October 15) Kim Kardashian was spotted hosting the launch of Fusion Beauty’s Infatuation Lip Gloss at Sephora.

The “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” babe looked lovely as she posed for pics at the Hollywood & Highland Center, sporting a grey blazer with a white top, black skirt, and black heels.

And though she’s very excited about her sister Kourtney’s soon-to-be-born, that doesn’t mean Kim has baby fever.

She explained, “People ask if you want children and I say yes, and then it’s like: ‘Kim’s desperate for a baby!’ My sister is having a baby and it’s such a fun, exciting time. I would definitely hope to have kids one day soon… not too soon, but one day.”

When the Dash Doll met the Diva…


Kim K's Blog: Keeping Up with Tyra Banks

Omg!! Tyra Banks dressed up as me for her Halloween episode, which airs tomorrow! I love you Tyra!!

Make sure you tune in tomorrow, October 30th at 4 p.m. on The CW!

Kim K's Blog: Are you Ready for Halloween?

Halloween is one of my family's favorite holidays! We love to get dressed up together and have always gone all out! I thought I'd put together a big gallery of all my Halloween pics from the last few years, and some from when we were kids!

Last year I was debating between dressing up as Wonder Woman, Princess Jasmine or Cleopatra... and in the end I went with Wonder Woman. This year I have decided to go as Princess Jasmine!! She's one of my all time favorite Disney characters!

What are you guys being for Halloween this year?

Oh, and don't forget... there is still time to enter our Costuming Up with the Kardashians contest! You can win a bunch of cool prizes and the grand prize winner will receive a phone call from Khloe, Kourtney and me! Enter here!

There are over 40 pics in the gallery so make sure you look through!


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Kim K's Memory Lane: March 14, 2008: Kim Kardashian Hosts A Celebration At Room Service

Kim Kardashian hosts a celebration at Room Service on March 14, 2008 in New York City.

CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT: shu uemura Foundation Brush Natural Goat 18

my testimony: The brush is amazing; it’s very soft since it is made out of goat hair. Because of the shape and size of the brush it contours and it’s into areas that most other foundation brush wouldn’t. You can also use it to blend under the eye after you apply concealers. The brush is a perfect size for foundation, contouring and blending. Best investment, since they last forever…

Exclusively designed to apply foundation evenly with high coverage effect. Ultrafine uncut goat hair tips create a smooth application with a professional finish.

You can purchase this at Nordstrom or Shu Uemura for $39.00

CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT: shu uemura 'Depsea Water' Facial Mist

I love this product! I always use it after I put on my make up; it sets my make up without giving me the cakey look. More natural …

A facial mist utilizing Depsea water, the purest, most stable water on earth, rich in minerals to help enhance skin's moisture balance. Deep-sea water is taken from the depth of the ocean, where sunlight does not reach, at 200 meters. Completely free of artificial color, natural aromatic extracts are then added to become lightly scented mists that rejuvenate and hydrate the skin, hair and body. Eight herbal aromas provide a refreshing feel to energize the skin. New pump update achieves a finer mist. For use anytime.

How to use: Spray liberally on skin prior to moisturizer application, or whenever skin needs immediate thirst-quenching relief, to help facilitate moisture absorption. Suitable for all skin types.

You can buy at Nordstrom or Shu Uemura 5 oz.$24.00

CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT: philosophy 'purity made simple' one-step facial cleanser

philosophy's 'purity made simple' was created because it was philosophy's feeling that most cleansers were not getting the skin clean enough. Furthermore, they believe that you do not need a makeup remover and a toner to complete the cleansing process. Most cleansers are formulated to foam, push around, and hopefully rinse away dirt and makeup. 'purity made simple' was formulated to actually emulsify and dissolve dirt, embedded debris and makeup rather than creating a lot of foam without a lot of clean.

You need this product if: You've tried a lot of cleansers but never found one you loved. You crave deeply cleansed skin. You want a cleanser that will multi-task for you (eye makeup remover, cleanser, toner). You wear a lot of makeup. Your skin is congested.

You can purchase it at Nordstrom or Philosophy 8 oz $20.00 or 16 oz $32.00.

Troy Jesen's Blog: A Bright Alternative featuring Aarin Schlosberg

Who doesn’t love a smokey eye? It’s a look that works on just about everyone, but what if you want to detour from the usual browns and neutral colors and add a pop of color to your fall makeup regime… Switch up your chocolate browns with deep greens, plums, and blues. Black liner and lots of black mascara will really give any pop of color a dramatic edge. People often ask me “I love my these shades of eye shadow but what lip should I pair it with?” So instead of explaining, I decided to demonstrate on my friend Aarin. She was convinced that green wouldn’t work for her but was thrilled about how amazing this vibrant green looked on her eyes. I wanted to show a variation of how you can change your vibe just by changing up your lip color. I decided to play with 3 completely different lip shades; a very pale pink, a vibrant raspberry red, and a deep black orchid. You can see how changing only the lip gave Aarin’s face 3 completely different looks. I will use more colors in the weeks to come, but for now, introduce yourself to a beautiful deep green. What lip is your favorite??

Get the Look:


1. First, prepare the skin with a light moisturizer.
2. Blend a touch of concealer under eyes and in any areas you need more coverage.
TIP: Use the tip of your ring finger to blend under the eye, its your weakest finger and is the most gentle.
3. Apply liquid foundation w/ a foundation brush. Blend well onto the face and neck.
4. Set with a dusting of loose powder.
5. Dust a soft powder cheek color to the high apples of the cheek.


1. Groom and define brows with powder shadow and set with a brow gel.
2. Apply bright green eye shadow starting at the upper lids blending up to the crease and around the outer edges. Blend under the lower lashes as well.
3. Line the entire eye with black eye pencil.
4. Curl lashes with an eyelash curler and coat with black mascara.


1. Apply liner and gloss.
Tips for lips- for these lip options, I opted to not use lipstick and stick with lip glosses and pencils only. Whenever you are using bright colors, a neutral pale mouth is always a safe bet, but for the brave at heart, try bright bold color on your lips with your bright eye.

Also, try these lip colors to see what works for you: peach, red, deep wine, hot pink, orange, and pale pink.

Looking forward to hearing what you paired with your green eye!


Kim Kardashian in Gucci and Report Signature

Jacket Is Gucci purchased at the Gucci store on Rodeo
And boots are report signature called the fairfax purchased at Diavolina Boutique 310-550-1341.

Thank you to Monica Rose we always know what Kim is wearing ...

Kim K's Style: At Katsuya Restaurant in Hollywood, October 27, 2009

Signature Fairfax Boots in Black

Givenchy Large Elschia Bag in Black


Long-sleeve leopard-print dresses

TREND: Long-sleeve leopard-print dresses

WHO'S WEARING IT: Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, Michelle Trachtenberg

HOW TO WEAR IT: Last summer, we spotted colored leopard print in the form of minis, tops and even gowns. This season, it's all about the long-sleeve dress. Winterize the popular piece with black tights and accessories.

by Danielle Datu


Ask Style: How Can I Make a Braid Look Glam?

—Laura, via the Ask Style inbox

Put it in a high ponytail, says Frédéric Fekkai stylist Renato Campora. Everyone from Diane Kruger to Jennifer Lopez has hit up the red carpet in that unconventional glam hairstyle. Just this past weekend, Style's very own Kimora Lee Simmons got in on the trend at Teen Vogue's Fashion University event.

"A high ponytail braid is great for a party or an evening out," he says. "It is glamorous and easy to achieve at home. When the ponytail for the braid is high and tight, it helps to open up the face and give lift to the eyes while showing off the neck."

You can even adapt this look for daytime. "A lower, loser braid is easy to wear and a great way to keep your hair back, but still styled," Campora says.

You're going to need some serious hold to achieve your braid—and make sure it lasts through your office meetings or club-hopping. Campora suggests starting out with a mousse, such as Fekkai's Strong Hold Volume Mousse. Follow with a Fekkai gel after blow-drying, and then tease the hair to create serious volume. Only then do you create a ponytail and braid away, using a very light finishing crème to control flyaways as necessary.

And that's it—a classic braid, with a twist.


Monica Rose Blog: The Coco Denim Leggings

Denim leggings are one of the hottest trends in denim right now. 7 for all man kind has jumped on this trend with the Coco leggings. They look like a jean, but they're made from a soft, gummy denim so they're super comfortable like a legging. I love using them on my clients. Kim, Khloe and Catt all have a pair and they love to wear them. They're not available until Spring 2010 so until then we'll all just have to add them to our wish list.

The cool part about these leggings is that my assistant Madison's husband, Cory Guest designed them. She was wearing the sample for so long and I was jealous because I wanted a pair for the girls and I had to wait!