Friday, August 21, 2009

Kim K's Blog: Loving My Fan!

I received this email from a fan I met at Primal and I thought it was so sweet! She was one of the girls in the pics I posted from the event.

Kim came to Primal Atlanta on August 14 and I was so excited! I love everything about her, her style, how she does her make up, the way she carries herself, how close she and her family are...etc. So I took my fiancee and we went to see her! I was so excited! Kim came in, and at the most, I just expected her to smile and wave, and I was hoping to get some close shots of her. She walked in, took the pictures that the club photographers wanted to take of her, and within 15 min, walked towards her fans! I was elated when she reached out and looked as many of us as she could in the eye (including me!) and reached out with her hand to say hi to as many as possible. We asked her if we could take picture and she said YES! We met her at the end of the stage and she literally took us up on stage and spent the majority of time taking pictures with us! My fiancee was absolutely shocked. He could not believe that she took the time to personalize time with each fan. She listened to EVERYBODY! After we left, my fiancee talked about how he was surprised at how naturally beautiful she is, with minimal make-up! There was also a time when I was taking a picture of her and she was texting on her phone. She looked up, saw me taking a pic, and gave me a big smile for my camera!

Kim thank you so so much. You truly are beautiful inside and out! You made my day, it's as good as the day I got engaged! Haha! Thank you so so so much and I truly wish you the best in everything! You deserve it! Hope I can see you again soon! - Anusha

Anusha posted some pics on her Facebook profile, so I thought I'd share them with you. Thank you Anusha! I always love meeting my fans!!

Kim K's Blog: Back to Matte

This is that OPI nail polish I was telling you about! I love it! It looks like rubber! I had to add a twist so I did a clear coat on the tips to look like French tip nails, but in black! My mom didn't know about matte polish and when I showed her she said "never use this polish... it's very dull and doesn't look shiny at all!" I told her that was the whole point! She has no idea! Haha.

Handbag ~ Pick of the Day: Prada Tessuto S Tote

Don’t make fun of me for this one. Please? Because I feel like you people are going to make fun of me for this one. I genuinely like it, though, so give it a chance. The Prada Tessuto S Tote is, in my mind, totally adorable. It’s frilly and girly but in a somber black nylon that makes it more wearable than if it were, say, pink suede. For some reason, it reminds me of flamenco dancers and fun costumes and all sorts of over-the-top femininity, and although its price might be a bit steep for nylon, Prada’s Tessuto bags are known to wear extremely well. The one problem that I’ve always had with them, though, is that they’re so austere and unisex-looking; this particular ultra-femme tote certainly doesn’t have that problem. Buy through Saks for $995.

D.S Pick of the Day: Valentino “Ever” Bow Detailed Knee High Boot

When you have had a bad day or have gone through a tough break up you need that one thing that is going to make you feel sexy and confident. For me, it is a great pair of sexy, high, and tall boots. There is something about pulling on those boots that will make you feel like a super woman.

Valentino has made one sexy, high, and tall boot that could make the worst of days become the best of days. These suede boots are to die for and a total must have for fall. The light grey suede is a great color to transition from fall to winter so you can exude confidence throughout the cold months. The detailing of the gathering of the suede into a bow breaks down the sexiness a bit and makes the boot have a girly, feminine touch. No matter if you’re looking for boot for those bad days or just looking for a fabulous boot, these suede boots will fulfill all your needs.

Valentino “Ever” Bow Detailed Knee High Boot $1,495 Nordstrom