Sunday, August 23, 2009

Handbag ~ Pick of the Day: Salvatore Ferragamo Studded Jazz Satchel

Which is part of the reason that I like the Salvatore Ferragamo Studded Jazz Satchel: the petal effect of the cut leather is not something you or I see every day. It’s incredibly intricate (and for the price, I certainly hope it was done by hand) without taking away from the essential function of the bag, which is a trick that not all designers execute skillfully. Usually I’m not a fan of brown, but in this case, keeping the color neutral and unobtrusive was the wiser decision. Although, now that I think of it, the tiny studs are silver – wouldn’t this bag be cooler in black? It looks less industrial this way, though, and maybe that will appeal to a wider customer base. Still, black version? Please? Or maybe not, since it’s so hideously expensive that I can’t buy it anyway. Buy through Luisa Via Roma for $3845.

D.S Pick of the Day: Giuseppe Zanotti Biker Boots vs. Buckle Boots

Biker boots and buckle boots are definitely trends that can’t go unnoticed for fall, and I am totally delighted about it, because I love them both. But there are so many different lengths and styles that it can get a bit confusing when it’s time to pick the right one for you.

I have picked two of my favorites biker boots and have carefully studied their pros and cons.

Giuseppe Zanotti for Balmain Suede Zipper Boots $1,975 IntermixOnline

Pros: These boots are definitely fabulous. They are rock ‘n roll, yet elegant. I love the mix of suede and the embellished zippers that can be zipped or not depending on how you want to style them. They will look amazing with miniskirts and knit dresses.

Cons: The extremely high price tag, and the fact that they can’t be worn with jeans unless you go for a skinny and wear them tucked in.

Also, I fear that the zippers might break easily if closed too often, or get tangled and end up tearing our tights.

Giuseppe Zanotti for Balmain Leather Buckle Booties $1,195 IntermixOnline

Pros: These ankle boots are just as hot and sexy as their zipper counterpart. The leather has a better lifespan than suede, and they are easy to wear with jeans as well as with any kind of outfit.

Cons: The price tag is very high, the leather is slightly stiff, and the shoe is a little heavy. Because they zip in the back, they run a half size smaller.

The result is that both boots are beyond fabulous. I suggest that you operate the embellished zippers of the suede zipper boots carefully and eventually they may need to be gently oiled. But the truth is that we need both pair because they kind of complement each other!! Just kidding! Or not…