Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Kim K's Blog: Kasting The Kardashians.....

Now that the fourth season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians is over, a lot of people are wondering what's next for the Kardashians. Well.. Celebuzz has an interesting theory... a Kardashian movie!!!!! Celebuzz asked us who we would cast if we were to make KUWTK into a movie (obviously I would be the executive producer!) It was really difficult to think of people who had both the looks and personality to pull us off, but I think I chose well! So here we go... Keeping Up with the Kardashians: The Movie, starring...

Khloe would definitely be played by Liv Tyler. She's tall, beautiful and curvacious with great facial features. Kourt's the smallest of us three, so I think someone like Vanessa Hudgens would be perfect because she's petite and she's kind of quiet and intimidating at the same time, haha. Kylie is really vivacious and outgoing and always smiling, so I picked Dakota Fanning. She seems young and fun, but she'd obviously have to wear a dark wig. Kendall is more reserved. She's more of a mysterious beauty, like Rachel Bilson. And how hilarious would Tia and Tamara Mowry be as Malika and Khadijah!?

For mom and Bruce I tried to think of really gorgeous and hardworking Hollywood couple and I think Katherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas would be perfect! Plus Katherine is gorgeous, Michael is totally handsome for an older guy and they seem like they are so effortlessly in love.

Now for the boys... I think I'd choose Taylor Lautner to play Rob. He's a little bit younger than Rob, but Rob's got those boyish good looks and I know he wouldn't complain about being portrayed by someone with Taylor's muscles. Maybe I'm being too generous on that one ;)

To see who I cast as Lamar, Scott, Reggie and myself click here and make sure you head over to Celebuzz to see their complete gallery of the Kardashian movie cast! Khloe and Kourtney chose their dream Kardashian movie cast members too. Go to Khloe's blog to see her choices, and Kourtney's blog to find out hers!!!


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