Sunday, August 2, 2009

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OK, I get twitter happy when I'm on planes...I will stop now! LOL Enjoy your Sunday! Make this day about YOU! Everyone needs "me " time!
11:28 AM Aug 2nd from web

I'm on the plane on my way home...can't wait to spend the week heavily working out! This week is my boot camp! LOL
11:09 AM Aug 2nd from web

Kim K's Blog: Working Out in Malibu for FIY JBF

I spent the day in Malibu doing a Fit In Your Jeans By Friday DVD signing and work out. I mean, look at this setting!!!! Talk about the most beautiful setting to work out in! Haha!
Have you guys got your DVDs yet?

Kim K's Blog: My Favorite Summer Sandals

I'm really loving my Sam Edelman sandals this summer. He has so many designs from simple strappy sandals to more elaborate jeweled looks. I love my Ginnie and Ginger Gladiator sandals!

Kim K's Blog: Kim Pix: Happy Birthday MJ!

My grandmother MJ turned 75 on July 26th! She came up to LA with her best friend since high school, Marci! She loves the food at The Ivy so we took her there to celebrate! I love my grandma so much, she really is one of my best friends!

Kim K's Blog: Hot Pink Lips: Naughty or Nice?

I am so loving this hot pink lips look Troy Jensen created for me recently! It's so fun, a little bit 80s and I love the combination of the dark eyes and bright lips! I wore this look to the Orphan premiere recently. It's so fun and girly!

Troy tells you how to recreate this look on his blog!

Kim K's Blog: Dream Team Have Me Ready in a New York Minute

I seriously have the dream team for hair and make up! Mario Dedivonovic and Michael Silva! Seriously guys, you dont even know what my day was like! I took the red eye on the 28th from LAX to NYC. I was supposed to land in NYC at 8.30am because I had a live appearance with Alexa Chung at noon so I would have my usual two hours for hair and make up... however for some reason we had to make an unexpected stop in Philly to refuel for an hour and a half. I was freaking out! I finally got to the MTV studios at 11:30! I rushed so fast, changed and had 15 mins for both hair and make up...I don't know how they did it, but they did and I thank them so much!!!! I asked them why we ever spend two hours on hair and makeup when we can do it in 15 mins. lol

My outfit was Myne top, grey Ant pants, Givenchy boots...very fashiony, I love it!

Handbag ~ Pick of the Day: Prada Small Vela Cosmetic Case

The Prada Small Vela Cosmetic Case, it is cute and perfect for to throw into your handbag with your makeup essentials. The other major perk is that it is made with Prada nylon, which is easy to clean up any spills. The size, 6½”W X 3″H X 1½”D, is ideal if you want to take some makeup with your for everyday use without it weighing down your bag. I checked my local Prada boutique, Saks, and Neiman Marcus for pink nylon and none of them carried it. Buy through Saks for $150.July 10th, 2009 /

D.S Pick of the Day: Yves Saint Laurent Eel Skin Pump

Like Florence, I am also completely obsessed (after Fendi) with Yves Saint Laurent’s fall collection. This YSL Eel Skin Pump has it all. It’s sexy, but very fashion forward as well.

The red hue is classic and very sexy. I will admit that eel skin slightly freaks me out, but that’s just a personal quirk. The shape of this shoe is classic, but the pin heel is quite unexpected, and I love it.

These pumps will work with most anything from business attire to jeans. And red is always a great color to add some oomph to an outfit!

Yves Saint Laurent Eel Skin Pump $875 Saks