Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Kim K's Memory Lane: 5.10.07 Lyric Culture Launch Party

Kim Kardashian arrives at the launch party for Lyric Culture at the Avalon on May 10, 2007 in Los Angeles, California.
(Photo by Charley Gallay/Getty Images Entertainment)

update: Who What Wear Chapter 1 Style by Inspiration

"Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only: Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening” COCO CHANEL

Secret Style Weapon: inspiration boards

Making your inspiration board...

As for the actual nuts and bolts of assembling your inspiration board, there are only three things to keep in mind.

1. nothing's off limits ~ As we keep saying, inspiration can come from anything and anywhere, so keep your eyes peeled for things that delight you. Fabric, photos, magazines tears, and personal mementos are all great sources for mood board materials.

2. follow your instincts ~ Let your subconscious take over and guide your mood board selections. You don't have to understand why you're pulling something for your mood board: you just have to find it interesting. If you pick things that speak an immediate reaction, you're going to have an honest and revealing board.

3. embrace fantasy ~ The point of creating a mood board is to delve deep into your desires, so don't stop and analyze what you're selecting. This is not the time to think about whether or not a particular silhouette would be flattering on your figure or if you accessories selections are your budget, so just ignore those realities. You'll have plenty of time to be practical later!

(Hillary Kerr and Katherine Power. Who What Wear Celebrity and Runway Style For Real Life. 2009 by Abrams Image New York, NY)

Do you have an inspirational board? I do, what's odd is before I even read this book a few years back when I was doing loans I had created something similar to an inspirational board. I got this idea after I watch "Secret"; in that documentary it says to create a goal board clip anything and everything that you would like to achieve or have... so it's odd now I am reading this book and it's telling me to create inspirational board. I have my goal board under my bed collecting dust maybe over this weekend; I will take it out under my bed and hang it on the way. Re create an inspirational board instead of a goal board hmmmmm!

Kim Kardashian at "Whiteout" Los Angeles Premiere - Red Carpet

Kim Kardashian arrives on the red carpet of the Los Angeles premiere of 'Whiteout' at the Mann Village Theatre on September 9, 2009 in Westwood, Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Lester Cohen/WireImage)

Kim K's Style: Ben Amun Bar Link Necklace

Shopping at Barneys New York in Hollywood, August 29, 2009

Kim K's Style: Dita ''Cover'' Sunglasses in Black Swirl

Leaving a Gym in Hollywood, September 02, 2009

Kim K's Style: Kim Kardashian arrives on the red carpet of the Los Angeles premiere of ''Whiteout'' at the Mann Village Theatre on September 9, 20

Christian Louboutin Pigalle Pumps

Rag & Bone Black Motor Leggings

Alex Lane Shimmer Racerback Cami