Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Runway to Red Carpet: Versace

Angelina Jolie walked the red carpet in not only colour, but this season colour, nude. Her chiffon one-sleeved Versace Fall 2008 gown, is so beautiful, delicate and feminine, yet she's still exudes her usual sex appeal.

Runway to Red Carpet: Angelina Jolie

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were spotted in Cannes late last night.

In May 2007, I fell off my chair when Angelina arrived at the Ocean's 13 Cannes Film Festival premiere wearing a yellow Emanuel Ungaro gown.

At the 2008 Kung Fu Panda Cannes Film Festival premiere she wore a Max Azria Atelier green gown, whilst proudly showing off her baby bump.

Runway to Red Carpet: Zuhair Murad

It was this show, which she was presenting during Cannes Film Festival yesterday afternoon. She was wearing a nude full skirted tulle Zuhair Murad Spring 2009 dress, with navy Louboutin peep-toes.

Kim K's Blog: Miami Dash Opens Tonight!!

It's been a crazy week, and we've definitely had some obstacles to overcome with the vandalisms at both our Dash in Miami and our Dash in Calabasas, but we are so excited to celebrate the drang opening tonight at LIV!! If you're in Miami you should definitely come celebrate with us! Hope to see you all there!

Kourtney K's Blog: A Little Story About... My Hair

A lot of you have been asking about hair products that I use. I absolutely LOVE Frédéric Fekkai products. I love their glossing shampoo and conditioner for those days when your hair feels dull and needs a little shine. My hair is pretty fine, and I love volume, so whenever I am going out I use their Full Volume shampoo and conditioner. I use their Full Volume Moose if I blow dry my hair. It just makes it last longer and gives my hair a little lift. The glossing cream is great if my hair is dry. I only use a little drop and rub it from my ends up. My favorite hairspray is TextureLine Texture Spray Hold Firm by LOreal .

Once a week I try to do a mask on my hair. My favorite one is K-PAK by Joico. I am absolutely OBSESSED with the way it smells! It reminds me of Hawaii or something. I usually like to be low maintenance and just let my hair air dry and go…I am awful at styling my own hair. Back in November, I was doing a photo shoot with Troy Jensen and on my way out the door after the shoot he grabbed my hair in a pony tail and chopped it off! I was terrified to look in the mirror and was late to a black tie event! I didn’t look in the mirror until I walked in the event after the red carpet haha! I loved it for a couple months and then missed my long hair terribly. I caved and got extensions, which I have sewn in. So once in a while when I have shorter hair pics on my blog it is because my extensions are out and I am letting my head breathe! Haha…that sounds weird. Anyways, I am waiting for it to grow…patiently, thanks to extensions.

That is my hair story!

Khloe K Blog: m OK Seriously? CALABASAS DASH GETS HIT TOO!

Ok dolls, I have some pretty ridiculous news -- our LA Dash was vandalized! The one yesterday seemed obviously gang-related and had nothing to do with the one in Calabasas was most likely intentional since people know it is our store.

This morning when my mom went to open the store, she found that it had been graffitied with more or less the same stuff that the Miami store had. Luckily we have security cameras so we will investigate and hopefully find the people who did this...the police are at the store as we speak.

I hope the disgusting people who did this know that these little activities of theirs don't discourage us. We are no less excited for the opening of our Miami store. Yes, this is DEFINITELY a bump in the road, but it's a small bump in the grand scheme of things. It's disappointing, but certainly not discouraging! A little graffiti won't bring us Kardashian women down!!! LOL.

Kim K's Blog: Our LA Dash Store Was Vandalized TOO!

I can't believe it! My mom called me this morning and told me that our Calabasas Dash store was vandalized last night! First our new Miami store and now this! It's quite obvious it was a copycat act, since they used the same tag that was sprayed on our Miami store, which the police tell us is affiliated with a gang here in Miami. It makes me sick that people would go out of their way to target our store like this. It doesn't matter what was written, the fact is that vandalism is a crime and defacing the front out our store, which me, my sisters, my mom and Lily have worked so hard on, is not okay. The police are working hard to find out who did this, and hopefully they will be found and punished. This isn't a joke and we are NOT taking this lightly!

Khloe has posted some pics on her blog so you can see what the vandals did to the store.

DASH Mia is located at 815 Washington Blvd

Kim K's Blog: Fried Oreos and Other Surprise Gifts at the Fountainebleau

Hey guys! Me, Kourtney and Khloe have arrived in Miami! We have been here a few days now and wow, every time I come I just want to move here! The weather, the people, the atmosphere, everything is just amazing!

I am staying at the Fountainebleau Hotel, my absolute favorite hotel, and when I got up to my room they had deep friend Oreos as a little present! David Grutman sent those up to me knowing they are my absolute favorite! Jonathan and Simon are also staying at the Fountainebleau and Jonathan planned to surprise Simon with this gorgeous watch as a present, so I had to help him sneak it in to my room without Simon seeing! Look at how excited Simon was!

After the watch surprise, Jonathan, Simon and I headed to the Hilton Bentley Hotel where Kourtney and Khloe have the entire top floor! There are a few pictures as a sneak peek of their fabulous suite! Their view of the ocean is so beautiful! Ahhh I'm sooo sad I can't live here with them! We all went to dinner at Prime 112 and laughed all night!

Kim K's Blog: Caroline D'Amore's Bikinis Now at Dash

Caroline D'Amore just launched her new swimwear on the Dash website! Here's a look at four of Caroline's designs, but there's lots more available on the site. Since the tops and bottoms are all sold separately, you can mix and match your favorites and create a totally unique look! I'd be interested to see which one you guys like the best so make sure you take a look at the site and let me know your favorites in the comments. I'll be sure to pass on your faves to Caroline!

Kim K's Blog: Meeting in Kourtney and Khloe's Suite

When we first got to Miami we went straight to work! I have hired Jonathan and Simon's PR company, Command PR to do the press for Dash Miami. They are helping launch our store and threw our launch party. I brought them to see Kourt and Khloe's suite! Then we all had a meeting to discuss the store! Ahhhh it's so frustrating getting a store together so fast. Especially when we are in a new town and want to make sure we get the clients!

Please all send out good vibes that Miami Dash is successful!

Kim K's Blog: Channel Kim: Behind the Scenes at my DBD Signing

Check out this behind-the-scenes video from my Fit in Your Jeans by Friday DVD signing at Kitson. You'll see Philip and Mario, who did my hair and makeup, Monica Rose, my stylist who came by to help me pick out my outfit and all my awesome fans. I even took my own Kim Kam over to Kitson to take my own footage! My fans were so amazing and I was so happy with the turnout. I've also posted a bunch more photos from the event. So if you were at the event, take a look through and see if you can find yourself!!

Pick of the Week: Christian Louboutin Miminettes Wedge

This week my favorite pair of shoes are the Christian Louboutin ‘Miminette’ wedges. They are fabulous small wedged mirror shoes.

Pick of the Week: Christian Louboutin ‘Corta’ Pumps

Well I know what you are about to say, “another pair of patent leather pumps?” and truth is, I agree. These Corta pumps are really similar to the usual Christian Louboutin pumps we have seen year round. But the beauty of these shoes lies in their elegant and classic style. They are a safe and timeless purchase that will remain in style for 20 years to come, at least!

Christian Louboutin ‘Corta’ patent pumps $675.00

Designer Handbag of the Week: Hermes Kelly

Thanks to this Hermes forum thread, we have a seemingly never-ending source of spotlight celebs and their Hermes bags. Posh Spice plug, especially when she’s seen toting around a gorgeous 35 cm White Kelly with orange piping. The couple’s to-die-for, and so is the bag.