Friday, June 26, 2009

Giuliana's Blog: G's Wardrobe

Khloe K's Blog: Pics From My 24th Birthday Party

Tomorrow I turn 25!!! Woooohooooooooo! Tonight I'm off to Vegas to celebrate with my closest friends and family at Pure Nightclub but before I go I want to share these pics from my birthday last year.

Soooo much has changed in a year and I feel like I just turned 24 yesterday. Ugh I hate my hair color in these pics! You live and you learn. LOL.

Last year's birthday was a blast and I know this year will be even better! Tickets are still available and I hope some of you will join me and the Kardashian krew for my big night!!! Call (702) 731-7873 for details.

Kim K's Blog: I Can't Believe You Are Gone

You guys may or may not know that I have grown up with the Jackson family since I was 13. I went to school with, and dated one of Michael's nephews. This family is very near and dear to my heart and it breaks my heart to see people I love go through so much pain. The world has truly lost the greatest entertainer of all time. I want to say how incredibly saddened I am by Michael's death. Music will never be the same.

I had my 14th birthday party at Neverland Ranch! I even helped throw Nicole Richie's 13th birthday party there for her! It's truly the most exciting place I have ever been in my entire life and those memories will live on forever in my heart. RIP MJ.

Which Wardrobe Essentials Should I Own?

What are the 10 basics you should have in your closet?

1. A fitted blazer. Everybody can use one at one point or another, but smart dressers know that it can be used about a jillion different ways—over a fitted summer dress, khaki capris, jeans, the works. Invest in a nice piece if possible; Martin + Osa has a couple on sale for more than 65 percent off.

2. A pencil or straight skirt. "It's a definite must-have for business or a fun night out with the gal-pals on the prowl, so as long as you ditch the blazer and pair it with a sexy top and nosebleed stilettos," Mercado says.

3. A nice pair of jeans in standard blue or...

4. white. "A dark wash gives the impression of a trouser with the comfort of denim," Mercado advises.

5. A crisp white shirt. "A tailored collared white shirt never goes out of style," Mercado says. "It's always been understood to be part of a woman's classic wardrobe."

6. A wrap sweater. Make it fleece and double the cozy. Mercado and I are both totally in love with the equally fierce and friendly version over at Lucky Brand.

7. A serious evening dress. You only need one, but make it good. And please, no black. How about a warm orange sweeping orchid of a creation by Joanna Mastroianni?

8. An eco-friendly tote. Take it to the farmers' market. Take it to the beach. Take it to work. How can anyone not love this turquoise satchel from Big Buddha? It's only 70 bucks!

9. An LBD. So many women fall back on them, but Mercado suggests shaking things up just a bit by embracing a luxurious fabric like cashmere. Longuet even has such a dress that is one size fits all.

10. A leather jacket. Doesn't matter what kind, as long as you'll wear it often and it makes you feel sexy.

Hot Shoe: Cuff 'Em!

The chunky cage trend continues to hold the shoe world captive. The latest shackled style? Pumps with wide ankle straps. The heavy-looking heels provide great contrast when worn with something feminine. If you're concerned about the thick band visually cutting off your gams, pair the cuffed pumps with a mini or short shorts so that you show off as much leg as possible—or else find ones that closely match your skin color.

Cameron Diaz's Walk of Fame Look

Cameron Diaz accepted her star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame yesterday, dedicating her spot on the sidewalk to her parents. Her acceptance speech was as sweet as her embroidered Oscar de la Renta dress. We especially like the actress' bold red accessories—her styling alone proves they should've given her a star a long time ago. (Before Ricky Martin, at least!)

Will the Real Modern Day Marilyn Please Stand Up?

Kim Kardashian squeezed into a Nuj Novakhett strapless and sported a cropped coif for the 2009 MuchMusic Video Awards. And according to the reality star's Twitter page, Fergie was a major fan of the look. "Fergie just told me I look like the brunette Marilyn Monroe!" Kim tweeted from the show. We see the similarities: the curves and itty-bitty waist, the sultry eyes and the bob of curls. But we always thought Dita Von Teese was the brunette version of the 1950s sex symbol. What do you think? Vote in the poll below, then keep reading to see more modern-day Marilyn Monroes.

Spotted: Colored Leopard Print!

There are some awesomely bad '80s trends we can do without, but we totally like how colored leopard is making a comeback! The fun, vivid print reminds us of our youth. Plus, it has been given a modern edge, as showcased by Molly Sims' sequined Marchesa shift, Maggie Gyllenhaal's elegant one-shoulder Lanvin gown and Cameron Diaz's Matthew Williamson top with asymmetrical exposed zipper.

Kim K's Blog: Freedom is Prescious

We sometimes forget how lucky we are to live in a democracy and I think we often take our freedoms for granted. Unfortunately, not all countries run like ours, and not all people have the freedom to say what they think, wear what they want, choose their religion. I don't tend to get into politics that much and I'm a total workaholic, so I'm always busy, but I try to keep up on the news (Twitter helps!) and I even received an e-mail from an Iranian-American fan who wanted to spread awareness of what's going on in Iran. As an Armenian-American, I definitely feel this is something that should be addressed.

If you've seen any of the shocking videos online of the police violence against the protesters (I've seen pics but I can't bring myself to watch the videos) you've seen how the Iranian people are protesting for what they believe in, fighting for their freedoms and being brutally punished and attacked for it by police. This kind of violence against innocent civilians is sickening. President Obama said he was appalled by what was going on and honestly, how can you not be?! Shima, my fan who e-mailed me, said that the Iranian government is bringing in officers from outside of Iran to silence the protesters because Iran's own guards are refusing to hurt their own people. I admire these Iranian guards for standing up for themselves, and I admire the Iranian people for fighting for their freedoms.

Some people think we shouldn't meddle with other country's politics, but I don't think it's about enforcing our own beliefs on them, it's about helping people fight for what they want for their own country. In our country protests and demonstrations happen everyday, peacefully. We are ssooo lucky to have the right to speak up for ourselves and for what we believe in. I just hope the people or Iran will some day soon have the right to do the same.

Handbag ~ Pick of the Day: Lavin Amalia Shoulder Bag

Lanvin Amalia Shoulder Bag this bag is soft, black and quilted, although the quilts are slightly bigger than Chanel’s signature. The handle is not only chain but also partially encases a ribbon that ends in a big bow. It doesn’t have a flap and the overall effect is just a bit too close for comfort. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $3110.(5.19.09)

Handbag ~ Pick of the Day: Jimmy Choo Maia Hobo

Jimmy Choo Maia Hobo, it’s suede and animal print and color-blocked and wooden-handled. It has an extra strap that Choo is pretending makes it a hobo and it’s got a center zipper that makes the bag larger or smaller, depending on how you use it. Besides the extra shoulder strap. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $2995. (5.19.09)

D.S Pick of the Day: Azzedine Alaia Python Sandal With Bells

This sandal brings a whole new meaning to “being there with bells on,” and it really is fantastic and definitely a shoe that is meant to be seen. Classic python with bold bells along the ankle and toe straps work so well together. The very basic and neutral python skin helps to balance out the bell detailing, so the shoe doesn’t end up completely ridiculous. With a little black Alaia dress, you are set to go and sure to look glam and super sexy.

Alaia Python Sandal With Bells $2,018 BrownsFashion 5.9.09

D.S Pick of the Day: Sergio Rossi “Maxime” Ankle Boots

The leather looks very luxurious and soft. I also like how the leather covers most of the platform. And the 5-inch stacked cone heel is extremely sexy!

These ankle boots are very simple and chic, and they will look good with everything, but knowing me, I’ll probably wear them most with dark jeans and sweaters in the fall.

Sergio Rossi “Maxime” Ankle Boots $995 Saks 5.12.09

Loutis Vuitton Ipanema Beach Towel

The Louis Vuitton Ipanema Beach Towel, Buy via for $450. (5.15.09)