Thursday, April 23, 2009

Building a Shoe Wardrobe: Part 1 The Black Pump

Christian Louboutin Platform Pump

If you read any style book, there is always a list of items that one needs to build a basic wardrobe. They usually include things like a little black dress, well-fitting jeans and a trench coat, to name a few. It’s also usually advised to invest your money in these basics, making sure they are well made, of good quality, fit well and will stand the test of time.

Shoes make up a very important component of what you wear. I’ll admit that it’s usually the first thing I check out when people watching. If you’re just now entering the world of designer shoes or you desperately need to edit your wardrobe, this is the article for you. Also if you find yourself buying pair after pair of cheaper shoes, it might be a good idea to cut back and save your money for a few pair of really good shoes.

We’ve compiled a list of what we consider to be the basics that every woman should own. I would suggest investing more on these pieces, but I’ve included some less expensive options as well, but they’re all well made shoes.

The first (and I’d say one of the most important) shoes on our list, is a black pump. When I say black pump, I think anything basic works, whether it be peep-toe, patent or a sling-back, but try to not pick something too trendy. You want to be able to wear these shoes 5 years from now. If you’ve haven’t had the privilege of owning a pair of Christian Louboutins, and you want to, I think a Louboutin black pump is a great purchase! My first foray into the designer world was a pair of black patent slingback loubies, and I adore them! Personally I prefer a higher heel, but buy something you will feel comfortable wearing in many settings from work to a night out. If you're unsteady on higher heels or the shoes are extremely painful, go for a lower heel in the 2-3-inch range. My favorite of the shoes listed is the Christian Louboutin Platform Pump. I think they are gorgeous!

Must Have: Kim Kardashian Wearing Houndstooth Scarf

My all time favorite and must have for every girl out there…. Houndstooth scarf. The scarf is a stylish fashion accessory that goes with just about anything. As you can see in the photo worn by Kim Kardashian the scarf it black and white and the scarf is made out of 100% cashmere which mean it’s EXTREMLY SOFT. As you can tell the scarf is very long, Kim is 5’2. Depending on where you live .. You should be able to wear the scarf a little bit in the spring, fall and for sure the winter. I was very fortunate, that “my best friend” had bought me the scarf for my 31st birthday this year. You can purchase the scarf at Hillary Rush 8222 W 3rd St. Los Angeles, CA 90048 ph. 323-852-0088; the scarf is about $120.00. The best investment a girl could have and the BEST gift I got…

Must Have: Sergio Rossi’s stellar “paint drip”pumps

What was your first Designer Shoes, do you even still remember? My very first designer shoes were Sergio Rossi's stellar “paint drip” black and white peep-toe pumps paint drip , I had purchase at Nordstrom when they were having their winter designer sale.

Is the shoes HOT or what? Pop star Alicia Keyes worked the BET Red Carpet last year wearing Sergio Rossi’s stellar “paint drip” black and white peep-toe pumps. I'm not quite sure about the dress but I LOVE the shoes. The splash patent peep toe dips into last years lust for all things “painterly”, without looking too stupidly Jackson Pollock. Points for Sergio Rossi on that one.

Must Have: Lindsay Lohan's Raspberry Mousse Love Quotes Scarf

Everyone, I mean everyone is wearing the new hottest spring scarf called “LOVE QUOTES”, it’s made from Italian Linen/Viscose hand knotted with fringe… There are so many colors to choose from; I personally love the color Lindsay Lohan has on, Raspberry Mousse. It’s so bright and summery.. so I ordered myself one and it just came yesterday and I absolutely love it. I am thinking of getting another one. I bought mine thru and got 15% off; you could also get it from or The scarf is currently running for $88.00 regular price but is currently running a promotion 20% off. The Italian linen is so soft; it actually feels like its cashmere instead.

Wish List: Kim Kardashian's Balenciaga sunglass

I am so in love with Kim Kardashian’s new Balenciaga sunglass that she wore to the Wet Republic at the MGM Grand’s new hotel pool. When I saw it, I knew I wanted a pair, so I did a little research and found Nordstrom is currently carrying them for $440.00. I called Nordstrom and place an order; I can not wait until I receive them.


Clips of Kim Kardashian: Angie Martinez Interviews (April 22nd)

Clips of Kim Kardashioan: at SIRIUS XM Radio (April 22nd)

Kim K's Blog: Sirius and Hot 97 Radio Station

I went into Sirius radio to do a radio station tour, and look what was on the wall! Reggie's fathead!

I also stopped by Hot 97 to do an interview with my girl Angie Martinez, and had to snap a pic with all the boys from radio. They were all there to announce Summer Jam! I will post the interview with Angie as soon as it airs!

Spotting Kim K: at CW11

Kim Kardashian was spotted arriving at the CW11 Studios morning of April 22nd for a personal appearance. Kim donned a sexy summer dress teamed with a cropped black jacket and black strappy heels, carrying her Balenciaga City Bag in black as she passed the paparazzi and headed inside.

Kim Style: At JFK Airport, April 21, 2009

Kim was spotted on April 22nd arriving at JFK International Airport in New York

Chloe 2101 sunglasses

Balenciaga City Bag In Black

Spotting Kim K: Clips of Kim Kardashian Shopping At Kitson

Kim Kardashian's Paparazzi Action Figures

Rolling around in her new Bentley convertible, Kim Kardashian visited Kitson accessories boutique on Robertson Boulevard in Los Angeles on Tuesday afternoon (April 22).

After browsing the store's selection, the socialite-turned-reality-star kept things interesting by handing out paparazzi action figures to the horde of photographers trying to snap her as she left the trendy shop.

Clips of Kim Kardashian

fav celeb....

As you read and as I post, you will realize one of my current favorite celeb is Kim Kardashian, I love her for her sense of fashion. Obsessed with her? NO! But loving her style YES!

Spotting Kim K: and Reggie The Price of Love March 29th

Kim K and her man spent a hot night out this weekend!

Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush have certainly already outlived our expectations on their relationship - someone as hot as Kim might get bored easily. But no, they still seem very much together and very happy, which is awesome. The handsome couple partied the night away at My House Night Club this weekend in Los Angeles, California. Kim and Reggie were both a little shy when we took their foto, but that’s okay. They know we love them and it’s all good.

MAC Cosmetics | A Rose Romance

M·A·C A Rose Romance launch today..

A tradition in haute-couture, an enduring Icon of Love and certainly the only flower acceptable to throw on stage at the Met or clench between teeth in a Buenos Aires tango salon, the rose remains beyond reproach. M·A·C creates a very modern Rose Romance, our lovely new colour collection for the summer season. Spring buds blush in fragrant new hues when Just A Pinch Gel Blush debuts; Fix + Rose refreshes; and our bring-back favourite fragrance, Creations Hue: Dejarose, whispers anew… But with great beauty there is always passion and peril… mind the thorns!

my interest...

There are so many things in life that I enjoy doing, reading, learning and trying. I love shopping (don’t all girls do), I love collecting shoes, purses, make up and lately scarves. I absolutely love, love getting my make up done by my all time favorite make up artist Janine at Shu Uemura. Janine is fabulous and a miracle worker, she sure know how to work her magic. I also love getting my hair cut or even a little trim makes a big different. Two thumbs up for Mrs. Thao she is the best of the best hair stylist, when she is done with me I always feel like a new person and a princess. Before I even leave her salon, I am already looking forward to coming back to her again already and can’t wait either….lol. I also enjoy reading fashion magazine and following up on my favorite celebs lives. I learning anything new, anything anyone has to offer or to teach me. I like trying out new restaurant to eat, I trying out new hotels when I am travel to the same place. I enjoy traveling with my love ones. Most of all, I love to spend time with my family.

So I hope you enjoy my blog and keep an open mind….

PS.. I love sharing... so you will see a lot of sharing on this blog...