Wednesday, April 22, 2009

my first blog..

Hello everyone! Welcome to my page, I go by princess sassy. If you were wondering where I got princess sassy from, it's not because I am sassy. My friend's joke around and always tell me how much of a princess I am. So that is where princess came from. As for sassy, I don't believe I am but I thought that's cute so I decided to use that.... If you happen to by on my page please feel free to drop a comment. This is my first time I've ever blog and not sure what to blog about or how a blog is suppose to go. As time goes by I am pretty sure I will get the hang of it and my blog will be more interesting, as for now it is what it is.

So let me tell everyone a little about me, I am a very simple girl that likes everything, you could say I have an addition to "wanting" to buy everything... In my world everything is simple, a lot simpler then the real world. No bad or good, no right or wrong, no ups and down, just whatever it is at the moment. I feel like everyday I wake up I look in the mirror I see myself but after getting ready and once I am out the door I am totally someone else. Not saying I like or dislike myself. I believe I am not the only one that feels, like this. I hear time to time everyone say keep it real and stay true to yourself but as we all know that is not always possible. People, things and events around you sculpt and mold you into who you are today, but are that who you really are deep down? In my little world I am a little girl that is happy, want to be love and love to love.... In the real worlds there is too much judgmental, which causes people can't be themselves.

So I hope if you are on my page, please read for fun....... I will write about WHAT I LOVE, WHAT INTEREST ME, WHAT I AM THINKING ABOUT, ABOUT ME AND ABOUT WHATEVER......sooooo enjoy!