Monday, January 25, 2010

Kim Kardashian wants to create aftershave line

Kim Kardashian is planning to develop her own brand of aftershave. Kim says she doesn’t like it when guys smell bad, so she intends to do something about it!

“It’s something I’ve always wanted to do,” says Kim. “Sometimes guys don’t smell so good but if I make a cologne of my own I get to have guys smell exactly how I like and how I think most girls would like.”

Source: Showbiz Spy


Kim Kardashian Fragrance Ad

Here it is – Kim’s brand new ad for her voluptuous new fragrance which is out in February.


Kim Kardashian’s New BFF Rocky

Kim has a new BFF – her dog Rocky! Kim wrote the cutest post on her site today, about how much she loves her new dog. She said she was never much a dog person before, but she’s absolutely in love with Rocky and wanted to share some adorable pictures of him. Awwww!

All my life I haven’t really been the biggest dog person…until now! If you saw last night’s episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians you will know that that adorable Chihuahua completely changed the way I feel about dogs! I always knew Reggie wanted a boxer and I knew nothing about them. I wanted a small dog, so I did some research and decided to get a boxer. I swear I am so in love with Rocky you guys have no idea! I never thought I could love a dog as much as I love Rocky! When Reggie is at work, we totally take naps together (he usually isn’t allowed in the bed), we go on walks and he is totally my new bff! LOL! Do you guys have any pets? Anyone have a boxer named Rocky? LOL apparently it’s the most common name for boxers. We are so unoriginal!!


Video: Kardashian/Jenner Christmas Eve Party

Here’s a really cute video from the Kardashian/Jenner Christmas Eve Party at Kris and Bruce’s home. Kim is in it loads, walking in front of people as they pose LOL! Check it out.


Kim Kardashian Carl’s Jr. Shoot

the Carl’s Jr. video shoot. She looks so beautiful in this ad!


OK! Magazine January 2010 Scans

Here are the scans from the latest issue of OK! Magazine which Kim is on the cover of. Inside she talks about her diet and exercise regime.


Final 2011 Calendar Shot

Here is the final shot that Kim is sharing from her blonde 2011 calendar. Awesome picture!


Kim talks Cellulite and Weight Loss

Despite slimming down recently, Kim Kardashian says she’s held onto her famous curves — and cellulite.

“I don’t have a problem telling people, ‘Hey, look, I have cellulite!’” Kardashian, 29, declared in a radio interview Friday on Atlanta’s Q100.

“I do everything I can in my power to fix it. I never said cellulite was cute,” Kim added. “But I have it. I embrace it, I’m okay with it!” Kardashian surmised that the admission makes her more “relatable” to fans — including a few turned off by her skinnier figure as it appeared in a commercial.

“I looked really toned,” she said of the ads. “I got a lot of flak for that. [People said] ‘Oh, don’t lose your curves! Why did you lose weight?’….You look heavier when you’re on TV, so it’s better to get [your weight] down.”

Kardashian explained that right after that controversial shoot took place, she joined boyfriend Reggie Bush in New Orleans and “ate so much!” She continues to defend her new shape. “The weight I’m at now is the perfect weight for me,” she says “I’m still extremely curvy.”

“I just wasn’t comfortable in a bikini. I always wore a sarong. I don’t want to always feel uncomfortable.”

Plus, her new fitness regime is a turn on for football star boyfriend Bush. “I’ve been setting my alarm, getting up and going to the gym,” she says. “That, to him, is sexy!”

Source: Us Weekly


Jan 8 – Kim out and about

January 8, 2010: On Friday Kim was seen out for a little pampering. She was spotted by the paps on her phone as she made her way to the Beverly Hills nail salon where she got a manicure.

Later that evening Kim went out to Nobu for dinner with some friends and her younger sister. She looks beautiful in both sets of pictures, especially the last one. Something about her make-up is different, more natural I think. Gorgeous!


Kim & Khloe on The Insider Panel

Kim and Khloe Kardashian talk relationships, cheating and celebrity crushes on The Insider panel. They both reveal who they would choose to be with just once and you won’t believe who Khloe says – so funny! Check it out.


No wedding for Kim and Reggie just yet

I feel like I’ve written posts like this so many times now, but people just won’t stop talking about it. Yesterday Kim was once again asked if she and Reggie are planning to marry anytime soon and this is her answer:

“There’s no plan as of now to get married,” says Kim, 29. “We’ve been together for years and we’re just having a good, happy relationship.”

Just let them be happy and stop pressuring them with marriage questions, people


The Business of being Kim

Kim is currently gracing the cover of Ocean Drive Magazine. In the article she talks about how she’s suddenly become a fitness guru thanks to her exercise DVD’s and new healthy lifestyle. She also talks about how she is very much a business woman and has a strong work ethic. Read the Q&A below and after the jump:

You have a million irons in the fire.
Well, I have the week off from TV work, but I still have to work for my stores today, and have a shoe-company meeting tomorrow.

That’s, correct? How does that work?
When you log on, you fill out a style quiz, and then every month your stylist reaches out and says, “What do you think of these five shoes?” You pick the one that you like, they ship it to you, and if you don’t like it you ship it back. The shoes, styling and shipping are $39.95 total.

Where does your entrepreneurial side come from?
My dad was a great attorney and businessman. He instilled a strong work ethic in all of us. If we wanted our allowance, we had to work. For Christmas presents, he’d give us gift certificates for a “one-hour conversation about life with Dad.”

Are you similarly strict?
I’m a control freak. Sometimes I wish I had an assistant, but I can’t delegate. I still sign every check myself. Every time I do an appearance, they expect five people to show up, but I always come alone.

You and your sisters have the Dash boutiques together, and your whole family has been featured on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, as well as Kourtney & Khloé Take Miami. Has the attention affected you?
We might get jealous for a second, but in general we’re excited for each other. We’ve always been so close. That’s probably the Armenian in us.

Your sisters’ show followed them as they opened the Miami outpost of Dash. How has the store been received?
Better than we ever could have imagined! We’ve far exceeded our projections. Dash is right on Washington Avenue, in the middle of South Beach, and we get people from all over. The Miami customer is carefree, and of course wears less clothes, so we’ve brought in a lot of sexy little skirts, dresses and swimwear.

Did you always follow fashion?
I think back to the ’80s, when my mom had an enormous closet and Kourtney and I were about nine and 10. We used to always drape ourselves in her jewels and furs.

Have you had a chance to enjoy the Miami nightlife?
Oh, I did let loose in Miami. We were filming a bit of the show and I came for the store opening. I don’t drink, but my sisters forced me to because they think I’m uptight. So I did for them. We went all around. It’s kind of a blur. I hate drinking.

Usually you’re the picture of health. Speaking of that, there’s your series of workout DVDs, Kim Kardashian: Fit in Your Jeans by Friday.
When I was doing Dancing With the Stars, I thought I was going to get in the best shape ever, but I didn’t stay on long enough. I was then approached to do a workout DVD and I knew I had to do it. It doesn’t hurt that I have a boyfriend into fitness. He thrives on it, so it’s fun to do as a couple.

What’s your relationship with Reggie like?
He only cares about football, and really couldn’t care less about the Hollywood life. It’s not a struggle, because we balance each other out. In his house, it’s only SportsCenter, and in my house, it’s only E!


Kim and Khloe out and about earlier today

January 6, 2010: Kim and Khloe are seen out and about in Los Angeles. Both looking sporty, they stopped at the Newsroom Café for some refreshments.


Kim K's Memory Lane: November 8, 2008 Kim Kardashian Arriving In Miami For The 'Make A Wish' Foundation Event

Kim Kardashian arrived in Miami for the "Make-a-Wish" foundation event on Saturday. Kim, who is involved in various charities and has been very engaged in social issues lately gave us the "victory stack" when asked about Obama's VIctory in the US Presidential Election. (November 8, 2008 - Photo by Photo Agency)