Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Handbag ~ Pick of the Day: Jimmy Choo creates line for Elton John AIDS Foundation

It’s always great to see a big brand give back, and Jimmy Choo is putting their money where their mouth is with a new limited edition collection in partnership with the Elton John AIDS Foundation. The line, named Project PEP, will send 25% of its proceeds to help fund South Africa’s Simelela Rape Center. The center is often instrumental in administering patients the preventative medicine that lessens the likelihood that a victim will contract HIV from her attacker, as well as providing psychological services after the fact.

The collection itself will feature the collage-like pattern that you see here as a representation of some of the iconic elements that make Jimmy Choo all that it is today. This should look familiar to anyone that involved in punk culture in their formative years - the gritty look is a clear take-off of that subculture. It will be printed on coated canvas for the line’s bags, clutches and pouches and also used in several types of shoes. Prices will range from around $100 for flip-flops to almost $1000 for a large bag. If you like the pattern or are a Choo fan, this is money you can feel good about spending.

D.S Pick of the Day: Chloe Gold Ankle Strap Sandal

These Chloe Gold Ankle Strap Sandals scream Hollywood glamour. They are so simply designed, but pack so much glitz and sophistication, that they really deserve the gold medal in my book. The two toned gold really adds to the dimension of the shoe, and makes it anything but your basic gold heel.

From the front, it’s bronze. From the back, it’s gold. Sometimes the colors mesh, but in this sandal, they work together beautifully, for a faux color block look that is really stunning. There is just enough shine in the texture of the leather to really make these shoes pop. I love the small cut-out along the ankle, along with the ankle strap. These shoes are very delicate and classy, but definitely hot at the same time. For some reason, I will always picture gold tones with summer and fall, and these shoes are perfect for both seasons. I would love to wear these with a metallic mini dress for summer, with some mixed metal jewelry. For fall, I think that these sandals would be great with skinny crop jeans and a fitted top, with tons of necklaces to add to the shiny, glam look. Sometimes, it is the simplest of shoes that are really the most stunning, and these are definitely in that category.

Chloe Gold Ankle Strap Sandals $695 Madison Los Angeles