Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Kim K's Blog: Going to The Superbowl, Baby!!

I really cant believe I am writing this post! The New Orleans Saints are going to The Superbowl!!! Reggie deserves this, the team deserves this and the town of New Orleans deserves this! I could not be more proud! Superbowl baby!

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Kim K's Blog: Design My New Twitter Background!

UPDATE::: Hey dolls. So a bunch of really awesome backgrounds were deleted from the drop box! I don't know if the person who created them deleted them, or if someone else deleted them, but I've changed it so that you can add your background designs, but can't delete. If you uploaded your design already, please check it's still in there and be sure to upload... the ones that got deleted were really fantastic!!!


I'm really into Twittering! I love giving all you guys little updates and reading all your @replies every day! I have Tweetgenius on my Blackberry so I'm constantly checking my messages... I'm obsessed, haha!

So... I thought it would be fun to have a contest to design my new Twitter background! My last one was fan-created and I loved it, but it's a new year and time for a new background! I thought you guys might be able to have some fun designing these, and I'd love to see what you come up with!

I've set up an area online where you can upload your designs. That way I can go through them easily, pick my favorites and find a winner! The winner's design will become my new Twitter background, and I'll tweet you a little thank you message, too!!

The contest ends January 25 and I'll be posting my top 10 designs shortly after it ends, before I decide upon the final winner. I can't wait to see your designs!!!

I found this twitter template online that might help you with your designs, but feel free to create yours from scratch. Happy designing :)

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Kim K's Blog: Join Me For Lunch at 12!

Today at 12 p.m. make sure you head over to Carl's Jr's Facebook page to join me for my Ultimate Salad Lunch Date!! Everybody is welcome and you'll be able to watch me live and we can eat lunch together and chat! I've got my grilled chicken salad ready, my web cam warmed up and I'll be answering your questions, too! I can't wait! See you all there!

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Kim K's Blog: A Night Out in New Orleans!

Khadijah, Bobby, Reggie and I had a fun night out in New Orleans recently! First we went to the Lil Wayne concert then all went out!

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Kim K's Blog: My Fragrance Commercial is Here!

The commercial for my fragrance is out!! It was so much fun getting all glammed up for this shoot. I think the Old Hollywood theme with a modern twist is a perfect fit for my fragrance because it will make you feel glam, sexy and super feminine. I'm really looking forward to the launch in February and I can't wait to hear what you guys think of the fragrance! It's listed exclusively on Sephora's website and you can order it now!

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Kim K's Blog: Bikini Shoot with OK! Magazine

Check out the pics from the exclusive bikini shoot I did with OK! Magazine. We did this shoot in the Bahamas and it was so gorgeous! My cover issue is on news stands now!

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Kim K's Blog: Talking QuickTrim with KTLA!

Khloe and I went on a press tour for QuickTrim. KTLA was so much fun! The other guest on the show was this band called Links, and Rob's best friend JJ is their manager, so it was so fun running into them. How cute is my pink H&M dress!?

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Kim K's Blog: My New BFF....Rocky!!

All my life I haven't really been the biggest dog person...until now! If you saw last night's episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians you will know that that adorable Chihuahua completely changed the way I feel about dogs! I always knew Reggie wanted a boxer and I knew nothing about them. I wanted a small dog, so I did some research and decided to get a boxer. I swear I am so in love with Rocky you guys have no idea! I never thought I could love a dog as much as I love Rocky! When Reggie is at work, we totally take naps together (he usually isn't allowed in the bed), we go on walks and he is totally my new bff! LOL! Do you guys have any pets? Anyone have a boxer named Rocky? LOL apparently it's the most common name for boxers. We are so unoriginal!!

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Kim K's Blog: Random, Unexpected Night Out are the Best!

We had the most random night... Reggie came home for his bye week, so me, Reggie, Lala, Jonathan, Brody, Frankie, SP and a bunch of our other friends all went out to eat! We then ventured off to a random bar on Sunset to hang out some more... the night was so random but sooo much fun!

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Kim K's Blog: Final Look Inside My 2011 Calendar

This is the fourth and final sneak peek inside my blonde 2011 calendar shoot by Nick Saglimbeni! I can't show you all of the pics, can I!? It would ruin the surprise!

If you missed the first three sneak peeks, click here: #1, #2, #3

Remember, my 2010 calendar is out now and you can get it in my store! Plus right now if you spend $29.95 or more in my store you get the calendar for free!!! Just enter the code "KKAFANL09" when you check out!

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Kim K's Blog: Have Lunch with Me and Carl's Jr!

On January 13 I will be hosting The Ultimate Salad Lunch Date with Carl's Jr! It's a online live streaming event on Carl's Jr's Facebook page and you can all join me for lunch! I'll be chatting with you guys via webcam and answering your questions... it's basically a giant salad lunch party for me and all my fans!!

If you'd like to ask me a question during the event, just go to Carl's Jr before January 12, buy any of the new salads and you'll get a special code that gives you access to ask questions.

I posted the event on my Facebook page today, so make sure you RSVP!! I'll be checking to see who I can expect :) Grab your salads, come hungry and I'll see you there!

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Kim K's Blog: Miss Kendall Jenner..... Model

I went to Kendall's Forever 21 shoot yesterday and she looked so beautiful! The whole family is very proud of her. She looks so stunning, the pics are going to turn out amazing! I can't wait! Here's a pic from one of Kendall's recent Forever 21 shoots, and check out her interview with E! Online at Forever 21 below! Guess who gave Kendall her training in posing!? Hahaha!

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Kim K's Blog: Dinner and Dolphins in Cancun

The day before Vegas I left New Orleans and met Brittny in Cancun, Mexico! It was just for one night to host an event, but it was so much fun... a much needed girls trip! We had a yummy dinner and there was a dolphin tank in the restaurant. They took us to get a closer look and there was the cutest dolphin holding a basketball! I immediately texted this picture to Khloe and Lamar...I love Mexico! I think I ate a little too much Mexican candy, though!

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Kim K's Blog: Get My 2010 Calendar for Free!

I'm doing a special deal in my online store right now to celebrate the release of my 2010 calendar! If you spend $29.95 or more you get a free calendar! If you haven't checked out my store before, make sure you do. There's a lot of cool stuff in there right now, including iPod and laptop skins!!

All you have to do to get the calendar for free is enter the code "KKAFANL09" at checkout. The offer expires January 31. Happy shopping!

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Kim K's Blog: Channel Kim: Making Fried Oreaos with Jay Leno

I stopped by The Jay Leno Show Tuesday night and as promised in my 10@10 interview, I just had to give Jay one of my favorite deserts and indulgent snacks... deep fried Oreos!! Guy Fieri helped Jay and I make them... I'm not too convinced by Jay's reaction after tasting them though!! Is he crazy!?

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Kim K's Blog: Sharing My Weight Loss Secrets with OK! Magazine

I shared my meal plan and my at-home workout routine exclusively with OK! Magazine! My cover issue is out this week so make sure you pick up a copy!

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Kim K's Blog: Supporting the Saints with Khadijah

I love New Orleans!! I officially gained about 5 or 6 pounds back from being here all holiday season but I'm working hard to get it back off now! Hahaha! Here are some pics of Khadijah and I at last week's game. The Playoffs are almost here!!