Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Kim K's Memory Lane: 8.18.06 cd release party at Privilege

Kim Kardashian (left) and actress/singer Paris Hilton arrive at Paris Hilton's debut cd release party at Privilege on August 18, 2006 in Los Angeles, California.
(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment)

Khloe K Blog: Khloe in the Press: Hip Hop Weely

Just wanted to share these clips from last week's Hip Hop Weekly! Enjoy!!!! Love you all :)

Chic and Carefree Toting: The Cross-Body Bag

The cross-body bag is extremely practical: You don't have to worry about it falling off your shoulder when you bend down to tie your kid's shoe. And it does double duty as a necklace if the strap is gold or silver. Just make sure the chain is extra long. Diane Kruger's Chanel hits her body too high for the desired care-free effect.

There are options galore when it comes to this trend. Go au courant with fringe, classic with saddle leather and sporty with nylon. Or shop chic evening options similar to Audrina Patridge's quilted purse and Nicole Richie's hippie hobo in the steals 'n' splurges gallery below!

Kourtney K's Blog,: Match the Booty with the Beauty

I got a little crazy and decided to take a picture of everyone’s booties around me…can you guess whose is whose? I know I’m weird, no need to mention it again…haha!! So… can you match them up?

I’ve numbered the images, so all you have to do is match up the booty with the beauty…Kourtney, Khloe, Lily, Carrie, Lenny, Erica! Just leave your guesses in the comments I’ll let you know soon whose is whose! hahaha.

Kim K's Blog: Channel Kim: Carlos Lopez Documents Beyond the Break

Beyond the Break, Oahu Hawaii from NeverWood High on Vimeo.

Beyond the Break, Oahu Hawaii from NeverWood High on Vimeo.

My friend Carlos Lopez came with me to Hawaii when I filmed beyond the break. He recently posted this video on his site, neverwoodhigh.com. We had so much fun and this video brought back so many memories. I forgot we even swam with dolphins on our day off and took a tour of Pearl Harbor! Wow! Thanks Carlos!

Kim K's Blog: Lala's Pink Range Rover up for Sale

My friend Lala is selling her hot pink range rover on Ebay! You know I love Ebay and good deals and this one is the best! Her fiance Carmelo Anthony custom hooked up this range rover sport! How cool is this car!?

the plague or a wretched over-sized ....

Avoiding this bag like the plague or a wretched over-sized scarlet letter, I have placed my eyes and mind behind a rock for as long as I can. But there is so much fuss over this egregious error in the handbag world, that I might as well give my 2 cents. Limited edition handbags give us purse fanatics something to drool over, to lust after, to want. Louis Vuitton has released many limited edition lines in the past that were total hits. But there comes a time when no matter how limited something is, no matter how much fuss goes behind it, no matter how limited the quantity is, the product just plain old sucks.

That is exactly what we are facing with the Louis Vuitton Tribute Patchwork Bag which combines samples of 15 different Louis Vuitton Handbags from the spring/summer cruise line. There is a little of this and a little of that. The ‘this’ is seriously hideous while the ‘that’ makes my eyes burn as if I have looked into the burning sun for about 5 days straight. It is like a train wreck smörgåsbord. It is a clean edged persons’ nightmare. It is the laughing stock of the handbag world. It is sold out world wide, all 24 of them. Yes, that is right, sold out. I can hardly even fathom why anyone would drop over $45,000 on the top one or $38,000 on the bottom one.

The way I see it is that this was a PR stunt for a company that is well-established and really did not need the bad PR. What really gets me thinking that this is ’shameless PR promotion’ is the fact that this bag keeps getting named the “most expensive bag in the world“. Pluueaaaze. Anyone hear of a Hermes Croc Diamond Encrusted Birkin? That is a work of art and can start around $80k and reach upwards of $130k. So I don’t want to hear this false information about the Patchwork being the most expensive bag in the world. Yet, of the 24 bags, all have been sold in record time. Bet your bottom you will see one marked up on eBay soon, my guess, around $60,000. While I understand owning a piece that is so limited is enticing, I would think that the way the piece actually looks should play a part in it all. A Louis Vuitton spokesperson said that these fug bags “take all the best parts of the season’s creations and rolls them into one. We are confident that the bag is utterly exclusive and that it will remain so.” I don’t think you will have a problem with these staying exclusive, no one in their right mind will really want one, and many people that do can not afford it, and those who were tripping when they bought it are still too trippy to know the difference.

D.H Pick of the Day: Chanel Classic Flap Bag vs. Reissue 2.55

One very commonly asked question on our Chanel Forum is on the difference between the Chanel Classic Flap and the Chanel Reissue 2.55 bags. I’ve scoured the forums this morning to educate myself, and our readers about the differences between the two. Let me start with a few historical facts on the Reissue.


The lock on the Reissue is the original lock, it is called the Mademoiselle Lock as Ms Coco Chanel never married, the ‘CC’ lock was introduced to the Classic Flap Bags only in the 1980s by designer Karl Lagerfeld. The 2.55 in its name refers to the first release of the 2.55 bag in February of 1955. Coco Chanel grew up in an orphanage/convent, therefore, the double chain shoulder strap comes from when the children’s’ caretakers in the orphanage would dangle keys from their waists with the same type of chains as on the Reissue. Also, the zippered compartment on the inside of the front flap of the Reissue is where Coco sequestered her love letters, as she was having an affair at that time. The brownish red color of the inside represents the color of Coco and the rest of the children’s uniforms (the nuns’ were black with white trim: thus, the packaging on Chanel Parfum/Eau de Parfum/Eau de Toilette). The back outside flap of the Reissue actually marks where Coco would stash extra money!

D.H Pick of the Day: Prada Vela Small Crossbody Satchel

The Prada Nylon line is perfect. And even better are the nylon bags being offered in funky and vibrant colors, such as turquoise and aquamarine. I absolutely adore the Prada Vela Small Crossbody Satchel which offers a cute option for a messenger bag. There is a canvas crossbody strap and a zip top closure. The bag touts a designer name, gives a chic little style, and a price that is very reasonable. My parents would have jumped at this opportunity when I was in 7th grade begging for my first designer handbag. Because it is still expensive for a young child, but it is not the price that you can not and will not do because it makes absolutely zero sense. Absolutely cute and perfect gift for under the tree! $310 at Saks Fifth Avenue.

D.S Pick of the Day: Gianmarco Lorenzi “Bari” Python Bootie

These Gianmarco Lorenzi “Bari” booties are really one of a kind. The turquoise python is absolutely fabulous. I love the black embroidery throughout the bootie, and all of the cut-outs definitely add some sex appeal.

The peep-toe bootie is always hot and a perfect way to bring booties into the summertime. Despite being an exotic, this shoe is light and airy and has so much character. The zipper in the back adds a bit of edge to the shoe.

Gianmarco Lorenzi Bari Python Booties $1,495 Gregory’s 6.12.09

D.S Pick of the Day: Giuseppe Zanotti Fold-over Boots

These Giuseppe Zanotti boots are absolutely fantastic. The fold-over with the silver zipper is so chic and very modern. I love the contrast of the silver zipper with the nude leather of the boot. Also, there is a hidden platform, which is fabulous, especially when it comes to comfort. The color is so beautiful for fall. It’s a fabulous neutral, and the boot has almost a feminine biker feel. A super hot biker at that. The stitching adds some body to the shoe and breaks up the leather, adding dimension.

I cannot wait to pair these with tights and a sweater dress for fall, and definitely some silver necklaces to highlight the zipper. With lots of jewelry and a simple outfit, these boots will definitely make a statement. They are utterly chic and my favorite boot for fall.

Giuseppe Zanotti Foldover Boots $950 Saks 6.13.09