Friday, February 26, 2010

Kim K's Memory Lane: January 15, 2009: Kim Kardashian Out Shopping On Robertson Blvd. 2

Kim Kardashian leaving the Ivy restaurant and then shopping with some friends on Robertson Blvd. Kim even stops to take some shots of the paparazzi.
(January 15, 2009 - Photo by Photo Agency)

Kim Attends a Baby Shower

I’ve update the gallery with photos of Kim at a baby shower at Il Restaurant in Beverly Hills today (Feb 26th).


Sarah Jessica Parker & Michelle Obama in the (White) House!

Technically, Sarah Jessica Parker and Michelle Obama were in the same room last night for the National Arts Humanities medal ceremony, but we're just going to pretend that the huge fashion icons were having some girl time. OK? Both women even wore eye-popping frocks. SJP had on a coral number by Victoria Beckham and the first lady rocked a violet Jason Wu polka dot dress. See?! They gotta be BFFs since they must've called each other beforehand to coordinate outfits. Thanks for indulging our midday Friday fantasy!


Makeup Mondays With Mario: Keeping Foundation On Your Face

I can totally sympathize with you, as someone that constantly gets makeup "spots" on just about everything. Here's how to keep your foundation on your face and off the paper work:

Try using a oil free moisturizer if you aren't already. Makeup that smears off the skin easily probably isn't being set well. With a velour powder puff, set your makeup by pressing translucent loose powder all over face after foundation. If this doesn't help, you can try a makeup sealer. They come in spray bottles and help keep everything in place. Lastly and most important - try to stop touching your face! If you didn't touch your face, your hands wouldn't get makeup on them. It's a hard habit to break, but not impossible.

Hope this helps you out. Thanks for visiting Makeup Mondays with Mario!



Makeup Mondays With Mario: Slimming A Wide Nose

Here are a couple of tricks/tips I recommend:

Make sure the nose has a base on it and set it with some loose powder. Using a soft bristled brush (eye shadow/blending brush), dip a bit into a matte bronzer or blush that's a few shades deeper then your skin. Tap off the excess powder and, starting at the inside corner of the brow, softly shade going down along the sides of the nose. Again, it's very important that you start soft. It should look like a natural shadow and not an eyeshadow. Using a lighter shade either shimmer or matte, apply on the bridge of the nose. Blend with a clean brush if there are any lines.




Makeup Mondays With Mario: Best Under Eye Concealer

The best concealer really depends on the skin or area you want to cover up. If I had to choose one right now, I'd say the Lift Concealer by Make Up For Ever. Apply some with a brush to undereyes, blend with a damp sponge and set with translucent powder using the same damp sponge. Brush away that excess powder and voila - you've got flawless, creaseless undereyes!

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Makeup Mondays With Mario: You're Blushing!

Choosing the right color and texture of blush is the trick to getting a natural-looking flush. First you want to be sure that your skin is evened out with your base. If you're going for a cream blush, don't use powder on your cheeks. If you choose a powder blush, definitely use a bit of translucent powder to set the makeup so that the blush wont get blotchy.

Now that skin is properly prepped, you can grab your blush brush in front of a mirror and smile. Apply the color right onto the apples of the cheeks. Start with a little product and add more if needed. Do not take the color all the way to the temples/ears unless you're getting dressed for a 70's/80's themed party! Blend the color with your brush to be sure there aren't any lines, etc.

For lighter skin tones, go with pink and peachy colors. Darker skin tones can also use these colors, but should have more yellow and/or red undertones to avoid looking ashy. Reds also look great on dark skin. Play around and have fun! Thanks for visiting Makeup Mondays with me!



Makeup Mondays With Mario: Tips For Rosacea

I know that rosacea sufferers have it more difficult then others when trying to cover up and even out the skin. I have worked many times with different women who have rosacea. 'Less is more' works best for this. Definitely go for a liquid foundation or tinted moisturizer and use minimal loose powder on the skin. Apply the foundation with a damp sponge by pressing it onto the skin. Try not to rub it too much.

You may want to add a bit of your makeup to the neck area as well and see if you still are not happy with the shade. To prevent the clown look, go with a deeper color foundation and make sure the powder is not too light. I'm sure you will find an easy solution so that makeup time is a good time! Thanks for visiting Makeup Mondays with Mario!



Give Pretty: Makeup Artist Mario Dedivanovic & Singer Adrienne Bailon Give Back…

I love it when I hear stories that inspire young people. Celebrity makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic (who is famous for the looks he does on Kim Kardashian and countless others) teamed up with singer Adrienne Bailon to give back to the community. Mentoring girls at this age is critically important to foster their self esteem. Especially when there are so many skewed ideas of what beauty is and should be. Mario wanted to find a charity where he could do just that.

“I wanted to give back to charity by teaching girls how to do makeup and provide them with some great products. After months of looking for the perfect local charity, I found the Lower East Side Girls Club- a charity for young girls age 13-18. They promote self confidence and prepare the girls who come from humble beginnings for college, the real world and careers. My friend and client Adrienne Bailon agreed to be the model for the girls.”

He continued, “Adrienne is a native New Yorker who is from the Lower East Side so it was wonderful to see what a huge role model and inspiration to the girls she was . They asked questions as I gave a full makeup lesson…I taught them little simple tricks, not focused on covering up anything but bringing out their natural beauty instead.”

Makeup sponsors were NYC New York City Color, Josie Maran, Giella Custom Blend Cosmetics and Sally Hansen. Who all graciously provided makeup and product gift bags to give to girls at the end.

Bravo Mario…

Stay Pretty!!


Style Secret: Best of Both Worlds: Soft-Hued Studded Tunics!

TREND: Light-colored studded tunics

WHO'S WEARING IT: Ashley Greene and Eva Longoria Parker

HOW TO WEAR IT: A hardware-heavy tunic in a soft hue is a great way to welcome spring but still stay true to the rocker chick in you. Just don't rock bulky jewelry like Eva's watch, which clashes with her embellished attire. But do complement the studs with a black boyfriend blazer like Ashley did.


Louboutin for the Spring Bride

Christian Louboutin Studio 120 Peep Toe Pumps $1895 at

Christian Louboutin Fetilo Peep Toe Pumps $995 at

Christian Louboutin Miss Cha Cha $945 at

Christian Louboutin Fetilo Mesh and Patent Leather Pumps $945 at

Christian Louboutin Knotted Leather Pumps $875 at

Christian Louboutin Maryjane Platform Pump $995 at

Christian Louboutin Lady Bow $735 at

Oh, and just in case you are looking for a ’something blue’ pop of color to go with the old rhyme, how about one of these jewel-toned beauties?

Christian Louboutin Glitter Peep Toe Pumps $725 at

Christian Louboutin Double Platform Knotted Mule $895 at


Wedding Colors: Vintage Purple ~


Nicole and Sparrow in Paris

Nicole Richie shared this photo of herself and Sparrow in Paris.

She twittered:

"In the City of Lights with my True Love"
And don't forget, today she will be in London, at Selfridges 3rd Central26th at 6:00pm to launch her collections and to meet her fans.


Nicole Richie Fashion Blog: Amerie wearing House of Harlow 1960

In her video "Why RU" Amerie wears two lovely necklaces from Nicole Richie's House of Harlow 1960 jewelry line.

The stunning singer accessorized her outfits with the 14KT gold tiger's eye and crystal necklace and the 14KT gold necklace with black resin.

House of Harlow 1960 14KT gold tiger's eye and crystal necklace

House of Harlow 1960 14KT gold necklace with black resin