Monday, June 8, 2009

Kardashians to help with hurricane repairs

A local group that works to repair homes damaged by Hurricane Dolly says they’ll be getting some help from celebrities.

The PRIDE Foundation will bring Kim Kardashian and her sisters to the Valley. They’ll help raise money for hurricane repairs. And since the summer months are here, they’ll also be raising money to provide fans for elderly people to use this summer.

The “Cooks, Cars, & Kardashian’s” event will take place July 18 at the Edinburg Race Way. There will be music, food, a car and bike show and even a fashion show.

Khloe K Blog: Look How Young We All Look!!!!

I just found this pic and thought it was sooo funny and I just had to share with all of you.

We all went to Kendall's Kindergarten graduation. Look how young we all look!!!!! OMG! It's amazing LOL. And look at Kylie...she was so little and cute!!!!!!!!!!! Ugh my baby sisters are growing up so fast it's scary.

Can we also talk about my hair?!? It was so thick and blonde! LOL. I loved those Christian Dior sunglasses, and there is my lip pucker again. It's an unbreakable habit! LOL.

Ok well there's my little analysis of this old school pic haha. Do you guys like me better as a brunette or a blonde???

Kim K's Blog: Don't Forget! 'Beyond the Break' Airs Tonight!

Don't forget to watch my acting debut in Beyond the Break tonight at 5pm PST on N Network, Nickelodeon's teen network. I filmed this episode two years in Hawaii and I'm so excited it's finally airing! I'll be posting more pics from on set tomorrow, so make sure you head back! If you missed the clip I posted last week, take a look!

And let me know what you thought of the show in the comments!!

Kim K's Blog: With My Girl Ciara in London!

I am now in London! I got here to work for E! Season three of our show is on air here in London. My girl Ciara is here too so you know I had to watch her in concert! She performed at the Britney Spears concert and you know how much I love Brit Brit! Ciara blew me away. Her dancing was amazing and her costume was insane!!! She can dance her butt off! She is gonna give me dance lessons. We then stayed for the Britney show because my mom had never seen it and was excited to see Britney! Wow! We were again blown away. Brit's show here was even better than the LA show I went to. We sat so close and the whole experience was just such a rush. We literally landed at Heathrow airport (I slept the ENTIRE flight, so I was well rested), changed in the airport and headed straight to the concert. We were rushing to get there and made it just in time to see Ciara get all ready in her dressing room. After the Britney show Ciara, my mom and I were starving, so we attempted to go to Nobu but they were closed so we went to Mr. Chow. Food was so good! Then we headed to the hotel to get some sleep! I love London and everyone's accent!


New fall Christian Louboutin Nordstrom will be carrying:

Altadama 140mm $795 Available black or green suede

Bianca 140mm $695 Available black leather

Cathay 100mm $855 Available oxblood metal patent

Charme 100mm $895 Available black or camel suede

Madame Claude 120mm $745 Available black or burgundy suede

N Prive 120mm $775 Available silver glitter

Rolando 120mm $695 Available in black, maroon or grey patent

Simple pump 85mm $595 Available in black, rouge or marine patent

Nicole Richie's Blog: Denise Richards wearing House of Harlow 1960

Denise Richards arriving in New York City for an appearance on "Live with Regis & Kelly", on June 4.
The very beautiful actress accessorized her outfit with two items from Nicole Richie's House of Harlow 1960 jewelry collection - a black and a red pyramid bangle.
She looked amazing!
I'm so glad Nicole is getting such a great support from her fellow celebs.

Kourtney K's Blog: Miami Storm

The weather in Miami is so crazy!! One second it is beyond hot and sunny, and one second later we’re in the middle of a huge storm! Khloe and I tried to capture the craziness in some pictures, but it’s just not the same unless you are here. I actually love it! It’s so tropical…hot rain. At least you can get some sort of idea with these pics.

Kim K's Blog: 1 Million Twitter Followers!!

Over the weekend I got my millionth follower on Twitter!! I can't believe it! Thank you all so much for supporting me! You guys are the best!

Monica Rose Blog: Kim Kardashian travels chic

Here are some photos of Kim at the airport heading to London then Monaco!!! This week was a bit busy but over all productive. I was in fittings with Kim to prepare her wardrobe for the upcoming events she will be attending in Monaco. I will be sure to keep you posted so you can see what Kim and I put together!

Kim is wearing a Decolette Drape Vest purchased at Vionnet boutique, LnA racer back tank in heather grey - I got these in every color for Kim, they are a great basic to have and super comfortable as well, her necklace is by Maren & Ruby - one of my favorite jewelry designers and affordable too. Jeans are by Swiy, suede boots are by Christian Loboutin and her bag is by Balenciaga.

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Kim K's Blog: I Love My Fans!

I went to the Coffee Bean the other day and ran into the cutest group of girls! They were so sweet and they mentioned they went on my blog everyday, so I said let's take a pic and you guys can be on it! I love you guys!!!! Thanks for all of your support and for checking out my blog daily! Xoxo

Tuesdays With Twiggers: What Does Limited Edition Louis Vuitton Really Mean?

All luxury handbag designers are busy trying to lure in new customers, and keep their established customers spending more and more. Louis Vuitton does an exceptional job every season keeping its customers satisfied. Every season we are bombarded with a copious amount of new handbags and accessories to buy, and more often than not the name of the handbag is followed by the words limited edition. These two words spell trouble for bank accounts around the globe as women scramble to be first on the waitlist. Limited edition is often equated with exclusivity and we will gladly pay over $2000 for a canvas bag because only 5000 were produced!

Recently, I have pondered what limited edition really means. Louis Vuitton has recently re-released several limited edition items and has subsequently caused me to really think about my purchases. For example, the Millionaires sunglasses were recently re-released this past summer. Great news for those who missed out the first time, but for those who were lucky to obtain the first time around how do you now feel? Personally, I would feel slighted and angry that the company was dishonest with me! As another example, the Monogram Olympe Nimbus was released for the Spring/Summer 2007 season in two colors. Originally offered as a limited edition item, it has now been re-released for Fall/Winter 2007 in two new colors and a new size!! The Monogram Miroir was re-released in the Lockit style. And the heart coin purse, which sold out in weeks, is also being re-released this upcoming winter!!!

All of this does make me really think about the purchases I will make. Do I buy a bag solely because it is limited edition, or because I love the bag? Do I buy the bag to use it, or to collect it and possibly resell it in the future? If bags and accessories are being re-released it causes the resale value to decline, and of course the exclusivity associated with the brand also starts to decline?

How would you feel if this happened to you?

Call 1-866-VUITTON for information about upcoming limited edition releases.

In the News: Luxury the new McDonald’s

We are all very aware that we pay mark up on our designer handbags, and if you are not aware, get out from under that rock. I love designer handbags, obviously, but sometimes even I gasp at the price tags. If you ever shop with me you may see me peering at price tags and my face becoming flush and then I walk off and browse more. That is from the price tag, the exorbitant price tag. But I keep on buying and I keep on sharing with all of you the next hot handbags and those that are not. The writer of Deluxe: How Luxury Lost Its Lustre, Dana Thomas, compared Louis Vuitton to McDonald’s, being recognizable as the golden arches with no pizazz from the chairman of Louis Vuitton, Bernard Arnault.

Pick of the Week: Miu Miu Satin Platform Pump

Gorgeous! I promise your legs will look so much longer and thinner with these pumps. I don’t think you’ll regret this purchase, and considering some of the shoe prices we’ve seen lately, these pumps are priced very nicely!

Miu Miu Satin Platform Pump $540 Net-a-Porter 2.24.09

Pick of the Week: Rock & Republic “Adina” Peep-Toe Slingback

Rock & Republic is quickly becoming one of my new favorite shoe brands. The shoes are always uber sexy and edgy! And it’s nice to find Italian-made shoes at lower prices. These Adina slingback pumps are amazing.

Designer Handbag: Pick of the Week: Chloe Cream Paddington

Chloe Paddington became a staple in the handbag world, bringing in millions of followers world wide. I still use my Taupe Paddington Tote from time to time, and my beautiful Rouge Paddington Satchel has my attention here and there too. For fall and winter, a lush Chloe Cream Paddington will spice up your wardrobe. The color is defined as sand, but it appears like a creamy treat, accented with gold hardware. The rest of the bag is just like any Chloe Paddington, featuring double top handles, two slit pockets, canvas lining, a key attached to the handle, and, of course, the signature padlock. Through NAP for $1540.

Designer Handbag: Pick of the Week: Balenciaga City

Balenciaga was one of the first brands to start the huge craze in the handbag world. The Fendi’s and Gucci’s preceded, but the Balenciaga craze was entirely new. People scouring the world for the best color, the right seasons leather, and the perfect combination. Celebrities went into a B-Bag wearing frenzy as well, only making the buzz surrounding the brand grow more. And when it comes down to it, the house favorite size, shape, and color is perfectly combined on the Balenciaga City in black leather. Buy through Balenciaga for $1395.

Dream Homes: Pick of the Week

To meet the needs of his clients, art collectors with an extensive collection of both art and artifacts, architect Eddie Jones designed a trilevel, 30,000-square-foot residence in central Arizona. Inset: The main entrance leads up to a glass living space and down to a subterranean private museum. (October 2006)