Saturday, September 19, 2009

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Up on my way to the airport, I'm so sleepy! Have 2 go home & film all day
5:38 AM Sep 19th from mobile web

Who should I start 4 my fantasy football league? I need 2 pick players! Join $1 million grand prize! Sign up
8:30 AM Sep 19th from mobile web

long day...glad to sleep in my bed...Emmy's tomorrow!
11:09 PM Sep 19th from web

Handbag ~ Pick of the Day: Valentino Bow Hobo

Of all the bags on display to molest at fine department stores, Valentino bags are my favorite to pick up and feel. The quality of materials used in their bags continues to surprise and delight me, even after eight solid months of writing about handbags for 40 hours per week. And when you combine their obscenely soft leathers with a design so deconstructed, so slouchy, so irresistibly French-looking (despite the fact that the brand itself is Italian), you come up with a bag like this: gorgeous, casually elegant, and not trying too hard in the least. Buy through Saks for $1895.

Designer Shoe Pick of the Day: Brian Atwood Martino pump with Orilag fur

The mix of flannel with the fur pompom is so cute, so feminine!

Brian Atwood Martino Pump with Orilag Fur $903,17 Colette