Monday, March 1, 2010

I Heartbeat

So far- my trip to Vietnam has been surreal. The food, the people…I can’t even stand it. Yesterday I spent time meeting the family of amazing people at the Heartbeat Vietnam headquarters, and learned all the stories of children who had been qualified to receive heart surgeries. Besides meeting the outstanding Robin King Austin who brought her vision to life by founding Heartbeat Vietnam, I met the incredible staff of talented people who put all the efforts forth to save these children. The most memorable part of my visit was seeing this wall of beautiful children, all with a sensational smile and a signature scar of life down the center of their chest. Mimi described to me the stories behind each of these children from various provinces around Vietnam, and how-thanks to each donor- these pictures are able to be rotated often to celebrate each heart surgery completed! With that, Robin blessed me with the greatest invite go TODAY to actually visit a young survivor who just recently received her heart surgery! I can’t even tell you how jittery my fingers are in typing this blog to head out on my way now to the hospital to see Hoa. Stay tuned for pictures of Hoa and I.. and thank you so much for joining me here to make things like this happen my friends.


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