Monday, March 1, 2010

AArisings: A-Profiler: Stir Star: Jeannie Mai

Your ethnicity?

Chinese and Vietnamese

How many siblings do you have? Are you the oldest, youngest?
I am the elder of three. My two younger bros are Dennis and Daniel, 18 and 16.

Where did you go to school? What did you major in? What was your first job?
I attended high school at Milpitas High, then De Anza, majored in Communications and started as a freelance makeup artist at the tender age of 16, working under the table at various grimy strip clubs and shows.

How did you hear about the audition to be a host of "Stir?"
I think I heard from around the way, and saw it online, and said.. "Oh hell no... watch me get on this..."

What do you want your National audience to know about Asian Americans?
Lol, I just want some clarifications with mixed beliefs (It's viet-NA-mese, not Vietnamese AND I've got a clean driving record) and just an overall enlightenment about our culture.

I hear that you're big on fashion. Favorite brands?
No brands, just style. I rarely look at labels, so I could walk out of Wal Mart or Miss Sixty with something cute.

Do you have a personal style?
Not really, so far I've gotten by with dressing according to my overall feeling that day. (i.e., bloated=layers, upbeat=bright colors and a short skirt, dreary=darks/blacks with leather...)

How did you get started as a make-up artist and stylist?
I pooled all my money together and got a makeup kit with all the essentials. Pulled pics outta mags and made myself into the same look. Take notes wherever I go on different wardrobe ideas from inspiration I see everywhere - not just people. There is fashion and color and texture EVERYWHERE! I literally wear my fashion goggles whenever I examine things to see how I could translate how dope something looks into a wearable form.

What kind of jobs have you had?
I've been a bookkeeper, to a jewelry store manager, to a waitress, to now a chick with a personal styling company (The Doll to a television host.

If you could do make-up and hair for any celebrity and magazine spread of your choice, what would your selections be, and why?
Makeup=Christina Aguilara.. the brows, please just the brows... Hair=nobody, I would do them no good. Magazine=Rolling Stone, I love that they're all over the place in pop culture, and fashion is involved in all of it.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Driven, continuously accomplishing, and smiling. 10 years? Still truckin with my career, blessed with a family to care for, and smiling.

Are you single?

Or do you have a significant other?
Yes.. basically i'm single but not available. ;)


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