Monday, March 1, 2010

Interview Q n A: Jeannie Mai

Jeannie Mai

Jeannie Mai's career spans a multitude of talents from behind the scenes of styling and makeup to on camera as a host of fashion, music, pop culture, and lifestyle.
Being naturally outspoken with a heart for people and individual beauty, Jeannie caught the eyes of MAC Cosmetics and moved on to become a makeup artist to the stars. Traveling around the world to dress the face of celebrities such as Kelly Osbourne, Alicia Keys, and Lil Kim, Jeannie focused more of her talent reporting the trend in makeup secrets to creating unique looks in mediums of radio, television, and fashion magazines. Here she discovered her true calling to the world of entertainment in front of the camera as a host.

"I am simply a woman who loves to live life. Time passes us so fast that if I can snag your attention for one moment, I'm gonna make sure you enjoy it."

She began representing herself to local television networks and auditioning with self-written scripts to demonstrate her talents. Six months later, she snagged a position as the spunky, fashionable host to an Asian-American magazine-style show, STIR, broadcasting on International Channel Networks worldwide in March 2004, which also picked up its first Emmy Nomination in 2005.

This sparked interest from San Francisco local music channel, CMC, who then approached her to be the first female Asian VJ to host her own music countdown. Jeannie then moved to become the entertainment reporter and producer on the WB's "Daily Mixx" before she relocated to Los Angeles after being cast as co-host with Frankie Muniz in the MTV pilot, "Granted."

Since then, she has hosted segments for E! and Style Networks, and has also become the official spokesperson for Never Accept Ordinary Cosmetics -- -- a fashion-forward line of makeup that celebrates what makes each person unique.

"It's just such a huge blessing for me to have the gift of making others feel good about life -- from the way that they look to the everyday things we can experience."

Upbeat, savvy, and excited about life, Jeannie takes on television as a way to learn, laugh, and love.


What's on your playlist?
What's Not? I luv LOVE luv Sinatra, Ciara, Outkast, Cure, Beastie Boys, Ella Fitzgerald, Bjork, Chris Tomlin, The Killers, AFI, Jay-Z, Matt Kearney ... oh and WHY didn't anyone inform me of Rascal Flatts sooner??
Three things I couldn't live without:
I'm assuming you mean aside from the obvious (family, friends, beano, etc)...

My Mason Pierson brush
An eyelash curler
My mood ... The latter determines the inspiration for the look of my day!
What's your secret talent?
Oooh ... the man I marry will be able to tell ya :)!

My guilty pleasure movie:
Anything with chick dramaaaaa -- love!! The more neck rollin, "oh-no-he-di-int", and good girl gets the guy ... I get giddy with excitement to sit down and zone into!

Worst bet I ever made?
Outdrinking some guys over Jager ... they were Irish, I was sooooo not.

Jude Law or Matthew McConaughey?
Ummm, Matthew!!! I LIVE for drop-and-gimme-20 type workouts. Have you seen that guy? He burns 6000 calories with an incline driveway and parkbench. LOVE that.

If it never made me fat or unhealthy, I would eat this the rest of my life:
OMG ... I love asking people this question, yet it took me forever to decide! Ok, I think I know: peanut butter EVERYTHING. Cookies, ice cream, yogurt, Thai peanut saucy foods, mmmmm.


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