Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Kim K's Blog: I Did Not Make an Engagement Bet with Reggie

There is a story going around saying I made a bet that Reggie would propose if The Saints won the Superbowl. This is not true. I never made any kind of bet. A radio interviewer asked what I dreamed for in 2010 and I was hesitant and thinking about it and they said what about a ring... I said yes, a Superbowl ring for Reggie. Then they said that if he gets a Superbowl ring, I get an engagement ring, and I said "ok deal!" LOL. This was taken way out of context by a lot of media outlets, who are saying I made a bet with Reggie, which I didn't. In NO way is that a bet I made with Reggie! If you listen to the interview you can hear exactly what I said! It bugs me how people twist stories when the interview is right there to hear for yourself. I just wanted to clear that up!

You can listen to the interview here... the part I'm talking about comes in at the 7.40 min mark.

Bossip are the only ones getting it right, while other sites are saying Reggie and I have this bet on!


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