Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Monica Rose Blog: Behind The Scenes of Fashion Police

I love this dress on Khloe! Because they sit down on Fashion Police, it's always a challenge to find the perfect dress. Most dresses hike up too short, or the details get lost, or it becomes fussy and I have to go in every 5 minutes to adjust it. I try to stay away from anything with too much fabric or prints, because they just read weird on camera. I loved this color too! It went perfectly with Khloe's new tan from Miami and it was a good change from her normal black. The fit was perfect on her body and I only had to go in once to adjust the dress. Unfortunately this was our last Fashion Police :( But stay tuned for next awards season because we'll be back!!

Khloe's dress is Camilla and Marc and her shoes are Proenza Schouler.

Assistant stylist Madison Guest, Hair Jamie Bakos and Makeup Lynna Su.

source: http://monicarosestylist.blogspot.com/

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