Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Blog Spotlight: Style Bard Shoes

by Abby

A girl can never have too many shoes…right? Shoes can make or break your outfit…they are the ultimate accessories to your wardrobe! If you are a shoe lover like me, you can never pass up a good shoe buy…and that’s where Style Bard Shoes comes in!

Style Bard Shoes is a blog dedicated solely to bringing you the best deals and steals of shoes on the web! What’s better than having all the great shoe discounts at your fingertips! No longer will you have to search and search for affordable prices again…just tune into Style Bard Shoes daily to get the current scoop on the best and biggest sales!

Don’t miss out on the advice from Style Bard herself in the interview below!

Why did you start Style Bard Shoes? Style Bard Shoes originated when I realized that my shoe posts were absolutely flooding my flagship blog, Style Bard (which now focuses on fashion and beauty). I needed to haul all of my shoe prose onto a new site, which ended up working out quite well! I’m now able to devote one post a day exclusively to shoe shopping, which delights me constantly.

Where do you go to find the best shoe deals? Honestly, I look for shoe deals where I already shop. I always sign up for newsletters and look for ways to have my favorite websites send sale information directly to my e-mail address. I love to find out where my girlfriends are shopping and get clued in to new shops and boutiques, but it’s the places I love to peruse (such as Piperlime and Shopbop) that are likely to get the most attention on my site!

What is the best shoe purchase you ever made? The ‘best’ shoe purchase I ever made can be interpreted two ways. I’ve always been thrilled about buying my first pair of Irregular Choice shoes on my family vacation to London, even though I didn’t really have the cash for it at the time. It was worth it to invest in these one-of-a-kind booties! But that wasn’t much of a deal–I paid full price, which is very rare for me. My favorite blue wedges which I wear all the time were actually only $5 at Payless and I’ve had them for nearly five years, so that is definitely a different kind of ‘best’!

What advice would you give to the “shoe lover”? Shoe lovers: show your devotion the right way by buying quality, unique shoes. Not just more shoes. I fall into the trap of buying in bulk and winding up with several pairs of similar black slingbacks at the same time; yet I don’t own a single pair of Louboutins (my number one shoe aspiration). If I consolidated all of those splurges into one single shoe, I’d have a much tighter collection of unbelievable styles rather than the many, many beloved-but-admittedly-not-the-best shoes. And of course always shop against the season to get the steepest and most unbelievable shoe steals!

source: http://cheapchicas.com/

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