Monday, February 1, 2010

Kim K's Blog: My Grammys Red Carpet Winners

Did you guys watch The Grammys last night? I was obsessed with the red carpet pre-show and was taking notes on my favorite looks. Here's my breakdown of the best looks from the night. Let me know if you agree or disagree and tell me who you think had the best look of the night!

Beyonce: 100 percent my pick for best dressed of the night. This Stephane Rolland dress is so gorgeous and her eye makeup works perfectly with the Egyptian feel. I also love the side part in her hair and the subtle glitter highlights. She always looks flawless and I love that she flaunts her curves! Curves are beautiful, dolls!

Miley: Miley's Herve Leger dress was totally cute and age-appropriate. Some teens try to take themselves too seriously, and I love that Miley just has fun with her fashion and always stays true to her individual style. You keep rockin' it, doll!

Jennifer Lopez: I'm loving the contrasts in this Versace dress. Silver and white, short and long, showing one leg and hiding the other. It's kind of like two dresses in one and it works! Gorgeous shoes, too... I would totally wear those!

Jennifer Hudson: How amazing does Jennifer Hudson look!? Her Victoria Beckham dress is so perfectly flattering on her. I honestly didn't recognize her when I saw her on the screen. She looks absolutely amazing.. classic, clean, sexy. Love it.

Taylor Swift: Love this Kaufman Franco dress on Taylor! This is a hard dress to pull off because the sparkly fabric accentuates every curve, but she is tall and has a really slender frame so it works. Plus she wouldn't be Taylor Swift without her glitter, right? Doesn't she always look so classy!? Hard to believe she's only 20.

Melody Thornton: My girl Melody looks gorgeous! Another one of my curvy girls flaunting it loud and proud! The colors in the dress work perfectly with Melody's skin tone. I maybe would have preferred if the darker silver were on the lower part of the dress to slim the hips, and the pale pink were on the top section to accentuate the chest... but that's just me! You look awesome, doll!

Rihanna: You can't say Rihanna doesn't have her own individual style! I remember when she first came out she had this youthful, kind of generic look, but she has totally transformed. She wears things I would never be brave enough to attempt! This Elie Saab dress with a super high neck, feathers and sexy slit in the front is so daring and so Rihanna! I love it!


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