Sunday, February 14, 2010

Christian Louboutin “Jeannette” Spiked Sandals

Spiked shoes are all over the glossy pages of fashion magazines and on every website. I like them in moderation. There is a fine line between edgy and tacky, and spiked shoes can go overboard easily. However, I do like these Christian Louboutin “Jeannette” Spiked Sandals.

These sandals remind me of a pair of Barbie shoes, maybe due to their plexi upper. My daughter finds them totally tacky, and yes they are a little bit much, but they can be fun for the summer paired with the right outfit! I would wear them with vivid pink or soft baby blue for a perfect dolled-up look!

Christian Louboutin “Jeannette” Spiked Sandals $975 Saks


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