Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Nordstrom CHANEL Cruise 2010 Jewelry

Cha Ring

Gripoix Pendant

Cha Necklace

Gripoix Brooch

Gripoix Earring

Baroque Cuff Black

Marbre Cuff Black and Gold

Chanel Chain Bracelet Red Patent

Chanel Chain Bracelet Black Leather

Baroque Earring

Soleil Earring

Soleil Pendant

Perles Necklace Navy and White

Perles Double Strand Necklace Navy and White

Perles Ring Navy and Gold

Chanel Venice Bracelet Navy and White

Marin Bracelet Navy and White

Combine all three bracelets

Marin Long Necklace (Shown Doubled) Navy and White

Classic Pearls Short Necklace

Classic Pearls Long Necklace

Classic Pearls Drop Earring

Coco Rider Pendant

Sweet Pearls Earring

Black Patent Belt with Gold


  1. did you get the prices? how much were the baroque earring, the soleil earring and the perles necklace?

  2. oh and the pearl fringle as well (in your feb post). that necklace is gorgeous!!!