Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Kim Kardashian heads to Miami with her Saint

9 Feb 2010 Is it just me or was there as much (if not more) coverage on celebs who attended Super Bowl XLIV as the teams actually in the game? It was as if every time I heard something about the Super Bowl, I heard about which celeb had just arrived, who was going to which celeb hosted party and which celeb was seen with another celeb.

So, I was not shocked at all to see Kim Kardashian all over the television. Like so many others, Kim was in Miami for the Super Bowl, but Kim was there to support a player too. Boyfriend, Reggie Bush, a New Orleans Saint received tons of attention both on and off the field. Kim and Reggie were spotted shopping in Miami Beach.

The couple stopped at a few boutiques where Reggie tried on formal wear. They also stopped into Curve and The Webster before grabbing sushi. The entire time, Kim had her coveted Hermes Birkin by her side.

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