Monday, October 12, 2009

Kim Kardashian Carries Chloe Shelby Shopper

by Shannon Mahoney

I fell in love with the Chloe Shelby Shopper back when Amanda covered it over at Purse Blog. Since then, I’ve seen several celebs with it and to be honest, some people can pull the look off better than others. Clearly it is a large bag so you really need to match it with the right outfit and I would dare to say the right person.

Without a doubt, Kim Kardashian can pull off this look. Here, Kim was snapped as she waited in JFK. Honestly, this is one jet-setting lady! It’s almost as if we see as many pictures of her coming and going from airports as we do when she’s at events. I guess that makes sense, you have to travel to get to these events. Her look is great – per usual. I think we saw her wearing these same leggings just the other week and they still look great (if they are in fact the same). But those shoes, well, I’m just not sure about the shoes. They look like they’d be a pain to take off and put back on as you go through security.

Bag Kim’s Chloe Style via Nordstrom!


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